Sunday 27 April 2014

Liz Earle Orange Flower Hand Wash and Hand Repair - Review


I've used the Liz Earle Orange Flower Hand Wash and Hand Repair on and off  for a while - these two came as part of a QVC kit - which made them very cost effective ...!

A picture of Liz Earle Orange Flower Hand Wash and  Liz Earle Hand Repair
A picture of Liz Earle Orange Flower Hand Wash and  Liz Earle Hand Repair
A picture of Liz Earle Orange Flower Hand Wash and  Liz Earle Hand Repair

First up the Orange Flower Hand Wash -  formulated with foaming agents derived from corn and coconut and including ingredients such as organic oats, rose-scented geranium, natural vitamin E and sweet orange essential oils. It is one of the most gentle and non-drying hand washes I've used - like washing your hands in liquid silk, completely non-drying and comforting, even when the old eczema is rearing it's ugly head. I don't feel the need to immediately smother my hands in cream and the delicate sweet orange aroma hangs around so I have to stop myself from constantly sniffing my hands - people would think I'm weird!

The Hand Repair contains echinacea, hops, beta-carotene and natural vitamin E plus a cocktail of essential oils including lavender, neroli and chamomile.  It's always been comforting on the old hands - even on 'sore days' and is great for daytime use - you can just stick it on with no excess rubbing and run out the door without any sticky or greasy residue. The lovely fresh lavender scent comes through and lingers so it's another 'hand sniffing' product!

The Orange Flower Hand Wash comes in at £10.75/200ml bottle and the Hand Repair is around £15.75/100ml pump so I don't consider either to be super-cheap. I'd accept both with open arms as part of a kit (as I have in the past!) and maybe re-purchase the Hand Wash as I find it so soothing - plus you don't need a to use a load of product. However, even though it's a lovely hand cream, I have to use rather more of the Hand Repair than I'd like when my hands are at their most dry, so probably wouldn't buy alone - if that makes sense!

Have you used the Liz Earle Orange Flower Hand Wash or Liz Earle Hand Repair? What are your staple 'handcare' products?

Jen x

Wednesday 23 April 2014

Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Extreme Plump Collagen Lip Shine - Review


I bought the Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Extreme Plump Collagen Lip Shine in How Nude (what a mouthful!) at the back end of last year and at first was sort of on the fence and wondered what all the fuss was about? Looking back I reckon I was totally distracted by the 'tingle'  - oh my word - the 'tingle' - I'm telling you now if you like your tingles big then this is the one to go for - definitely the biggest tingle I've ever had ... ever!  Initially I thought the experience could even be described as painful but then you kind of get used to it and just want more ...!
Please continue reading and don't click off in disgust just yet!

A picture of the Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Extreme Plump Collagen Lip Shine
A picture of the Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Extreme Plump Collagen Lip Shine

I find this to be a really wearable, barely there nude shine with a very faint shimmer - not too pale, pink or brown - just your lips but better - it's slightly sticky until it sinks in but I can cope with that!  I wouldn't say the swell on the old lips reaches Mick Jagger proportions or anything (although it certainly feels like it!) but it does pump them up a little whilst all that tingling is going on!  The sensation kicks in and intensifies well within a minute of application and lasts for about 20-30 mins - after which time you're left with a set of intensely moisturised lips - which lasts for a good few hours. Even after a morning cuppa, sticky toast and marmalade, and even an apple (I eat a lot when I'm at work!) I haven't felt the need to apply any additional lip balm, this is good because I usually can't keep my hands (and lips) off the stuff!

Unfortunately this appears to be a 'stern pucker' moment! Must remember to smile next time!

A picture of Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Extreme Plump Collagen Lip Shine

I now look on the 'Mother Pucker' as more of a daytime lip treatment - which can be used on it's own or with another lippie over the the top. I guess if you have a sensitive lip area and don't like big tingles then this may be one to avoid but I'm loving it!

Have you had a go with the Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker? What's your favourite lip plumping product?

Jen x

Sunday 20 April 2014

Mellow Yellow Fever ...!


Hope everyone is having a good Easter weekend!  The recent good weather has made me think of 'sunny' things so thought I'd attempt to inject a bit of 'sunny' into my 'virtual wardrobe' since I'm still immersed - for the most part - in darker colours.  I do love a bit of mellow yellow now and then - my mum loves bright warm colours and tells me I don't wear them often enough - she also says it's nice to see me out of my jeans so there ain't a pair of jeans in sight Mum! I honestly had trouble narrowing it down to just these three outfits once I got going ... you know what it's like when you start mooching about on Polyvore and just get sucked in ...?!
Mellow Yellow Fever!

