Wednesday 31 July 2013

Beauty Day on QVC!!


It's  Beauty Day on QVC! Loads of special prices and easy pay offers to be had!  Today's Special Value is  the Laura Geller 5 Piece The Magic of Colour Collection. 
Priced at £33.98 (with the option of 2 easy pay instalments) it contains over £100 worth of products...

  • 1 x Balance-n-Brighten Foundation (9g; full size) 
  • 1 x Waterproof Eye Spackle Neutraliser (2.2ml; full size) 
  • 1 x New Baked Flambe Blush (5g; full size)
  • 1 x New Baked Eye Shadow (1.8g; full size) 
  • 1 x New Color Drenched Lip Gloss (9ml; full size) 
  • 1 x Mini double-ended shadow liner brush
  • 1 x Mini blusher brush

The Balance n Brighten foundation is an old favourite of mine, so long lasting and easy to apply and I love her  Baked Blushes to bits! Full details of this kit and other offers are over on the QVC website here.

I must admit I am extremely tempted by the sight of this little kit...

The Philip Kingsley Daily Damage Defence Duo. This product is meant to be akin to the iconic Elasticizer - but in a bottle - what could be better! The travel size would be ideal to take on holiday.

Will you be taking advantage of QVC Beauty Day?

Jen x

Sunday 28 July 2013

Daniel Sandler Giveaway ...!!


I recently won the Daniel Sandler Instant Tan Face Powder in a Twitter competition.  You can read my full review here but basically it's become one of my proper 'go to' products this summer and I'm enjoying it immensely! I also reached 500 GFC followers recently which is a huge deal to me!  So ... I decided to hold a little Summertime Giveaway to celebrate ... here's the prize...!

The pics are of my own product but obviously the winner will receive a brand spanking new 'un which I've bought!

To enter simply complete the Rafflecopter form below. All entries will be checked so please do complete the mandatory fields, otherwise all other entries will be deleted!  The Giveaway will run until midnight 24 August and is open internationally. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway
* Please obtain permission/consent from an adult if you are under 18.*

Good Luck!

Jen x

Saturday 27 July 2013

Sinful Colors - Cinderella and (the) Unicorn...!


No this isn't a variation on the old fairy tale! After I fell in love with Sinful Colors 'Sweet Nothing' which you can see in situ here - I returned to the scene of the crime with my girl whilst the 'buy one get one half price' was on at Boots and this was the result...

Sinful Colors in Cinderella and Unicorn ....

Unicorn just called to me - I never thought I'd work a creamy/pastel yellow at my age but I'm loving it.!  My girl um'd and ahh'd (she is her mother's daughter) at the various options and finally settled on Cinderella - pale blue with the teeniest tiniest bit of shimmer to it. Perfect for a little girl - or even an old one for that matter - I have no shame!

Now as you may be able to see from Cinderella, these paler Sinful Colors apply in quite a thin streaky fashion - my daughter has two coats on (she got bored) whilst I have three (good job it didn't take too long to dry) - this gave me better coverage and longevity. I was quite impressed with nearly three days of being 'chipless' (with base and topcoat) - it was a weekend and I'd cooked fajitas on the Saturday night and then a Sunday dinner the day after (obviously)!

So ... I keep promising myself I will try one of the more expensive polishes one of these days and I will. For now though - as these are £1.99 each - let's just say I may well be delving into this range again in the not too distant future!

Have you tried Sinful Colors yet?

Jen x

Wednesday 24 July 2013

Liz Earle Lash Definition Smudgeproof Mascara - Review


The Liz Earle Lash Definition Smudgeproof Mascara is another product that was included in the recent TSV from QVC.  Naturally - being a total mascara fiend I was excited to try it...I'm always excited at the prospect of a new mascara...!

"Our water-resistant and long-lasting mascara helps you achieve perfectly defined lashes that look longer and fuller." 

The brush is comprised of tiny bristles and is a standard shape and size.  I found the formula to be fairly dry which meant that it didn't glide on and was quite difficult to apply compared to some mascaras.  It works best for me if I apply two coats, one almost immediately after the other - it's not one that I can return to later on and add another coat if I fancy building the look up, as it seems to clump up on my lashes and I need to comb through.  I find it lengthens and defines but doesn't particularly add any fullness or volume.  Once on though it does leave the lashes with a natural, conditioned feel to them with no brittle or crispy thing going on - and also holds the curl up well.  It lasts well throughout the day without smudging or flaking (even in the height of hay fever season) and is really easily removed with my cleansing balm - so all is not lost.

