Monday 31 December 2012

New Year NOTD - Beauty UK Glam Nails - Gunmetal

Bonjour and Happy New Year's Eve!

In years gone by the hubby, myself and friends would be out every New Year's Eve at a (not so local) pub for the disco and New Year's party. Was brilliant - I remember dancing (with the other girls) on the chairs and silly string being squirted up my skirt by some nutter - resulting in my hubby threatening to 'take him outside' in no delicate fashion! We then walked a considerable distance home having had a 'skinful',  in all weathers (snow one year), didn't even feel the cold even though I was usually unsuitably clad - ah the benefits of youth!

These days it's just me, hubby and Jools Holland on the box (kids and dog asleep!).  Haven't been out on New Year's Eve since having kids  for all the usual reasons ... and I do miss it sometimes ... anyway ... I thought this would be a fitting nail choice for this time of year ...

Beauty UK 'Glam Nails' in Gunmetal

Love this - I don't possess many metallic effect polishes but sometimes a bit of good ol' silver/gold is fine for a night out or just to brighten things up - and the way the weather's been today we've sure needed it!  This would actually have gone really well with my silver dress or skirt that I wore to go out in years and years ago!

Anyway - I love Beauty UK polishes - they go on fine and last pretty well and at only £1.99 you can't go wrong!  Full range of groovy shades from their website right here or from Superdrug.

Right - I'd best sign off and start peeling potatoes and vege for tonight's dinner! Have a brilliant evening everyone whatever you're doing - Happy New Year!

Jen x

Sunday 30 December 2012

Compliments of the Season... you all!

Just wanted to share a few seasonal pics here from the last week -  what a surprise there are several of food...!

My brother Gourmet Gorman's tasty (leftover) Turkey Biryani and Mum's marvellous dhal...

  Gourmet Gorman's Honey Glazed Gammon and the dog looking reluctantly festive ...

Lovely L'Occitane pressies from Mum ...

Erm - I suspect we have enough confectionery to last until Easter ...!

Hazy pic of some of hubby's pressies...!

Went to see The Hobbit with hubby, kids and brothers - fantastic movie...!

Right - I'm off to have a large Chinese Takeaway with the family!  

What did you get up to last week? 

Jen x

Friday 28 December 2012

Festive Friday Track - Bill Haley and the Comets - See You Later Alligator!


Thought I'd share one of Mum and Dad's favourites tunes that bring back memories of their Christmas Season and courtship days in 1950's India....and some of the history behind it...

My Dad tells me that back in the day...around the 20th December there would be a long queue outside the doctors, all there for mostly the same reason - to convince him that they needed the fortnight off work! Once signed off  (which I understand wasn't too difficult - don't ask!) festive celebrations would begin with the 'Bachelor's Ball'  on 23rd December (all the bachelors in town would each make a small contribution towards the 'do' and everyone else was allowed free entry). They had Christmas Eve off to attend Midnight Mass and then the partying started again with dances every night from 25th December through to 1st January! The dances would finish most nights at around 4.00 am usually (little ravers!).

Dad played in the band for most of these 'dances' (sax and clarinet) and said he did a number called 'Saxema' where he would leave the stage and weave his way between the dancers playing to them and performing his sax solo...I never knew that before...!

Dad's Clarinet Solo
Dad with the band and his Sax! 

Mum was a brilliant dancer and would jive the night away partnered by her brother Jack. Uncle Jack was in the Navy at the time and when he came home on leave for Christmas he apparently brought all the latest 'jive steps' back with him which he taught to Mum! Their dance routines with all the lifts and swings often turned in an exhibition in the middle of the dance floor - 'Grease' style... and they won several competitions - wish I could have seen that...!

Mum and Dad both love 'See You later Alligator' - Mum  can't listen to rock 'n' roll music without wanting to have a little shuffle and Dad just wants to get up there and play his sax!

Bill Haley and the Comets - See You Later Alligator!

Mum didn't/doesn't drink. Dad likes a drink occasionally but says back then no 'official' boozing took place due to prohibition in India at the time.  The band apparently 'got away with it' - due to the trombonist being a police radio officer...! I understand 'in his day' Dad drank some illicit concoctions which - in his own words - tasted like French Polish...!

So you see - we think we've 'done it all' but often our parents have often 'been there and done that...' many moons ago...!

Hope you enjoyed this little post Mum and Dad - love you loads!

Jen  x

Sunday 23 December 2012

Treacle Moon Winter Special - I'm Loving those 'Warm Cinnamon Nights'!


