Sunday 17 January 2016

Things That Made Me Go 'Mmmm' in 2015...!

Bonjour and a very belated Happy New Year!

Yet again it's been a while! Oh well these things happen and mojos go astray from time to time don't they and I could never seem to find the time to sit down and get stuck into a good blog post!! Anyway ... thought I'd make an attempt at posting my favourite products of 2015 so here goes ... 

Bouffe Dry Spray - I was sent this to review back in June and I've never looked back!  It's not one I'd go for if you don't like the feel of product in your hair but that doesn't bother me, used correctly it adds thickness, oomph and texture and I don't want to be without it now - I've since repurchased ... full review here.

Makeup Revolution Blush & Contour Palette in Hot Spice - I can't tell you how good this palette is ... well I can actually in my full review here.  I use it for a warm pop of peachy toned colour rather than contouring.  The blushers are amazing quality and pigment with a lovely finish that's long lasting and a complete bargain at £6.00 ... yep that's just £6.00!

Pixi Glow Tonic - a fairly recent addition to my skincare routine.  Despite all the hype I wasn't sure I 'd get on with the Pixi Glow at first - as I found it was a little drying but ... used in the evening, followed with a good dose of facial oil over the top ... works a treat! It smooths and brightens and I use every night when I'm not using Alpha H Liquid Gold - I'll definitely repurchase.

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara - as impressed as I was with this mascara - you can read my review  here  - I didn't think I'd repurchase because of the high end price but when my brother's wedding came along last year I knew I could rely on Roller Lash to stay put and perform all day with no clumps, smudges or flakes ... so repurchase I did and I've not looked back! Although I am partial to/and will use other mascaras I reckon this all always be a firm favourite ... my daughter informed my hubby he should get me one for Christmas so I have another waiting in the wings!

L'Oreal Expertise EverRiche Shampoo, Elixir Masque Spray Oil and Conditioner - the EverRiche products are said to be suitable for 'dry, fine hair' ... yep that's me! You can use the Elixir Masque Spray either in between shampoo and conditioner (for very fine hair) or as a final step after conditioner, rinsing out after application.  I've used it both ways but it seems to do better used in between the shampoo and condition stage for me.  I wouldn't say it replaces a 'session' with a decent hair masque but I find it's good on those in between days for just keeping a bit more condition in your barnet, which - I don't know about you but I definitely need at this time of year when everything is dried out and de-hydrated! Can't seem to find the shampoo and conditioner online at the moment (which is a bit worrying) but the Oil Elixir Spray seems to be around!

SBC Collagen Skincare Gel - a great multi-tasker this one - it was part of a set from SBC reviewed here and I use  it every day in some form or other, either on my kite or on the neck/de-colletage as a bit of a hydration boost.

Pure Super Active Eye Serum and Super Grape Overnight Treatment Oil - I'm a big fan of these two (in fact I've been impressed with everything I've tried from the Pure Skincare range from M&S so far!) and have repurchased both. You can read my reviews here and here.

Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue - this has proved to be a great little product. I thought it would just be a Summertime favourite but I'm still using it on non-work days and weekends and it's still doing it's job and doing it well I might add so I've just repurchased another.  You can read my full review  here.

OPI Nail Envy - I have a really bad habit of regularly picking or peeling my nail polish off once it starts to chip - obviously not good for the old nails!  I think they'd had enough and had been splitting really badly down the length of the nail. I bit the bullet and got hold of the OPI Nail Envy a couple of months ago as it has such good reviews. You just paint it on every other night and it feeds and strengthens the nail bed ... it definitely seems to work as my nails are starting to look 'normal' again and is a great treatment for a week or so 'off the polish' - the only snag is remembering to paint it on!  

And last but not least my Babyliss Big Hair  - which you can see it nestling inbetween the products there!  I'd ummed and ahhed about this styling tool for a while but just went for it in the Summer and I've never looked back ... it great for smoothing out hair and adding shine and eliminates the need for struggling with a brush and hairdryer at an awkward angle! It's also a godsend on those mad mornings when my hair resembles a haystack (that would be most mornings then) for adding shape and tidying up the barnet before running out the door!   

So that's it then ... my favourites or 'Mmms' from last year.  Have you used any of this lot? Which were your 'Mmmms' of 2015?

Jen x
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