Wednesday 30 May 2012

Happy Birthday Box of Gloss!


I decided to subscribe to Glossybox for a few months and see how it goes!  Basically it's a box (sorry that's pretty obvious!) of beauty product samples delivered to you each month.  It's also the Glossybox 1st anniversary - hence the title of this post (am I over explaining myself here?).

I received my first Glossybox last week and realise 'beauty blog land' is saturated with 'box content' at the moment but here's mine anyway!

Here's the Box!

Box contents with birthday balloon

And without birthday balloon

Included in my Glossybox this month were:-

Noble Isle Summer Rising Bath & Shower Gel

'...a new British bath & body brand inspired by the natural and cultural riches of the British Isles.'
It smells gorgeous, really summery!  Having checked the Noble Isle website it is pricey at £20 for 250 ml so not something I'd be able to really afford (maybe a birthday treat?).

Lolita Lempicka perfume samples

L'Eau en Blanc and Eau de Parfum 

Available from House of Fraser - they're actually really musky, far more so than I would usually wear but nice to have the samples anyway!

Collection 2000 Lasting Colour Gel Eyeliner

Been meaning to try Gel Eyeliner for ages but just not got round to it so this is a good opportunity to give it a go.  Brown eyeliner is something I do wear regularly in the day for extra definition so this will be put to good use!

Eldora Handmade Lashes

These look great, although falsies are not something I find easy to apply - will probably save these for a night out (may need some help with application from a friend - you know who you are! x)

Looking forward to trying (and reviewing) this out - I do suffer from de-hydrated skin and love organic products anyway (this in itself is worth £12 so pays for the box if you like!).

Little Compact Mirror (bit scratched but not the end of the world!)

So there you have it.  Didn't really know what to expect but I'm quite pleased with this box and looking forward to next month's.  What were the contents of your Glossybox?

(Can I just say that my husband is finding this whole 'box' thing hilarious - so immature!)

Jenny G x

Sunday 27 May 2012

Sunday Night Salmon!

Evening all - hope you've had a lovely weekend!

Seen as the weather's been so nice I just wanted to cook something easy for Sunday dinner.
Although I love my food to bits I just prefer to simplify things (especially in this weather), lets face it - I'm no Gourmet Gorman!

With that in mind :-

Garlic - couple of cloves chopped   Ginger - couple of slices chopped
Lemon Juice, Groundnut Oil, Honey and Chinese 5 Spice - couple of tbsp each
Chilli Flakes (optional) - a tsp or so   Soy Sauce - however much you like!
4 Salmon pieces

Mix it all up, coat the salmon, wrap in foil and chuck in the oven for approx. 25-30ish mins on 180 conv.oven/160 fan oven/ gas 4 (or however you usually bake your salmon!).  I like to undo the foil for the last 10 mins or so to crisp up the salmon top.

I've just served it with steamed rice and some stir fry vege (in whichever stir fry sauce you fancy) and prawn crackers.

Quick and easy but it tasted great!

Jen x

Friday 25 May 2012

She S(m)ells Sanctuary!


I like a good face wash in the morning, it wakes me up!  I have a couple of favourites and this is one of them.

I originally bought the Sanctuary Fresh-Faced Purifying Wash in the travel size for holiday last year and really liked it so bought the full size once it ran out.

It foams lightly, rinses off easily (I use my Liz Earle muslin cloth to wash off) and smells lovely, of roses and essential oils  - a really nice lift in the morning.  You only need a small amount so this tube has lasted me a good few months. It leaves skin soft and refreshed and doesn't seem to dry it out.  It's also paraben free.

Considering it has lasted a few months, I think it's pretty well priced at £8.99 for 140ml . Sanctuary Spa products are on offer at the moment as part of  'Boots 3 for 2 mix and match across top to toe summer products' (bit of a mouthful that!).

Ok, as for the title of this post... every time I use this face wash it just reminds me of one of the classic indie-rock anthems of the 80's 'She Sells Sanctuary' by The Cult - one of my hubby's (and my) absolute favourites!  Have a listen ...(you need to turn up the volume) this will wake you up in the morning!

Anybody tried Sanctuary Fresh-Faced Purifying Wash? Is this track bringing back memories to any ageing Goths out there?

