Friday 9 November 2012

Favourite Friday Track - DJ Fresh ft. Rita Ora - Hot Right Now!

Bonjour and TFI Friday!!

Been a mad week this one - all over the place (although try telling that to 'that bloke' at work!). When I got in from a stuffy day at the office (not all bad because I do actually get to sit down whilst at work) but stuffy none-the-less, just felt drained and a bit spaced out and actually considered NOT going to the gym. Anyway, came round a bit (after a few domestic chores) so dragged myself down and this was the first tune that greeted my ears once positioned on the 'old faithful' cross-trainer...turn it up - it'll get you going...!

DJ Fresh featuring Rita Ora - Hot Right Now

"Put your hands in the air if you want it right now...!"

....and that was it...! This track is absolutely pumped full of endorphin-friendly vibes, the drum and bass just gets inside one's fibres (if you're into that sort of thing!).  Think I may have mentioned a while ago that I once sang the vocals on a garage dance/drum and bass type track in the 90s ... so clearly I am into 'that sort of thing'!

I got carried away and had to play it twice - first time just used my core to balance and peddled slow and controlled to the bass (no hands allowed and resistance turned up on the cross-trainer) and second (hands allowed and less resistance) just had a blast to the full upbeat tempo! (probably got all the musical technicalities wrong there - should have consulted my brother Mike first!).

So - which tune gets inside your fibres....there must be one or two....?

Jen x


  1. Classic song when running on the treadmill!

    1. It definitely is - gets everything pumping!

  2. Ahh, this is definitely a perfect gym song. I don't know how people can go there and listen to their soppy romantic music or whatever else while running! I always find that when I listen to some good upbeat stuff like this I work much harder as it makes me want to really go for it, it even gives you a kind of euphoric feeling! Or maybe that's just me....haha :)
    Mel xx

    1. Completely agree Mel - I do have some slower stuff for cooling down to but these upbeat tracks really get you going and you can keep the pace up (Prodigy + Faithless are good for that!) and yes I know what you mean about the euphoric thing (must be all the endorphins floating around) wish I could bottle it for a rainy day! xx


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