Those lovely people over at the Treacle Moon factory have only gone and done it again (check out their full range of mouth-watering recipes right here!).  Understandably I was over the moon (so sorry for bad pun) to be asked if I'd like to try out their new Winter 2012 Special Edition ....

Warm Cinnamon Nights Bath and Shower Gel...

I have to say I'm a little obsessed with Treacle Moon products and this has definitely lived up to all expectations!  I wish there was such a thing as 'scratch n sniff' on blogger because I'm sure this would be a real winner.  It's a real 'happy fragrance' - smells good enough to eat - well, drink actually - although that is obviously completely out of the question and highly un-advisable (blogger told me this should be 'inadviseable'! ).  It reminds me of bathing in a vat of fruit punch - and smells of warm sweet oranges, apple, cinnamon, cloves, ginger and honey with a bit of zest thrown in! I absolutely love it and my little girl does too! It's the ideal fragrance for use over this freezing cold (I can't stand the cold) winter season and I can see me reaching for it well into the New Year to perk myself up - after all the Christmas hustle and bustle - when we all feel a bit down etc.

What I also love about Treacle Moon products is not only do they last for ages but the entire bathroom smells wonderfully fragrant after your shower/bath (I'll not go into detail but it's not often my bathroom smells so good with two boys in the family - if you get my drift!). You can check out my reviews on some other lovely Treacle Moon products here and here.

Available exclusively at Tesco stores right now and priced at £2.99/500ml this is ideal if you're stuck for any last minute pressie ideas.  Have you tried any Treacle Moon products?  If you fancy a bit of Warm Cinnamon Knight Nights then look no further!

Jen x

Saturday 22 December 2012

Glossybox - December


My December Glossybox arrived last week....I know everyone's super busy (me included) at the moment with festive preparations - so just thought I do a quick post on the contents - here we go...

So the products ...

Lemon by Mary Greenwell Eau de Parfum Sample 1.5ml Full Size - £90/100ml
I don't think I like this at all I'm afraid - smells very much like an aftershave - bit too zesty for my liking.

Sebamed Anti-Dry Night Intensive Cream 10ml Full Size £9.99/50ml
Apparently one of leading skincare brands designed for sensitive skin. Not sure I'll make full use of this sample so may be passing it on to a friend.

Rituals Magic Touch Ultra Rich Whipped Body Cream Full Size £5/70ml 
This is more like it - I've heard good things about Rituals products.  This body cream has a lovely fragrance -is creamy but rubs in easily - will be ideal for these colder months.

Seche Nail Lacquer in Iconic - Full Size £9.99/14ml
Looks like a really good polish this one and a decent full size. 'Highly pigmented colour for one coat coverage, satin smooth application...'  sound good. Not sure this particular colour is for me though - such a shame and I don't usually go for this sort of finish so will be saving this for a friend!

Sleek Make-Up True Colour Lipstick in Sheen - Full Size £4.99/3.5g
This is a nice little lippie in a vibrant red (looks more orange on my pic but it's not!). Like it.

Glossybox Blusher in Glossy Rosewood - Bonus Product
A bonus product made for Glossybox by Kryolan (Professional Make-Up) so should be a good formulation. I'm not sure whether this colour is a little pale for me so may mix it up with a bronzer.

I'd heard that last year's December Glossybox was a real corker... this one's a bit of a mixed bag for me - some good products - some not so good... anyway...

What did you get in your Christmas Glossybox?

Jen x

Friday 21 December 2012

Favourite Friday Track - The Pogues & Kirsty McColl - Fairytale of New York

Happy Mad Friday!

Well here we are - another mad Friday is upon us! Many a year (pre-children!) have myself and hubby gone 'down town' drinking on this afternoon/evening along with the throngs of fellow party goers! Never has my husband been as traumatised by the long queues leading to the bar as he was today when he accompanied me to do the 'big Christmas food shop' at our local Sainsbury's!

The Pogues & Kirsty McColl - Fairytale of New York

Released in 1987 it's one of the best Christmas tunes of my era in my humble opinion!

Brilliantly seasonal -  many of you will have swayed along to this in a haphazard fashion during the Christmas party period I'm sure ...

Come on - tell me you haven't!

Jen x

Wednesday 19 December 2012

The Christmas Tag by Makeup-Pixi3


I've been wanting to do The Christmas Tag for a while now  .. ever since I read Sasha's post over on Ramblings of a Beauty Bird - who'd been tagged by Laura from A Day In The Life of A Scottish Lass  - who'd been tagged by the creator of the post Georgina from  Makeup-Pixi3. They are all on my Groovy Blogging Babes blogroll so feel free to check them out!

