Saturday 29 September 2012

Glossybox - September


My Glossybox for this month has finally arrived.  I very nearly emailed Glossybox the other morning to let them know I hadn't received it but decided to wash my hair first, after which it turned up! This is apparently a limited edition box which has been 'exclusively designed by up and coming illustrator Maggi Li.' The contents are meant to be an introduction to 'some of the most exiting rising stars across fashion, design and beauty.'

The box.

What's in the box?

Big Sexy Hair Spray and Play 50ml - Full Size £8.60/300ml

I've been wanting to try this brand for a while but hadn't got round to it. Used it the other day and I do like it, I found it added volume, hold and also texture - used sparingly. If you don't like the feel of 'product' in your hair though this may not be suitable but that doesn't bother me.

Balance Me Wonder Eye-Cream 7ml - Full Size £20/50ml

This seems to ticks all the boxes 'eye-cream wise' (I do like their lip balm and have yet to try out the face wash which I got when the Glamour freebies were on).  I'm happy with my current eye-care at the moment (which - yes - I have still yet to blog about!) but may well give this a go ...

Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Relaxing Complex 7ml - Full Size £29.99/50ml

Apparently helps smooth the look of fine lines and over time helps reduce the appearance of  wrinkles. Going to try this out on the old neck as I'm noticing deepening of necklace lines and a bit of sagging (oh joy) so need to start paying more attention to this area pronto (now that I'm an older bird and all that).

Rodial Glamoxy Snake Serum and 5 Minute Facial 2 Sachets each
Full Size - Snake Serum £29.00/10 x 1ml - 5 Minute Facial £10.95/10 x 1ml

The Snake Serum is meant to help 'reduce the appearance of frown lines and wrinkles'. Think this is one of those products that 'freezes' them temporarily, never really fancied anything like this to be honest but I'll either try it out on my forehead or get a fuller fringe cut! I do have a friend who loves stuff like this though so she may end up with these.

The 5 Minute Facial is 'a triple action resurfacing gommage clay mask'.  I've read that this is a highly effective way of exfoliation as it sort of  'rolls off' the skin and hopefully takes the dead skin cells with it when you remove the mask. Will be trying this out shortly.

Lady Gaga Fame Fragrance 1.2 ml - Full Size from £25.00/30ml

Not really sure about this, it reminds me of  Dior's 'Poison', sort of sweet, dark and potent - not my kind of fragrance.  It's definitely one for winter nights out. This will go to a friend.

So that's September's box - the Sexy Hairspray and Wonder Eye-Cream seem about the best products in theory - not a fantastic box considering some of the products in past months but hey - ho!

What did you think of this month's Glossybox?

Jen x

Friday 28 September 2012

Favourite Friday Track - Yazoo - Don't Go!

Happy Friday!

Just fancied a bit of 80's 'synth-pop' today, so here we go...

Yazoo - Don't Go

Yazoo was formed in late 1981 and comprised of Vince Clarke (formerly of Depeche Mode) on synthesizer and Alison Moyet on vocals.

Don't Go was released in May 1982 - yep 1982 - from the debut album Upstairs at Eric's.  I had the single and my hubby had the album - no idea where it is now!

"Came in from the city walked into the door 
I turned around when I heard the sound of footsteps on the floor..."

I can well remember dancing to this many times at school discos...and so can he - brilliant!

Anybody out there remember this?

Jen x

Wednesday 26 September 2012

17 Peep Show Mascara - Zombie Review


I've been on a strict 'no opening of new mascaras' rule for a while.  I'm sorry to say I've now broken it. You know when you get to that stage when your mascara(s) are starting to clump/dry up a bit and aren't coating the lashes so easily - well this was the perfect excuse to crack open a new one!

Ok - so I went for 17 Peep Show which I bought back in June when they had their 'Fest of All Kit' offer on. According to 17 this mascara 'gives you voluptuous volume and no clumps...just a full flirty flutter.' At only £6.29 seemed like a good call...

The brush...

The naked skinny lashes...

The old 'can you see my lashes when I have my specs on' test - apologies for the trance/zombie/extra from Dr Who-like state - think I was concentrating too much. You can all stop laughing now!