Typically the weather seems to have reverted back to cold and grey for the moment so no chance of wearing anything like this lot in the near future with my orange lippie - we can dream eh?  I think my favourite is the middle dress - love it with the trainers - cos that's just how I roll! I've not included masses of accessories on this occasion as I can't cope with 'too much going on' - and anyway I'd have been at it all day and there is a large joint of beef in the oven that needs my attention!

Do you like a bit of 'yellow'?  Which is your favourite look?

Jen x

Wednesday 16 April 2014

Birthday Bits ...!


So you may or may not know that it was my birthday recently - actually it was a while ago now!   The day consisted of some shopping, some family and some food! My musician brother was home so he cooked a 'birthday' curry and my other brother was over in France (where he lives), so he sat within the confines of the laptop (on Skype) situated on the piano to be exact, watching over us and chatting whilst we had dinner - it was like having all the family in the same room! Here are some of my lovely pressies ...!

The Body Shop Bath and Shower Gels from my friend, L'Occitane and Gatineau goodies from my lovely mum. Mac lippie in Lady Danger from a friend and the hubby treated me to the Liz Earle Botanical Essence No15 (love it!), Real Techniques Core Collection and Philip Kingsley Scalp Mask - good to know he has my scalp's best interests at heart!

Bought myself the No7 Illuminated Make-Up Mirror (half price) with money from a good friend (now I'll be able to see all my wrinkles and open pores illuminated and magnified!) and couldn't resist this long-line 'Run DMC' distressed T from New Look - go me! The lovely bright scarf came all the way from my Aunt in sunny Melbourne, Australia - thanks Auntie J! x

My brother's tasty Sinhalese style chicken curry with aubergine, red pepper and fresh coriander and mum's wonderful triple layer milk choc birthday cake - once you start eating it you can't stop!

So yes - I can't complain - it was good! The only spanner in the works was caused by the boiler packing up at the end of the day - luckily after we had cooked and eaten but there was no long hot pampering soak in the bath that night!  Thankfully we managed to get it sorted pretty sharpish (I nearly hugged the plumber!) - washing hands in cold water was painful after a while! NEVER underestimate the power of a good boiler or a good plumber for that matter chaps!

What do you think of my birthday bits then?  Have you ever hugged your plumber?

Jen x

Friday 11 April 2014

Down Time...


When I read this post by Andrea over at Cous Cous & Cork Wedges here I totally sympathised and empathised!  I commented that she was definitely not on her own in her predicament! I have not felt myself this week - it's been a weird one to say the least and in my case I reckon hormonal imbalance has gone to a whole new level - I wonder whether to blame the beast that is perimenopause (blogger doesn't like perimenopause!).  Apologies if that's too much info but hey - it comes to all us girls in time and can apparently precede the actual 'event' for up to 15 years in some cases! Oh joy!

You know when you just feel overly anxious - I guess is the word? Everything seems like an insurmountable task,  the usual routine of getting the kids up and off to school, the decision of what to cook for dinner, the multitude of tasks waiting to be actioned. You know when you just don't know where to start, even if you had the energy, everything is a bit foggy, everything gets to you and all you want  to do is sleep and cry ... at everything - I mean what is going on there?  Yes the kids are growing up far too fast but I couldn't even talk about it or look at baby/toddler photos of them last week without bursting into tears. And then you get mad with yourself because you're aware that there are so many people out there in a much worse position.  It was actually a relief (if that's the right word) to go into work - login to my computer, make a start on my work and not have to think about anything else - I felt calmer for it - whether this is a coincidence I don't know. I went to the gym last night and it did me the world of good - the equilibrium and endorphins that had been sadly lacking started to come back and I felt relatively 'normal' again - if only I could bottle the stuff and save it for a 'down day'! And on the way back this tune was playing on  my Pete Tong CD and it made me feel happier ...

Modjo - Lady...

I don't know - what do we do eh? What I need to do now is not spend my 'normal' time worrying about when my next 'down' time is going to occur!  Big thanks to my hubby and family and friends for putting up with me! And hope you didn't mind me sharing!

How have you been feeling this week? What do you do to alleviate your 'down' time?  What's your favourite happy track?

Jen x

Wednesday 9 April 2014

March Empties ... & Misses!


To put it mildly it's been a bit hectic round these parts so a bit late with my March empties but never mind eh?  ...