Thanks to Makeup-Pixi3 for letting us use her image!

So...on to the questions...

Q.   What’s your favourite thing about Christmas?
It has to be getting together with all of my family.  Both my brothers live away - (the youngest in France) so it isn't very often we're all together - but we make the effort at Christmas and it's usually a bit of a riotous affair - filled with food, drink, music and general merriment.

Q.   What’s your favourite makeup look for the festive season?
I've always leaned towards smokey eyes with a bit of sparkly stuff here and there and lip gloss but have also done bigger brighter lips this year (get me!) courtesy of my Kate Moss Mattes - loving em!

Q.   Real tree or fake tree?
Usually a real one. We did try for a fake tree this year as they were half price in Homebase but they had all sold out.

Q.   Giving presents or receiving presents?
It's all about the giving isn't it?  I usually find it hard to stop buying presents once I start and get carried away (always seem to have last-minute ideas too!) - I have really tried to control myself this year though but hopefully have still got everyone some decent pressies (and that's all I'm saying!).

Q.   Do you open your presents Christmas morning or evening?
Morning with the hubby and kids and evening with the rest of the family after dinner - so a bit of both!

Q.   What’s your favourite Christmas film?
Think it's got to be Meet Me In St.Louis - still gives me goosebumps when I hear 'The Trolley Song'!

Q.   What’s your favourite Christmas food?
My mum's wonderful Christmastime stuffing - it's a bit of an Anglo-Indian recipe passed down through the generations, which most of our extended family concoct in various ways!  Includes sausage, mushroom, onions, peas, carrots, potatoes, fried bread - and Mum's own personal blend of seasonings of course.  We don't stuff the turkey with it but have huge (and I mean huge!) helping on the side (good job mum makes a vat of stuffing really!) - it's the highlight of the Christmas and Boxing Day dinner for me! 

Right that's it! I really enjoyed writing this post - thanks for reading this far down! Please let me know if you decide to squeeze this post in before Christmas - would love to read your answers (I'm nosey like that!).

Jen x

Tuesday 18 December 2012

NOTD - Maybelline Forever Strong - Dark Denim


So - in between all the current glitter and sparkle that's obviously going on - thought I'd to a quick post on  Maybelline Forever Strong in Dark Denim.

After the success of my Maybelline Extreme Blackcurrent I was in Superdrug (about a month or so ago) buying  a couple of pressies and picked up Dark Denim as part of the 3 for 2 offer which was on at the time.

I  love the colour - not too light, not too dark - easy on the application front, good glossy coverage with two coats and again lasted really well - for a good few days with base and topcoat.

I'm really liking these polishes - at £4.09 you can't go wrong.  I'm physically restraining myself from visiting Boots or Superdrug until after Christmas but would love to check out some more colours from the range once the festive season is over.

Are you allowing yourself to visit Boots or Superdrug or are you saving yourself for the sales?

Jen x

Friday 14 December 2012

Favourite Friday Track - The Jackson 5 - Blame It On The Boogie!


A late Friday track today - I should be getting ready for our big works party at the moment but had to chuck this on here quickly before I commence proceedings...

The Jackson 5 - Blame It On The Boogie ...

Released in 1978 it's such a timeless classic - really hope the DJ plays some proper disco tunes such as this instead of the usual cheesy drivel - which does my head in...!

To be perfectly honest I don't even feel like going out at the moment. I'm shattered and have a headache...but it's not very often me and Mr G get to go out and party together so going to down some paracetamol and get ready! Mr G will get absolutely hammered - make no mistake! Several bottles of (free) wine are provided with each table so basically everyone will be going for it and I'll do my best to keep up with them because I'm useless at drinking these days - only need a couple and I'm on my way!

Anyway - best crack on or will get into trouble for not being ready on time (one of my usual downfalls) - not even had time to do my nails so will have to take my polish with me at do them once we get there!

Jen x

Wednesday 12 December 2012

A Bit of Slap and Sequins!


Last Friday night I decided to go with heavy (for me) eyes and neutral lip (so just thought I would plonk a quick post up to share...don't know why really cos I feel like a complete prat...!

Here we have the traditional half face shot (still not up to a full one!) - honestly it's so daunting putting your kite on here - I really hate having my photo taken - so what the hell am I doing? - you feel like you should look flawless and clearly that's never going to happen in my case - I haven't edited anything on these pics so what you see is what you get I'm afraid!