At first I thought the brush may be too fat for my lashes and it's also not as firm as some I've used and seems a bit 'fluffy' if you like.  However, the mascara (complete with fibres) went on really easily and didn't clump. It's not a runny mascara but quite a creamy formula which I suppose holds the fibres better. It didn't smudge or flake and was really easy to remove at night. In my world this is a 'good lash' day, they look longer and sort of fluttery to me with minimal faffing, no fibres on cheeks and no eyeliner on top lid for extra definition.  I've not curled or combed through my lashes in the above pics and they pass the 'dope with specs on' test. I did actually whack on three coats the following day and the effect was more volumising (sorry didn't have time for a pic as I was dashing out). My lashes aren't  ever going to be super-fat (without extensions) but length and flutter-wise this is a winner!

You can check out 17 Peep Show from Boots website here.

Have you tried 17 Peep Show - what's your favourite mascara at the moment? Maybe I shouldn't ask this as I'll just want to go out an buy it!

Jen x

Saturday 22 September 2012

French Fancies?


Just wanted to post a quickie today - picked up these French beauties dashing round the 'Carrefour Supermarche' on the last day of our holiday in France this year. When I realised we had a bit of spare room in our suitcases I decided to grab a few bits to take back (it would have been folly not too!).  Le Petit Marseillais products are obviously widely available in France but also from the following website  - Natural French Soaps which specialises in French goodies.

Here are the ones I grabbed this year... Argan Oil, Vanilla, Orange Flower and Milk Soap and a bit of description about each one from Natural French Soaps website.

'Orange blossom perfume reveals a sweet and flowery notes for a true moment of pleasure.The orange blossom is the flower of the bitter orange, a tree native to India, which was introduced in the South of France in the Middle Ages.'

'Argan oil, derived from the fruit of the argan tree is native to the Mediterranean and well known for its moisturizing qualities, relaxing and protecting your skin and suitable for all skin types and all people.'

'Vanilla brings a refined gourmet and a real sense of pleasure.In the nineteenth century women used to perfume by placing small bags of vanilla in their bosom.'

'This milk soap is made ​​with a plant base and uses no animal fat.Well known and with a long history of use, milk has nourishing properties.'

I've already earmarked a few of these as little presents for known soap lovers but have also got a couple on the go at the moment - I'm using the Orange Flower (wonderful aroma) and the Argan Oil (really soothing on my dry hands), they're great for use as a toilet soap or in the bath/shower. The Natural French soap website states that they are 100% vegetable origin and paraben free.

If you like the feel of something big and solid in your hands If you like the feel of a big solid block of soap in your hands then you'll love these, they seem to keep their form and don't disintegrate into a pulpy mess (always a good thing!). The Argan Oil and Milk soaps are actually in the 'for him' category on the website (they are more of a subtle scent than the Orange Flower and Vanilla) but there is no way my hubby is getting exclusive rights to these babies!  He's one of those men that doesn't 'give a monkey's' about what type of cleansing products he uses anyway - as long as soap and water are involved...!

It's feels like I've brought back a few (nice) scents from the South of France. What treats did you bring back from your holiday this year?

Jen x

Friday 21 September 2012

Favourite Friday Track!


'Do you remember, the 21st night of September...?'

September - Earth, Wind and Fire. 

Couldn't really let this (miserable at times) month go by without slotting this in somewhere - so here it is.  Released in 1978 it's one of the most famous tracks by Earth Wind and Fire ...

This may well wake a few people up this morning - great disco dance track - never fails to get folk on the dance floor (not that I ever need any encouragement!). I know it's early but does anyone fancy a boogie...?

Have a happy 21st September!

Jen x

Tuesday 18 September 2012

NOTD - NYC - High Line Green


Green is my favourite colour. Reminds me of fresh herbs - coriander, basil, parsley, mint - (can you tell I love my food?). So when I spotted this polish in Superdrug at £1.79 I had to have it!  In a New York Colour Minute Quick Dry Nail Polish in High Line Green.

Just the one coat (without topcoat) 

So - this polish promises 'a manicure that moves at the speed of Manhattan' and is described by the NYC website as a one coat formula that dries in less than 60 seconds.

Tried this out as a 'one-coater' at the weekend (with my usual base/top coat) and it did actually last pretty well before chipping - about two days - that may sound pretty rubbish to you lot but for a busy mum with all the cleaning, hands in soapy water, chopping, peeling, cooking (I tend to cook a lot over the weekend!) it's not too bad. I did find that the formula is slightly too thick for the brush, which is a bit too pliable and bendy (in my humble opinion) and it took a while to dry (being such a thick consistency I guess) but for £1.79 I can't complain.