A couple of coats just on the top ...

I'd say this mascara would probably work well for those with longer thicker lashes to achieve a natural daytime look and could make a perfect holiday mascara due to it's water resistance.  For anyone (such as myself) wanting a bit more 'oomp' to my lashes, unfortunately this isn't the one so not something I'll be re-purchasing.

The Liz Earle Lash Definition Smudgeproof Mascara comes in at £14.50/8ml and is available in Black or Brown.

Have you tried this mascara? What's your favourite mascara of the moment?

Jen x

Tuesday 23 July 2013

Love My Vouchers!!


Please tell me that's not the end of the blue skies and sunshine - I knew that once the kids finished school for the summer this would happen and it would be grey and rainy once again.......and don't get me started on drying the washing in warm but damp weather or on the state of my hair in all this humidity!

Anyway onto the matter in hand .......... I was recently contacted on behalf of - specialists in online discount promotions - to ask if I would like to display their voucher code widget on the blog.  I've therefore installed the widget to scroll through various beauty related discount codes (there's a surprise!), but there is a whole host of different categories available on the Love My Vouchers website as you can see here.  It looks like this and is situated over to your right in my sidebar!

It should be updated with the latest offers regularly so if you ever fancy taking advantage it's there (and obviously if you don't then just ignore it!).

Hope you enjoy!

Jen x

PS - If any of you lovely bloggers fancy displaying the widget for yourselves just follow the link...right here.

Sunday 21 July 2013

Skincare Routine - AM


I've currently got myself a nice little routine going in the morning  - well it's suits me anyway - doesn't take up too much time and the products all seem to be working well together - which is always a good thing. I'll not waffle on too much about each product as I've either reviewed or will review...

Elemis Melting Cleansing Gel - I treated myself to/re-purchased this in the 'supersize' from QVC once it came back into stock, much better value for money buying the bigger version - should last for ages as you only need a little squeeze! It just seems to work for me as my morning cleanser and helps to keep my skin clear - you can read my full review here.

Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic - a repeat purchase - I think this is on most peoples' list of worthy toners. It's one I keep going back to time after time, great for it's refreshing, hydrating and soothing properties all in one sweep!

Elemis Pro-Collagen Advanced Eye Treatment - I received this in last year's Elemis TSV and have been using it every morning for the last couple of months. A lightweight liquid/serum which sinks in instantly and helps to keep the eye area hydrated. A full review to follow.

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Serum - another repurchase. Still loving this serum on a morning - really helps keep skin plumped up - I reckon people with oily skin could use just this alone but I like to layer it for extra hydration. Full review here.

Vichy Idéalia BB Cream - a recent discovery - I think of all the BBs I've used so far this is coming in as my all time favourite. I just don't want to use anything else on top of my serum at the moment as it's working so well and provides moisture and cover all in one go. Full review here.

So that's my little lot for the AM. Got one going for the PM too which I'll post about presently.

Are you currently using any of the above products? What's your current morning routine?

Jen x

Friday 19 July 2013

The Music Tag!


I've been wanting to do this tag post for so long ...............! Thanks to Georgina from Makeup Pixi3 who created the tag way back when! Also to Sasha from Ramblings of a Beauty Bird who made me laugh when she wrote that the first ever piece of music she purchased was on a tape and I quote "I know - TAPE - how old!" - cheers Sasha - that makes me feel positively ancient! ;)  The first music I purchased were the old 45" singles, albums and 12" singles which you played on a 'real' record player - remember having to 'put the needle on the record' - those were the days! I remember being locked in my bedroom for hours on end when I was young playing my vinyl - still got most of them but no record player!

What's your favourite type of music? 
All sorts - depends on my mood and what I'm doing! Could be anything from house music to jazz, new romantic to motown, soul to hip-hop, blues to funk - like I said all sorts!

What's your least favourite type of music? 
I can't do brass band (sorry!) - all that 'oomp-pah' just doesn't hit the spot! Don't really get on with  excessive metal (is it 'death metal'?), punk or trance either - scrambles my brain up a bit too much!

What's the best gig you've been to? 
I haven't been to see a 'current' band for years - gigs are so expensive these days - but I did see a lot of New Romantic bands back in the day. Depeche Mode (3 years running), Spandau Ballet, Ultravox and OMD. I would love to see Usher in concert - one day though!   I've been to watch my brother Mike playing at Boy George's gig fairly recently, which was a good one and also various local jazz gigs he's played at - love a good jazz gig, especially when they really go for it with the be-bop, it just gets under your skin!