Half the Kite

Products used ...

Face and Lips
No 7 Instant Radiance Concealer (under eyes - don't think I used enough of it - ah well!).
Dirty Works Bye Bye Dark Circles Concealer - darker shade on other parts of face.
Bare Minerals Prime Time Primer (Original).
Bare Minerals Medium Tan and Tan Original Foundations mixed.
Bare Minerals Tinted Mineral Veil.
Laura Geller 'Baby Cakes' Baked Blush Palette just swept the brush over all the four shades and applied lightly.
Glossybox Lipstick in Glossy Pink

I didn't used a separate primer as I'd already applied my Alpha H Absolute Eye Complex which acts as an eye primer.
HD Brow Palette - Dark Brown Colour.
Under brow bone highlighted with Shade 1 and 2 mixed from MUA Undressed Palette.
On lid Illamasqua 'Never' Powder Eye Shadow (also taken under eyes).
Swept over the top of 'Never' to soften and in crease - Laura Geller Baked Marble Eyeshadow (I used the gold toned Vanilla Toffee on left).
Avon Glimmerstick Eye Liner in Blackest Black on top and bottom lashline.
17 Va Va Voom Mascara.
No 7 Fanomenal Lashes Mascara.

Eye Make-Up Products

So that was the slap and here's the sequins courtesy of my £10 bargain top from H&M this summer...

For some reason I look like a tortoise in this pic (it's the conk again!) - and much to my amazement there is no damp washing hanging from the radiator in the background - it's usually my hubby's (clean) pants and gym gear so good job...!! Anyway ...didn't wear much jewelry because I don't like too much going on - just chucked on a few bangles before I left (which I'm sure you wanted to know!) and wore the top with my black pvcs and black swede block heel ankle boots (which I hadn't donned for this photo so hope you can't see my socks!) - both from Next, I'm not an everyday 'high-heeler' and these boots feel so high it takes me a while - or a few drinks to balance myself!

What did you wear on Friday night? Are you going for heavy eyes or full-on lips at the moment?

Jen x

PS - Quick Update - My husband has just informed me that if you do want to see a post with his pants hanging in the background he is happy to oblige!!

Tuesday 11 December 2012

November Favourites, Empties and Whips!


I imagine this is probably the latest November Favourites/Empties post on the planet - it's well into December and there's so much to do - I'm verging on hysteria! Anyway - just thought I'd try and get it out there .. I've mixed up my favourites and empties as usual...

Phil Smith 'Be Gorgeous' Heat Defence Spray - bought this (what seems like) ages ago when it was half price at Sainsburys and it's practically empty now. A good little heat protection spray this one - I would repurchase - it does what it's supposed to and smells good too!

Laura Geller Baked Cheek Dreams - Neapolitan - a  QVC purchase from a while ago which I'd forgotten about (as you do!) - anyway - dug it out and have been using it a lot over the past month.  As you can see it looks like ice-cream and is a contour, blush and highlighter which can be used separately or all in one go. I love the 'chocolate' shade which - although looks plain brown in the pot is actually more of a deep, velvety, pinky brown once on. The strawberries and cream shades contain a tiny bit of shimmer but too much. As time is usually of the essence in the morning - I've been swirling my brush around the whole lot to grab a bit of each shade and it's worked really well. Quite a good all year round little blush pot!

L'Occitane 100% Shea Butter - a present (just emptied) from my mum which I've used on and off for months, mainly on hands, elbows and feet (if I remember - so bad at foot care!) as a night-time treatment.  A lovely tin-ful of  nourishment here. It's almost solid and waxy (so has lasted for ages) but melts easily once warmed either in your hands or onto your chosen body part! Has the lovely soft aroma associated with the L'Occitane Shea Butter range which I love.

The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector - one of my favourite winter hand creams.  My hands get even more dried out once the cold weather arrives and this is again - ideal to slather on last thing at night. If you're familiar with this hand cream you'll know it has quite a distinctive fragrance which  personally I like. It's rich, soothing and almost medicinal - love it and have already re-purchased.

Dirty Works Bye Bye Dark Circles Concealer - another Sainsburys buy here. I use the lighter colour for under-eye shadows, it's a little cakey, so have to use sparingly. Also, there is no brightening factor to it but it does a decent job all the same. The darker colour at the bottom is a good match for my overall skin tone so I use it as a general concealer. It does a good cover-up job and doesn't slide off and need touching up too often.  Overall this is a good little concealing kit - only cost me just over £3.00 so a steal when all is said and done!