Initially I did wonder whether this colour may be a tad 'out there' for a girl of my advanced years....what the hell - I love it, it's rich, glossy and a great Autumn colour I think. (Not sure my mum likes it though - she said the colour was hurting her eyes - sorry Mum!)

You can check out the colours available at Superdrug from their online store here or directly from the New York Colour website here.

What do you think of 'High Line Green'?  Have you tried out any of the NYC Quick Dry range?

Jen x

Sunday 16 September 2012

Happy Hair Days Rosemary & Mint Thickening Shampoo & Conditioner - Review


I picked these up from my local Sainsburys a few weeks ago whilst they were on offer at half price of £2.00 each.  The Rosemary and Mint option was sold out initially so I bought the smoothing duo (review coming shortly). Anyway once I noticed that these were back in stock I grabbed them ...!

Happy Hair Days products claim to offer...
 'the perfect daily pick-me-up.......scentsational scent and care to give your hair the body, sheen and shine it deserves.'
and are 'free from parabens, sodium laureth suphate and mineral oils'.

I've read that Rosemary Oil is meant to be beneficial for dry, flaky scalps as well as helping stimulate hair follicles (with regular use) which should help hair grow stronger. Mint is meant to soothe the scalp and help to condition hair.  This combination of Rosemary and Mint therefore sounds like a good one to me.

My hair is so fine these days that using the wrong product results in a limp and lifeless affair...luckily, I'm very pleased  to announce that my hair seems to love this shampoo and conditioner!  Both smell fresh and re-vitalising, as you would expect really. The shampoo foams well, despite the lack of SLS, and leaves my hair squeaky clean and my scalp hasn't flaked or itched at all. The conditioner doesn't weigh my hair down yet still stops it looking like straw. My hair just feels fuller and bouncier - and I'm telling you that's an achievement with the state of my barnet!

Happy Hair Days haircare products are available from Sainsburys and I understand selected Boots stores - although I can't find the products on Boots website at the moment. There are several options available:-

Marshmallow and Coconut Colour Care
Pomegranate and Ginger Moisturising
Rosemary and Mint Thickening
Blueberry and Pear Smoothing

So - I would definitely buy this duo again even at full price of £3.99 each - well impressed!

Will you be trying out any Happy Hair Days?

Jen x

Friday 14 September 2012

Favourite Friday Track!


Back to the 80's today...

Culture Club - Time (Clock of the Heart)

Released in 1982 - I've always been drawn to this track - it's always been my favourite of Culture Club's singles.

Of course - as some of you may know my brother Mike now plays with George and Culture Club...amazing...should have mentioned that this is my fave to George when we met him a couple of years ago but in the heat of the moment it slipped my mind...!

It's just full of atmosphere and nostalgia and takes me right back to 'school disco' days...!   And... I love singing the harmony (I've really got a thing about harmonies!).

What's your favourite 'school disco' tune?

Jen x

Tuesday 11 September 2012

Tesco Soft and Smooth Body Lotions


Just wanted to do a quick post on a couple of my fave items - Tesco Soft and Smooth Body Lotions.

I'm a bit of a body lotion fanatic, I apply the stuff every night after bath or shower and therefore get through quite a lot of it! If I don't my skin just itches in a most irritating (pardon the pun!) type fashion.

At approximately £1.15/400ml these are fantastic value. You can slap it on liberally and not have to worry about the price tag!  I really like to match my body lotion fragrance with my shower/bath products (am I weird or does everyone do this?) so tend to have both of these on the go pretty much most of time.

The Aloe Vera option is really cooling with a subtle scent.  I've not actually used it as my 'official aftersun' but do find it's great for summertime or on warmer evenings (sorry we'll obviously have to wait a while for those now!).   Also use this if I've been to the gym or in the morning as it's light, refreshing and also 'super-easy' to apply - it absorbs in no time yet still keeps my skin hydrated.

The Cocoa Butter option smells delicious, soft and buttery, I do tend to use this one in  colder weather, or when you just want to be 'wrapped up' in something comforting!  Again a good one for 'quick application' - to be honest, whether it be morning or evening I simply don't have time to faff about rubbing stuff in (which mum does?)!