What albums are you listening to at the moment? 
Recently I've had the Trevor Nelson R&B Collection and Alexander O'Neal  'Hearsay' on in the car - also groovy 80s classics are my perfect 'hot weather' music - the louder the better - think Shalamar, Rufus and Chaka Khan, Heatwave, Earth Wind and Fire - marvellous!

What's your favourite bands/artists/favourite album? 
Like I said - all sorts and my favourite of the moment depends on my mood so I'm just going to name a few! Jimi Hendrix, Faithless, George Benson, Usher, Aretha Franklin, The Prodigy, Ella Fitzgerald, Arctic Monkeys, Otis Redding, Spandau Ballet, Glen Miller, The Doors, Little Mix and Muse!

Just have a listen to this though while you read my rambling below - I have this vinyl EP! Just bear with me!

Marshall Jefferson - Move Your Body... (The House Music Anthem) 

What you have to remember is that house music and the whole dance scene was just emerging and it was such an exciting time in the clubbing world - you had to be there!  Imagine being in a dark smoky nightclub (we smoked in nightclubs in those days!) and 'Move Your Body' starts up and then the beat kicks in with full on base while the track builds up - it's sending shivers down my spine remembering all that 'jacking' of bodies on the dance floor and getting completely lost in the music - I just link it with pure and utter exhilaration! Like old Marshall says, 'Move Your Body, Rock Your Body...Music's going to set you free...!' All that's in your head is the music and the beat and nothing else matters at that point...! Bit intense but that's how it was - anthem alright! Back down to earth now...!

If you could instantly know how to play any instrument, what would it be?
I can sing (but am sorely out of practise) - so for now I'll just say my (rusty old) voice would be my instrument!

Music is therapy - the stuff  moves me!  I've grown up with it (dad's jazz was always playing at home!). It's the real deal, it makes you laugh, makes you cry, makes you tap your foot, sing your little heart out and shake your booty and in my opinion there ain't nothing better! 

If you've read this far down well done! Hope you've enjoyed my ramble (bit passionate about me ol' music I am!).  I'll try not to waffle on too much in my next tag post!

Jen x

Wednesday 17 July 2013

Daniel Sandler Instant Tan Face Powder - Review


The Daniel Sandler Instant Tan Face Powder is a product I was lucky enough to win in a recent Twitter competition - I was over the moon!

It arrived beautifully boxed within a little gold organza bag type thing - would make a lovely present actually. The compact itself is pretty sturdy and of a decent size - also comes with a handy mirror within the lid...

So - the Instant Tan Face Powder is a bit of a changeling I reckon...! It's a powder in the pan which takes on the guise of a cream during application, as it's really easy to blend, but then has the staying power of a powder once on.  It's lasted well throughout the day - even in this hot weather and just fades away evenly without sitting in dry bits or pores.  It has a luxurious texture to it with no shimmer or glitter and is described on Daniel's own website as velvety, demi-matte and silky smooth.  Obviously best to start off with a small amount of  product as per the instructions and build up gradually. You only need to press your brush lightly into the compact to pick up enough to begin with - a little goes a long way. It works well to add a bit of a contoured effect but I must admit my favourite method is to use my large blusher brush and just dust across where the sun would naturally catch  ie across the tops of cheekbones and bridge of the old nose - any excess can then just be lightly swept around the rest of one's kite!  Considering this is one of the palest bronzers I've used it works really well with my light olive skin tone and there are no orange or dirty tones. It can be used on it's own or mixed with a bit of blush for a rosier look.

Here it is swatched and then blended below...

On the kite - serious face ...

...and stupid face - sometimes you just gotta do it (don't ask!).

Sorry about that! know when 'us bloggers' talk about 'reaching' for some product or other - well I've been 'reaching' for this a whole lot recently.  I love the fact that it does what it says on the can and just gives a healthy, 'caught a bit of sun' look - which is exactly what I'm after at the moment!

The Daniel Sandler Instant Tan Face Powder is priced at £22.50/9g.  It's available from his own website here or from the usual online beauty retailers including QVC.

Have you tried Daniel's Instant Tan Face Powder? What 'facial tanners' have you been reaching for at the moment?

Jen x

PS Apologies for hair - but I'd scraped it back for the school run!

