Wednesday 21 November 2012

Phase Eight Collection at House of Fraser!


So - the main topic of conversation floating around our office (as well as work-related dribble of course!) is - what are we all wearing for the Christmas party? The star-studded event of the year - where everyone (well, mostly everyone!) gets dressed up to the nine's (to the extent that some colleagues are barely recognisable) - is once again upon us! And although there are other more 'low-key' gatherings planned, this is the one where you need to get your 'glad-rags' on...!

With all of the above in mind I was particularly interested to browse through the Phase Eight Collection at the House of Fraser (both in store and online).  My friend at work (well - one of them - I actually do have more than one!) is really into the 'classic' pieces, she has a voluptuous figure (ie good bum and boobs - in no particular order) and goes for well-cut, structured dresses that enhance her lovely curves and keep everything in it's place. I, on the other hand am small and skinny (think not-quite-developed teenager!) and have to be careful not to 'swamp myself'.  I ain't bragging - I'd love some curves but they seem to have disappeared since having kids - my good friend once likened hugging me to 'hugging a sparrow'!  Ah well - have to make the best of it and all that jazz - so no more complaints!

Anyway - have a look at some the dresses from the  Phase Eight range here which grabbed our attention...

Lolita Lace Panel Dress

NOW £ 99.00
WAS £ 110.00
Cobweb Sequin Dress
£ 140.00

Lovely lacy affairs here - now would it be full on 'red lip job' and simple on the eye front or 'smoked-up to the nines' eyes and nude lip and then would you do gloss or not - decisions eh? ... (I think Lolita and Cobweb are my favourites by the way!)

Dido Pleated Dress
£ 110.00
Teresa Floral Crush Dress
£ 150.00

Love these pleated frocks (would have to dig out my trusty old padded bra mind!) - very elegant with adequate heels and a good pair of sparkly earrings? - there's something about Teresa which I'm particularly drawn to - not that I would turn Dido down!

Rhona Lace DressNOW £ 59.00WAS £ 99.00

Vanessa Dress
NOW £ 75.00
WAS £ 150.00

A couple of juicy brights to move away from the LBD syndrome - very mouth-watering are Vanessa and Rhona - I can imagine some exotic lippies coming out to party-on with these two... and maybe a messy up-do!

Vida Silk Dress

NOW £ 49.00
WAS £ 89.00
Wilma Belted Jumpsuit
NOW £ 69.00
WAS £ 99.00

Gorgeous jewel colours to be had here- you could really go to town with the eye make-up! Wilma has a definite Charlie's Angels vibe going on - bring on the big hair and heels! I love floaty dresses like Vida with heavier footwear ie boots or shoe-boots to toughen up the whole look!

Claire Cable Top Dress

NOW £ 45.00
WAS £ 79.00
Diamond Rib Dress

NOW £ 49.00
WAS £ 79.00

Slightly off-topic here but how cute are Claire and Diamond for Christmas Day perhaps - with a good old pair of opaque tights (with not too tight a waistband to accommodate a huge dinner of course!)? Although - heavy duty aprons advised for those who will be kitchen-bound (such as myself) for obvious reasons!

So....those are our favourites from the Phase Eight Collection at the House of Fraser - you can check out the full range of dresses here if you wish....(and just to clarify I am aware that Cobweb and Diamond aren't girl's names but I like a bit of consistency!) let me know which ones you're partial to....! 

What will you be wearing for your Christmas Party?

Jen x


  1. Sob sob, I am Cinders this year, no parties to go to. That's what tends to happen when you are self-employed! But I will get dressed up to the nines for the big day itself. I love Phase Eight, have a few pieces from them, (dress, cardigan, top), I would highly recommend them. Let us know if you go for any of the above!

    1. Oh no - you should gate-crash a few parties - come along to ours! I'm liking quite a few of the Phase Eight pieces - the temptation is too great! x

  2. I love that cobweb dress!!!! I have a ball to go to this year - first one for years! Have dug out a dress that I last wore to celebrate 2000 - oh dear. It has only been worn once and is beautiful - full length with a tiny train, but I think I might chop that off as I'm hopeless when Ive had a drink and I just trip over it : 0 Think I'd be better off with the Cobweb dress - elegant and classy - not drunk and clumsy. X

    1. I love the cobweb dress too Claire - think it's my favourite of the favourites! Good grief 2000 - I celebrated it with morning sickness I think - seems so long ago I feel very old! Bet your dress will look super - you must post on the blog once you get dolled up - would love to see it and if it makes you feel any better I just cannot drink these days - proper lightweight! xx

  3. Oh the green flowery one is gorgeous!

    1. I know - I think Teresa is my second favourite - there's just something so appealing about her!


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