So - while I was in Tesco the other day stocking up on these two (and a few other things!) I picked up a bag of hay for our Guinea Pigs - it always comes in handy because as well as using it for bedding they also seem to constantly eat the stuff!

Trevor and Rodney were very grateful  ...



Cheeky chaps aren't they?

What's your favourite 'bargain body lotion'?

Jen x

Sunday 9 September 2012

She Said Beauty Box - September!


So in this month of September there was a slight hiccup with the labelling of the She Said Beauty Boxes and I was informed that the outer box had been sent under a different name but it was indeed meant for me.

Thankfully it was delivered ok and so here it is...

Collection Primed & Ready  - Full Size £5.99/18ml
Collection Fix Me Up - Full Size £5.99/18ml

Collection Primed and Ready Smoothing Make-Up Primer - 'provides a flawless base, minimises pores, smooths skin'.  I mainly use primers on work days and nights out (few and far between - the night's out that is not the work days!), so this will be tested out presently under my usual slap!

Collection Fix Me Up Long Lasting Make-Up Fixer - 'secures make-up, long-lasting formula, effortless application'. Haven't used this type of product before, just never crossed my mind. However, if it performs it could well become a useful addition to the old routine, again - 'for full face of slap' days/nights!

Ginvera Green Tea Marvel Gel (10g) - Full Size £22.00/60ml

Ginvera Exfoliating Marvel Gel - this product looks intriguing, it's meant to 'exfoliate, invigorate and illuminate'.  I think this is meant be a good step up from the old 'nose strip' as well as possess a multitude of other benefits as you can see above. May just use it on my t-zone area to help with congestion and blackheads.  If it performs in the way it's meant to I'll be well impressed and will consider purchasing a full size.

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil - Full Size 30ml/£3.50

DHC Cleansing Oil - look familiar? Yep this sample was included in the August Glossybox.  I've been loving my current cleansing balm so much though that I haven't used anything else for a while (except whilst on holiday).  I will have to give this a go next though - really hope I get on with it as I now have two bottles to use up!

Amie Spring Clean Cooling Clay Mask - Full Size 15ml/£1.50

Amie Spring Clean Cooling Clay Mask - another to be used mainly around the t-zone for me I think.  Contains over 94% natural ingredients and is 'bursting with natural plant extracts that work in complete harmony with your skin'.  Sounds good!


Popchips Potato Chips - yep this is something to eat and not exfoliate with! An extra treat thrown in.

So that's September She Said Box, not too bad a box this month. At first glance the Ginvera Marvel Gel looks like a good one (shame the sample wasn't a bit bigger)...  Subscription details for She Said Beauty can be found here should anyone fancy a nosey!

What did you think of the September Box? What's your favourite product this month?

Jen x

Saturday 8 September 2012

Spicy Rice of the Fried Variety.


Made a bit of a spicy fried rice for dinner last week and decided to whop it on here if that's ok.  This was also a ploy to get some extra vege down the kids (a constant battle in our house)!

I always find the preparation for this sort of dish a bit of a bind because it all has to be ready and waiting to be tossed in, but then once it's all in the wok the job's done init?  The ingredients/quantity of ingredients can all be modified to suit individual taste, so really you can just use as much or little of whatever you wish - it's a free for all!

Majority of Ingredients

Just softened up my chopped onions, ginger, garlic, and green chilli in a bit of stir fry oil, added the vege - mushroom, pepper, frozen peas and sweetcorn (which I blasted in the microwave beforehand) and stir fried. Then scrambled in the eggs (I used 4) and added cooked long grain rice (approx 7oz) and soy sauce.  Tossed it all around for a bit and jobs done!  Obviously additional ingredients (such as chopped bacon and/or prawns) can be added at the frying stage.  We just served up with some chopped cooked chicken (try saying that lot when you've had a skinful!) that I'd done the night before and a dash of sweet chilli sauce.

Spicy Fried Rice

Naughty Starters!

Just as a treat (for the kids of course) we had a few Chinese starters (that I bought from Sainsburys!) - although we had to stop my little girl from eating the entire lot!

What's your favourite 'Rice of the Fried Variety'?

Jen x

Friday 7 September 2012

Favourite Friday Track!


Bit of rock today ...