Noble Isle Summer Rising Bath and Shower Gel - from a beauty box ages ago. What a gorgeous product, really does smell of summertime, flowers and sunshine. It's expensive but would love the hubby to buy this as a pressie for me sometime as a little treat!

Mandara Spa Tropical Blooms Softening Body Cream - lovely - heady and floral. Not the quickest to rub in (so I tend to save it for weekends) but it does leave skin soft and the fragrance lingers for ages.   Definitely will repurchase (again) and Mandara Spa are on offer frequently in Sainsburys so even better!

Maybelline Colossal Volum'Express Mascara in Black - I haven't had much success with Maybelline mascaras in the past. This one is ok but not brilliant - it doesn't make my lashes colossal or anything. I don't know - I've used big brushes before but the bristles in this one don't overly get on with my lashes and the formula seems a bit thin - just not feeling the colossal love unfortunately - shame!

Balance Me Super Moisturising Hand Cream - this is described as a blend of skin conditioners, butters and oil meant to help out even the driest of hands? I think I can safely say that my hands fall into this category! I prefer to apply last thing at night as it's quite rich but lovely and moisturising on my sore dry hands.

Liz Earle Nourishing Botanical Body Cream - a regular repurchase - love this as it's so gentle but soothing. Wish I could afford to use it all the time but I can't so tend to save it for days when my eczema is playing up or my skin feels extra irritated and it works wonders!

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Anti-Chip Topcoat - this really does get your nails touch dry in a jiffy with a lovely glossy finish. Unfortunately my nail polish didn't last much longer than a couple of days (that would be nothing short of a miracle!) and now it's gone all gloopy and sticky with still a third left in the bottle so I'll have to chuck it!

L'Oreal Revitalift 10 Repair Daily Moisturiser - I've used (and liked) the BB from the same range so thought this would be a good choice of day moisturiser but it's not worked for me.  I don't feel that it moisturises enough and every time I take it onto my neck it brings my eczema out so going to have to give up on it.  There's still a little left so will have to use it on my elbows or feet or something!

What have you used up last month? Have you had any 'misses'?

Jen x

Friday 4 April 2014

Boy Band - N Sync ... POP!


Good grief I am so tired this week, all this business of getting up an hour earlier by my body's clock is doing me in! And the dull grey smoggy stuff is not helping one bit - please can we have some warmth and sun soon?

Anyway ... I saw this on the Video Vault channel at the gym this week and it made me smile ... I can't say I am or 'was' a particular 'boy band' follower (apart from Boyz II Men  who are more of a vocal harmony thing!) but now and again something would catch my eye or should I say ear! N Sync got me with this one - always liked it and  it's grand watching our Justin and JC Chasez doing their thing when they were wee lads don't you think?

N Sync - POP

Love these lyrics ...

Do you ever wonder why
This music gets you high?
It takes you on a ride
Feel it when your body starts to rock ...!

See - though my body (and my mind!) is tired there's a part of me that wants to get dressed up (in something suitable for my age of course!) and nip out to a club just like this one to boogie the night away to some POP! Don't ask me why I feel the need to type POP in capitals - just do!

Are/were you into any 'boy bands'? Who's your favourite? Please don't all say 1D - it will do my head in!

Jen  x

Wednesday 2 April 2014

Shopping My Stash - Spring Nails ...!


I've decided not to buy any new nail polish this Spring and just 'shop my stash' - I've fished out my 'Springiest' looking polishes to use ... pity the weather wasn't at it's 'Springiest' on the day I took these pics! Cheery little blighters aren't they?

A picture of Spring Nail Polishes

This was one of those days when I'd done a load of housework (don't you just love those days!) and decided to do a quick paint job (it's always a quick paint job!) - in order to take these photos whilst the sun was still out ... unfortunately the sun went in just as I stepped outside ... typical! So here are the polishes with their original glossy finishes ...

A picture of Spring Nail Polishes

I decided to complicate matters further/delay my return to household chores by having a bash with my No7 matte topcoat ... reminds me of those sweetie necklace type things from my youth!

A picture of Spring Nail Polishes

After all this frivolity I then had to dash down to Sainsburys with multi coloured nails - just on the one hand mind - I didn't have time to do the other (!) - if anyone noticed they'd have thought I was off my trolley (absolutely no pun intended there - it just popped out - said the mistress to the bishop! I should stop this right now!). And now I can't decide on glossy or matte - I'm indecisive at the best of times!

Which do you prefer - glossy or matte? What polishes are you wearing this Springtime? Are you 'shopping' any of your stashes?

Jen x

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