Jen x

Wednesday 23 May 2012

Nails Inc. Offer

Ok, a bit late but better than never I suppose!  I've been walking past (and trying to ignore) the Instyle magazine (June issue) with free Nails Inc. polish for a couple of weeks now.  The polish is worth £11.00, therefore a bargain at £3.80 for the mag.

Of the three colours I really fancied 'Bluebell'.  I don't think I've bought a colour like it (being a bit older and all that) and was curious  to see how it would look against my olivey skin tone.  Anyway, this weekend, there was only one Instyle left with that colour - must have been waiting for me to claim it so I caved in and here we are!

And here it is...

Ok - I'm not fantastic at nails, it's something I'm going to work on - just concentrate on the colour of the nail polish and ignore my cuticles please!

Bluebell in dining room

Trying to be arty outdoors - the weather was so nice today why not...?

Bluebell with 'happy' violas

So there you have it! I thought the colour was really bright at first for my forty-something hands but am really liking it now!  What do you think?  Anyone bought a bit of Bluebell?

Jenny x

Tuesday 22 May 2012

Duke Ellington - Perdido

This is one of my Dad's favourite tracks. 

"Perdido" is a jazz-song composed by Juan Tizol and was first recorded on December 3, 1941 by Duke Ellington."

I'm no jazz expert , although we were brought up with the sound of various tracks and arrangements (dad is a jazz fanatic and has played in a big band up until very recently!) over the years.  The older of my two brothers is now a professional jazz pianist, my youngest brother doesn't much care for it (more of a 'rocker'!).  I enjoy listening to mainly be-bop or swing and watching it performed, (that's when all the foot tapping and head shaking and sounds of "Yeah..." by jazz enthusiasts goes on!).  You can sort of 'get lost in it' (in a good way) I suppose, particularly when the solos get going - in fact I defy you to not 'tap your foot' to the drum solo in this arrangement!  

Happy foot tapping!

Jen x

Sunday 20 May 2012

Super Sunday Grub!

This is my mum's 'mince and rice pilau' which she kindly gave us for Sunday evening grub.  It's not a spicy Indian dish but more of a 'continental affair' (she says) made with basmati rice, mince (of course), onions, peas, tomatoes and various herbs including parsley and thyme.  You could spice it up though with a few sliced chillies!  All the more reason to have some sort of yogurt and salad on the side.

Mince and Rice Pilau

Yogurt and Onion salad

Very tasty it was too!  If anyone should be interested in Mum's recipe please e-mail me at or you could also check out my little brother's blog  for all sorts of cookery mayhem!  

Jenny x

Friday 18 May 2012

Lovely Lipbalm at H & M!

It's Friday!

Called in at H & M the other day - big mistake - I had to restrain myself! So many lovely summery things in, shame it's too cold to wear anything like that 'up north' at the moment!

Anyway, couldn't resist picking these up these lovely lipbalms at £1.50 each.  Difficult to choose between them, it was, (as Yoda would say) so I bought all three!  Lipbalm (as well as mascara and handcream) is one of my necessities, I'm constantly re-applying throughout the day (and last thing at night of course).

My Lovely Lipbalms

Ginger Lime

Really zingy (as you would expect with that combination). 

Coconut Mango

More coconutty  - smells like holiday.
(My little girl has already nabbed this one!)

Vanilla Bean

Smooth and soothing (a good nightime choice).

Cute little tins don't you think?  Which one would you have gone for?

I'm presuming everyone knows who 'Yoda' is but for those of you who aren't familiar with the Star Wars saga ...

Yes he looks cute but don't be fooled by his appearance, he was a powerful Jedi Master with abilities beyond belief. Basically he kicked some serious butt - here is in action!


Slightly off at a tangent there - ah well - don't forget to keep your lips well balmed and at all times 'May the force be with you!'

Jen x

Wednesday 16 May 2012

Emma Hardie on Special Offer at QVC!

Any Emma Hardie fans may want to check out the TSV (today's special value) on QVC today!

Emma Hardie 4 Piece Amazing Face Daily Rituals Collection

Includes 100ml 'award winning' Moringa Cleansing Balm as well as 50ml sizes of day cream, night cream and a trial size Plumping Serum - all in all excellent value I think! Check out the full details at QVC.