Boston - More Than A Feeling!

My youngest brother has always been into Rock Music big style so I suppose this is where our musical tastes cross over! More Than A Feeling was released in 1976 - good grief so long ago!

I'm not a massive rock fan, but... there a few rock tracks that I have a certain fondness for and this is one of them... I could listen to this over and over and lose myself in it (you're thinking I'm weird now aren't you?) ... there's just something about it ... emotional and enigmatic ... I absolutely love it!

What's your favourite track to 'Rock' out to?

Jen x

Wednesday 5 September 2012

August Favourites!


I didn't do my July favourites because I was on holiday so here a few of my fave products during July/August and a couple I've managed to (almost) use up!

Original Source Daily Scrub Cranberry and Honey - there's something about Original Source products that's truly mouthwatering and this is no exception! Smells like something you could spread on your toast/crumpet/pikelet/bagel! It's moisturising and provides a gentle yet effective exfoliation experience!

Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment Spray (sorry I seem to have lost the cover!)- this is described as 'a leave-in finishing treatment that performs like a hairspray'. I love this product, I only use it when my hair is pretty frazzled on the ends, it's like a conditioning treatment in a can with a bit of hold. I find the trick is to use sparingly on fine hair (which is probably why this can has lasted me ages), as with all Ojon products I've used it's pretty concentrated and a little goes a long way. Think it's been re-named though as 'Ojon Damage Reverse Finishing Spray'.

John Frieda Full Repair (Full Body) Shampoo and Conditioner - took these on holiday and then brought them home to finish off (have done so now).  This was a great duo for holiday as I felt it gave my hair a bit of extra protection and moisture in a hot and humid climate.  Not the best volume I've experienced but good on the conditioning front.

Dove Summer Glow Moisturiser (normal to dark) - I've used this moisturiser for a couple of years now, it's great for a bit of extra colour and also for topping up the old tan once you return from holiday. Doesn't give off that obvious self-tan aroma and I've not found it to be too orange in tone but you do have to remember to rub in well around any dry bits!

Chanel Bronze/Revlon Balm Stain/Glossybox Lipstick

Sanctuary Spa Skin Perfecting BB Cream - my ultimate summer BB, been loving this for a while now (that could be the start of a song title!).  It's still my morning 'pick-me-up' complexion wise, seems to keep that bit of holiday colour going. There's loads left in the tube for next spring once I need to 'warm up' my face. I'll definitely be repurchasing this one. You can see my full review here should you with to do so!

Olay Essentials Complete Care Plus Multiradiance Moisturising Lotion (Normal/Oily) - this is a regular re-purchase, especially for the summer months. Absorbs very easily, keeps my skin hydrated, contains SPF 15 and also light reflecting particles which help to give skin a bit of a lift. It's also a bargain in my opinion at £7.99/75ml and has lasted for ages.

Chanel Bronze Universel Sun Illuminator - gorgeous bronzer, a sort of gel/cream texture that gives a natural glow without any shimmer.  This pot has lasted for ages and is nearly finished as you can see. I was once told I looked 'really well' by a friend I bumped into at the supermarket, I can remember being gobsmacked  because I was feeling pretty run-down (as all mums do from time to time) and so put it down to having worn this bronzer on that day!  I told my friend as much! I've not blended the bronzer in (on above swatch) but just smeared a bit on my hand, I think the colour works well on most skintones (it was my 'English Rose' friend who recommended it to me!), hence the 'Universel' vibe!

Revlon 'Just Bitten Kissable' Balm Stain (Rendezvous) - wasn't sure what to expect from this (it looks a bit like a wax crayon from my kids' younger days!),  I fancied something with an orange tone for summer but not too 'full on'.  This provides a wash of translucent colour with a slight sheen but can be built up if you want the colour to be more intense.  Tastes minty and makes my lips tingle! The only thing I would say is I've needed to use a lip balm beforehand because it does tend to cling to any dry areas on the lips (well it does on mine anyway!). Having said that, it is pretty long lasting and does live up to it's name in that it does 'stain' the lips!

Glossybox Lipstick (Glossy Pink) - absolutely love this lipstick, not had one in this tone for a good while and it's been perfect once I had a bit of a tan on my face! It's creamy and moisturising and lasts ok too. I've been a bit lipstick shy for a few years but this has made me want to experiment a bit more on the 'lippy front'!