Sunday 14 July 2013

NOTD - Maybelline Forever Strong - Hot/Rose Salsa


Two hot weekends in a row - I could really get used to this! Speaking of 'hot' - just thought I'd put up a  little NOTD post with Maybelline Forever Strong Hot Salsa I picked up a while ago...

...or is it Rose Salsa...why are there two names...any ideas here?

...maybe it's Hot Rose Salsa...? aside...

I do like the Maybelline Forever Strong polishes - I think they're very reasonable at £4.09 and just find them so much easier to apply than some, that 100% precision brush must be doing it's job!  The consistency is thinner which means it's only just opaque after two coats but I'm happy with the result, nice and juicy - intense coral vibe - perfect for a hot summers day, perfect for a cloudy one even! And...they do seem to last better on 'mum's hands' before they wear on the ends after 3 days.  I can cope with that. it Maybelline Forever Strong Hot or Rose Salsa - either way have you tried it?

Jen x

Friday 12 July 2013

'Such A Good Feeling' and John Frieda Full Repair!

Bonjour and Happy Hot Friday!

Well...finally... and about time too - this is how Summer should be - this is how it used to be when I was a youngster.  Sooo nice to not be wrapped up in multiple layers, to have an excuse to get one's legs out and get a dab no particular order! ... Not sure our piggies would agree though - they've both been laid flat out in their hutch and we've been giving them frozen bottles of water wrapped in hay to keep them cool! Anyway for those of us without's such a good feeling I had to play this tune out loud...

Brothers in Rhythm - Such a Good Feeling!

Released in 1991 - it's a happy 'house' vibe that I remember well and has a real 'feel good factor' to it...

You may or may not notice the blonde girl in the crop top and bell bottoms, I had an outfit  just like that complete with 90's platforms no less - that was a proper 'get your groove on' outfit!

Speaking of  'good feeling' look what I won in a recent giveaway run by Nic of Strawberry Blonde Beauty Blog  (fantastic blog) - thanks Nic!

From the John Frieda Full Repair range  - Hydrate and Rescue Shampoo and Conditioner, Deep Conditioner, Repairing Oil Elixir and Flyaway Tamer Smoothing Wand.  Seriously... what haircare junkie wouldn't be over the moon with all this lot ...? Cannot wait to get stuck in!

What gives you a good feeling? (No rude answers please!)

Jen x

Wednesday 10 July 2013

Vichy Idealia BB Cream - Review


The Vichy Idealia BB Cream is one of those products I really wanted to try but kept telling myself I didn't  need - sound familiar...?  I tried to resist for a while but finally caved in when the most recent 3 for 2 was on at Boots...

The Vichy Idealia range appears to be all about 'Ideal Skin'...
"Visibly smoothes the appearance of wrinkles. Skin texture is refined and softer. Idealia re-awakens the skin’s natural radiance for a fresh and even complexion."             (source) 
The BB is aimed at dull, greying skin tone, uneven complexion and signs of ageing accentuated by everyday exposure to the sun.  It is suitable for all skin types including sensitive and is paraben free. Whether it will - in time - reduce dark spots remains to be seen but I'd tend to agree with the other 5 claims on the box above (on my own skin anyway).

I started off by applying it after my day moisturiser but found this combination too greasy so switched to using 'instead of' -straight after my serum.  Initially I thought the Medium shade may be a tad too pale for my skin tone but it actually works really well - must be the slight pink (but not too pink) tones.  It provides light coverage (I still need concealer in places), is a really easy consistency (almost fluid-like) to blend and I love that it gives my skin a lift and leaves it feeling hydrated with an SPF 25 .  I've worn my Bare Minerals over the top of it for work and it's worked fine as a base for make-up - doesn't clog pores and hasn't caused any breakouts.

Swatched and blended ...

Kite action...

So if you're a tad squeamish maybe I should have suggested you look away ..... anyway too late now! Left pic is bare skin with just a bit of eye stuff on (sorry I don't appear to have concealed my dark circles adequately!) and right is with a quick application of BB.  Maybe you can't tell from these pics - always difficult to capture this stuff on camera - but although it doesn't completely conceal my open pores I think it does a decent job of lifting and brightening the old complexion.

It can be built up a little to provide a bit more cover but if you're after something more full-on and matte then this ain't for you. It's all about the illumination and provides the sort of sheer, natural, 'your skin but better' thing I'm after in a summer BB. The Vichy Idealia BB Cream is priced at £21.00/40ml and is a product I'll definitely be re-purchasing.

What do you look for in a Summer BB? Have you tried any products from the Vichy Idealia range?