No 7 Pore Refining Serum - another empty here. I used this earlier in the year and have now just got round to finishing it off. It's nice for a bit of extra hydration under moisturiser but I can't - in all honesty - see that it's had any effect on reducing pore size - which was my ultimate goal - so there won't be a re-purchase. I've noticed that the packaging has changed on Boots website - not sure if the formula has changed or not though.

Aussie Aussome Volume Shampoo and Conditioner - I had high hopes for these two. Aussie haircare products are loved by so many and are so affordable and smell great. Unfortunately, I'm afraid this combo does absolutely nothing for me - my fine hair is left devoid of any volume and it just hangs there in a limp fashion  - it doesn't weigh it down with product though so no idea what the problem is.  My hair just does not get on with the duo and it's so much more difficult to style. Such a shame.

L'Oreal Revitalift Perfect 10 BB - I'm still in love with this one - it's my perfect BB for this time of year. You can read my full review here.  I find it so versatile for just a bit of cover, as a primer or for layering for a fuller face-on. Fortunately the colour is perfect for me which always helps! Definite re-purchase.

Sorry but I just couldn't resist! I've not had a Walnut Whip in so very long - it's been years -  so when I saw this pack of three in (yes - you guessed - Sainsburys) I just had to indulge! Tasted just as good as I remember too!

When did you last have a Walnut Whip?

Jen x

Sunday 9 December 2012

Friday Night Nails - Illamasqua Style!


Don't know about you but I'm not really a fan of these dark days with minimal daylight and need a bit of  'winter brightness' now and then whether it be lips, nails, clothes etc.  Went out last friday evening with my 'work-mates' so what better to reach for than Illamasqua Collide from the Illamasqua Mystery Box which I recently won!

By the time I had finished painting my nails the light was starting to fail and I had to move nearer the window to photograph - so apologies for all the reflection.  I love the colour (I have a couple of coats on) - it has a sort of vinyl effect and is brighter and more neon than is depicted in these photos but in a totally wearable way (even at my age!) and every time I look at my nails the colour cheers me up!

The polish went on really easily (nice brush I thought!) and dried quickly - which was a good job as I had to commence the mammoth task of getting ready for the night out and making myself look human!

It's now Sunday and I'm sporting a bit of wear on the ends of my nails - but I decided to cook a chicken curry last night (which incurred much chopping/peeling/handwashing etc) as I was feeling a bit rough throughout Saturday (more from lack of sleep than booze I should point out) - so I can't complain!

You can check out the full range of Illamasqua Nail Varnishes here - the range looks amazing!

Have you tried any nail polishes from Illamasqua? What do you use for 'winter brightness'?

Jen x

Friday 7 December 2012

Favourite Friday Track - Deee-Lite - Groove Is In The Heart!


It's Friday again!  I've had my hair cut this week and asked for a heavier fringe - I should have told my poor long-suffering hairdresser to graduate it a little but I didn't - consequently with my specs on I now resemble Velma from Scooby-Doo!!! Never mind it'll grow!!

Guess Who?

Anyway back to the matter in hand...tonight is the first of a couple of Christmas parties and so I thought I'd choose a tune that never fails to get me and the girls on the dance floor..

Deee-Lite - Groove Is In The Heart!

Released in 1990 - it's still going strong ...and proves that 'Groove' is indeed still in the heart! (I did try to upload the original video with all the psychedelic action but Blogger wouldn't let me).

This should be my theme tune - love it! Will have to request this from the DJ tonight - it's not a proper night without it! Right must start getting ready shortly and try to de-Velmerise myself -wish me luck!

Do you remember 'Groove Is In The Heart'?  What tune will you be requesting from the DJ this Christmas?

Jen x

Wednesday 5 December 2012

Tag - Why Do You Wear Make-Up?


I've seen this Tag post 'doing the rounds' on some lovely blogs recently and really enjoyed reading them so thought I'd put my two penneth in...!

When did you begin loving make-up?

One of the earliest 'make-up' memories I have is of  my mum's red vanity case containing her few products - including her blue and green eye shadows and that 'old-fashioned' block of mascara that had to be dampened with the stiff brush before applying - I was fascinated by it all!  I remember my dad sending me back upstairs to 'wash the make-up off my face' after I overdid it on the way out to a youth club disco in my early teens - I was indignant and mortified at the time (in true teenage style!) but now realise that I looked like a clown with the amount of slap I had on!  I've always loved messing about to create different looks with make-up.  In my younger days I was always the one with several different colours of eye-shadow on all blended (of course) on a night out! 