Erm ... don't know how that got there!  Anyway, this is a childhood favourite of mine. We used to spread it thickly on a slice of bread and have for supper as a treat - very sticky and sweet! Something I like to indulge in now and again.  You'll probably know it's also fantastic when used in cake recipes ...will have to get onto that ...!

So what have been your favourites over the past month? Any childhood treats you'd like to share?

Jen x

Tuesday 4 September 2012

Back to the Old Routine?


Just a ramble today so I apologise in advance because once I started I just kept on going ...bear with me!

As some of you may know I'm a regular gym goer, usually do a few classes a week, bodypump, zumba and pilates as well as a couple of sessions in the actual gym.   Since the kids have been off school however, I've really let go of my weekly exercise routine and we've all developed the usual 'school holiday' bad habits of going to bed later, rising later, doing everything later!  Either I've been out with the kids or my husband has been working away or I was packing/unpacking for holiday or we were on holiday or visitors have been round bla bla bla - long and short of it I've only been exercising a couple of times a week (if that!) purely in the gym on machines and once you get out of the habit you lose the momentum to keep on going I find.

Anyway load of waffle there, so last night I attended my (usual) bodypump class at my gym for the first time in a few weeks! I was dreading it and nearly chickened out! We did our exercises (with our lovely superfit/superstrong teacher ) of squats, lunges, tricep curls, bicep and shoulder thingies, press-ups, sit-ups, plank (only half in my case!) and I could see my puny excuses of muscles bulging in the mirror!

Do you know what - I felt great after the class - really energised and re-freshed (despite having spent the day in the office!) and I'm so glad I made the effort to go.  I really feel that my upper-body strength (which had diminished since the need for carrying heavy toddlers has been no more for some time!)  has improved so much since doing this class!

Exercise is a real 'positive' for me. Releases my endorphins, stops me from feeling lethargic and clears my head when there's too much going on in there (which happens quite often!), as well as the obvious health benefits and although it's an effort fitting it in it's so worth it!

Zumba tonight so I'll be 'Sweating like a pig doing the jig at the gig of the century!' (one of my hubby's favourite sayings/lines from one of his favourite bands Pop Will Eat Itself!).

So back to the weekly madness of early mornings, school runs, packing up lunches and regular exercise. Sad though it is that Summer's come to an end before it's really begun it's kind of nice to get back into the old routine - don't you think?

Jen x

Sunday 2 September 2012

Jessica Phenomen Oil - Review


This bottle of Jessica Phenomen Oil was included in the price of a manicure a couple of months ago at my local salon, as the product is worth around £9.00, (for this size of 7.4ml)  I thought this a pretty good deal. I'm not one to get my nails done on a regular basis, so I decided on this occasion to treat myself!

It was a pretty standard grey summer's day when I took these shots so apologies for the darkish images!

I've always been pretty bad with my cuticle and nail area, my nails are pretty hard but are prone to vertical ridges which can end up splitting on particular nails and my cuticles get dried out and flaky with all the handwashing etc (which you can no doubt see on some of my nail shots!).  It's something I meant to address but never got round to - what with all the daily/weekly madness that goes on in typical family life!

You'll be aware that Jessica Nailcare products are widely used in salons around the UK, they must therefore know their stuff when it comes to nails - right? Their website states -
Phenomen Oil is a healing and rehydrating cuticle oil to heal and nourish dry cuticles and promote strong nail growth.

I used this on and off before going on holiday but once I returned, decided to give it a good go.  As you can see, the product comes in a small bottle with a dropper tip so it's really easy to use and you only need the tiniest amount. One drop per hand, massaged into nails and cuticles, so I can imagine this bottle lasting for ages. The key ingredients include Sweet Almond Oil, Rice Oil, Jojoba and Vitamin E.  The smell reminds me of the Almond Essence my mum sometimes uses in her cakes!

So, for me, this product has certainly made a difference (should have done this years ago!).  My cuticles aren't perfect but as a busy mum with hands constantly in and out of water and cleaning products etc it's the best they've been in a while and my nails feel stronger and haven't as yet split.

This is something I would definitely consider re-purchasing in the future, however, I won't have to worry about this for a good while yet!

Full information directly from the Jessica Website can be found here.

What's your favourite product for manky nails/cuticles?

Jen x

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