Jen x

Sunday 7 July 2013

Ojon Damage Reverse Shampoo and Conditioner - Review


The Ojon Damage Reverse Shampoo and Conditioner was part of a  kit from  - yep you guessed - good old QVC (just for a change!) ...

If you're familiar with the Ojon range you'll know that Ojon Oil is known as 'nature's golden elixir'...
"Found only in the rainforests of Central America and harvested and extracted by hand from the nuts of the fragrant Ojon tree, this amazing beauty secret has been used for centuries to restore perfect health and vitality to "hair broken by the blazing sun"  (source )   
As well as Ojon Oil (of course), the shampoo contains wheat proteins and coconut derived cleansers which are said to help smooth, de-tangle and hydrate and the conditioner contains Brazilian Buriti Oil - rich in anti-oxidants and Murumuru Butter to help seal in moisture and protect against daily damage. 

Both the shampoo and conditioner have a light creamy texture but are concentrated so you only need a small amount.  The shampoo lathers well and rinses easily. The conditioner is nourishing but not heavy. The instructions advise to apply from root to tip and massage into the scalp, even the conditioner, which I've done with no greasy residue.  If you weren't a fan of the original Ojon Restorative hair treatment due to the aroma then I imagine you'd be pleasantly surprised as these both smell nothing like it and have a sweet/delicate, creamy/fresh smell (if that makes any sense!).

I do tend to leave the conditioner on for a bit longer (say 10/15 minutes?). It works well when rinsed off after the standard couple of mins but I want to give my hair all the help it can get so this feels more beneficial - especially when I have loads of colour in my hair. I look on this as more of a 'treatment' rather than everyday kit, but basically - I really like this shampoo and conditioner. I feel they nourish and strengthen and I notice less hair going down the plughole with a burst of continued use. My hair is difficult but these two leave it softer, shiny and more manageable.

I'd be interested to see what the long term effect would be on my ageing hair if I used 'Damage Reverse' as my 'everyday' shampoo and conditioner but unfortunately at full price they're too expensive to buy alone - between £21-£23each/250ml, although there are offers usually on at QVC (I love QVC!).

Have you tried any products from the Ojon Damage Reverse range?

Jen x

Wednesday 3 July 2013

June Favourites ...


Has June really come and gone - are we over half-way through the year already? Plans have already been made at work for the Christmas party - madness or what ...!

So...favourites over the last month...

Big Sexy Hair 'Spray and Play' Volumising Hairspray - got this in a beauty box a while ago.  I really like this hairspray for nights out - it adds volume, holds the style really well and lasts throughout the night.   It does leave the feel of product in your hair though so probably not one to go for if you like a more natural look and feel but works for me when I want/need extra texture and oomph!

Vichy Idealia BB Cream in Medium Shade - been using this for the last few weeks and - in an nutshell I'm impressed. Full review to follow.

Top Shop Nails in Stage Dive and Sinful Colors in Sweet Nothing - great combination of bright summer nail polishes I've been enjoying this month - like sun and sea these two (a slightly orange sun but sunny nevertheless!).  You can see my nail painting efforts here and here.

Batiste Dry Shampoo for dark hair - actually an empty - I can't seem to do without my dry shampoo. As well as drying up greasy roots etc it's great for extra texture and the dark brown pigment is ideal for my hair.  I think Batiste is on offer at Boots at the moment so probably a good time to re-purchase as it's not the cheapest and I go through it like cold water!

Liz Earle Healthy Glow Cream Blush in Rose - a lovely dewy summer blush. A little pricey but would like to save up to try another colour! Full review here.

Liz Earle Sheer Lip Gloss in Mallow - great everyday neutral lip gloss. Moisturises, gives the old lips a look of plumpness and very non- sticky I've found. A good one for popping on (without a mirror) on my way out of the door on the school run!

And finally...

I have a problem with this little lot of Peanut M&M's!  I only buy them when they're on offer (which they were last month!) but I'm addicted good and proper! I tend to take the bag with me into the front room at the end of the day to sit with hubby and watch TV. On more than one occasion I've had to send him out of the room with my M&M's in tow as I'd just eat the whole lot in one go - they're so addictive and I keep fooling/telling myself that nuts contain good fats so they can't be all bad - yes that's what I tell myself!  Anyway I did make one bag last for a few nights ... will try to stretch it a bit longer next time...wish me luck on that one!

What have been your favourites last month? Could you eat a bag of M&M's in one go?

Jen x

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