How do you feel without make-up?

To say my hair is so naturally dark you would never tell from from my lash and brow area - I really notice the lack of definition - which is why I always use mascara and wear some form of brow make-up.  It's old age and all that thinning out business - the joys!   I can forgo face make-up if I really have to and like to let my skin breath for a while on a weekend but usually wear some form of the stuff, lighter when I'm not at work and  heavier for work days (to cope with our office conditions which range from freezing air-conditioning or complete stuffiness when it's not working properly - there's no happy medium and it's all designed to confuse and muck up our skin!).  I couldn't go to work without any make-up on - the whole office would be permanently traumatised...

What do you like about make-up?

I love that we can enhance, highlight, conceal, add radiance, colour, definition, shimmer, contours and sparkle, smokey eyes, bold lips etc etc the list is almost endless! There's a whole universe of different effects and looks out there just waiting to be created... the world is a 'make-up oyster' if you so wanted it!

Three 'Holy Grail' items...?

Bare Minerals Tinted Mineral Veil SPF 25 - love my Mineral Veil and really need  to sort out a full review - it's a lovely finishing product, can be used over my BB or Bare Minerals foundation to help everything along.

Revitalash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner - not strictly make-up but a treatment that I've been using over the past year which has really helped the condition and length of my eyelashes. Mascara application is so much easier these days.

Bare Minerals 'Warmth' All Over Face Colour - a gorgeous velvety bronzer (should really do a review on this too!) it's great for warming/livening up the complexion or for a contoured effect. Also often mix it up with a paler pink blush to add a bit of depth and oomph!

Right - that's it for now - best shut up shop because I could waffle on about this subject for ages...Please feel free to follow on the tag - and please leave a comment if you do - I'd love to have a read...!

So come on - spill the beans - Why do YOU wear make-up?

Jen x

Monday 3 December 2012

It's Lush - 'Popcorn' Lip Scrub!


So - it is official - I am a Lush virgin no more and here's the little blighter responsible... Lush Lip Scrub in Popcorn...

Although I never stint on lip balm (it's a bit of an obsession) I've always been prone to those little dry areas on my lips which I end up biting and making worse (I am a 'lip-biter' not a 'nail-biter') - you know what I mean?  Thought it was about time I started a bit more maintenance with the cold weather and off I went to my local Lush store...

There were several flavours to choose from - Bubblegum (speaks for itself!), Mint Julips (minty chocolate), Sweet Lips (straight chocolate!) and Popcorn (sweet and salty).  So after several minutes of indecision I went for the Popcorn (love popcorn at the best of times!).

The scrub is a luscious concoction designed to rid you of those pesky flaky bits!  You buff it into your lips (obviously) to gently exfoliate and then remove either by wiping or licking off!  Just for the record I'm a wiper not a licker! Leaves lips smoothed and ready to balm on! I've been using this about 2-3 times a week and can already tell a difference.

Lush Lip Scrubs cost £5.25/25g pot and could be deemed a trifle expensive for what is - essentially a small pot of sugary stuff.  I imagine some of us could concoct something similar from a few ingredients lying around the house but knowing me - I'd never get round to it - so for convenience sake the pot is worth it to me, plus it's going to last for ages.

Should you feel your lips (young or old) are worth such treat you can check out the full range of Lip Scrubs and Balms at Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics right here. I'll warn you though - the page looks addictive!

Have you had a good scrub this Winter?

Jen x

Saturday 1 December 2012

Illamasqua Goodies!

Bonjour and Happy 1st December!

Did I mention that I recently won a Giveaway?  Well I by the lovely Lola from LolaStar Hearts whose blog you can check out either here or on my Groovy Blogging Babes down to your right!

Here's the prize.......!!! The Illamasqua Alter Ego Mystery Selection Box ...


The mystery box contains the Illamasqua products above - it's a mystery no more...!

Nail Varnish in Collide
Liquid Metal in Electrum
Lipstick in Blaze
Powder Blush in Create
Powder Eye Shadow in Never
Intense Lip Gloss in Twist

Brilliant eh?  Can't wait to have a play with this little lot...I see reviews and swatches coming out of my ears! Thanks again to Lola!

I've not tried out any products from Illamasqua...yet...have you?

Jen x

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