The collection is only on offer for today only or as long as stocks last! I've been dying to try the Moringa Balm for ages so have already ordered my kit!

Jenny x

Tuesday 15 May 2012

17 Candy Collection Nail Polish

Now then!

Called in at my local Boots the other day (while it was chucking it down - I might add!) and picked up these two little beauties.

Orange Soda and Parma Violet are real happy 'spring' colours don't you think?  Why not pretend we're having some sort of spring even if the weather is useless!

Apologies for the state of my nails and cuticles by the way - I never seem to have the time to pamper them! 

Selected 17 nail polishes  are on offer at the moment at 2 for £4.00 so why not treat yourself?

And if you're into Candy ... bear with me...! (If you're around my age you may remember this - if you're a 'youngie' you'll probably think I'm slightly mad...!).

Love this Cameo track!!

Jenny x

Sunday 13 May 2012

Ojon Damage Reverse Restorative Hair Serum


Here's another gem my lovely Mum gave me to try out!

Ojon Oil has been called 'nature's golden elixir' and has been used - in it's purest form - for it's restorative and conditioning properties for over 500 years by the Miskito people of Central America.

Ojon Damage Reverse Restorative Hair Serum

"Ojon products are uniquely formulated using ojon oil, a natural plant extract found in the rainforests of Central America. Ojon oil is highly moisturising, making it perfect for dry dull hair and skin."

My hair is very unruly, it's fine, curly and frizzy and there ain't loads of it!  So as you can imagine I need products to thicken up but also smooth, control and protect.  I wasn't sure that this would be suitable for my  skinny hair but have to say I love it!

oducts are uniquely formulated using ojon oil, a natural plant extract found in the rainforests of Central America.

The serum can either be used as a styling or finishing product (or both).  I have used it both ways but really like the effect when mixed with my usual finishing wax or cream, it tames and adds shine and I only use couple of drops so it doesn't weigh my hair down.

It is quite expensive, around £22.00 per 50ml bottle but you can usually pick it up in various kits directly from,  QVC or John Lewis.

I imagine it will last for ages though and if Mum lets me keep it I'll let you know when it runs out!

Jenny x
Ojon products are uniquely formulated using ojon oil, a natural plant extract found in the rainforests of Central America.

 Ojon products are uniquely formulated using ojon oil, a natural plant extract found in the rainforests of Central America.

Friday 11 May 2012

Gatineau Aquamemory Moisture Replenish Eye Roll-on

Evening all!  You may wonder why I'm posting this on a Friday night?  There's an 'important football match' on the box - need I say more?!

Anyway - just wanted to tell you about one of my favourite eye care products.  My mum very kindly gave me this little gem last summer to take on holiday and I've used it ever since!  I often have de-hydrated skin - particularly round the eyes - and this really helps. 

"One of France's premium beauty brands, Gatineau is acknowledged by industry experts for its expertise and use of cutting-edge technology.
Gatineau combines science and nature to achieve the very best results for your skin, harnessing plant and marine extracts and the most innovative biotechnology to create its skincare ranges."

The Gatineau Aquamemory Range is, as the name suggests, all about hydration, particularly important around the delicate eye area.  It can be applied under or over make-up.  I use this every morning either on it's own or for an extra boost together with another eye product and also sometimes re-apply in the day if I feel puffiness round the eye area.  The rollerball has an instant 'cooling' effect and as long as you don't squeeze the tube too much, dispenses just the right amount of product so you don't overuse - the tube lasts for ages (always a good thing!).  I then just gently pat the fluid round the orbital bone and it sinks in really easily and feels great!

"...this ultra-fresh fluid is paraben and silicone-free and was specially formulated to help to hydrate and smooth the delicate skin of the eye contour."

Gatineau products are available from various online beauty retailers such as Feel Unique and Salon Skincare  and there are also sometimes special offers at QVC - such as the Gatineau Aqaumemory Eye Roll-On Duo and the Gatineau Lip & Eye Care Duo (that looks like one to watch!).

Ah well - back to listening to 'give over ref!' and 'don't you give it away now you great donkey!' and 'other things' I can't repeat on here!  And it's only half time ...

Jenny x

Sunday 6 May 2012

Jergens Naturals Offer!

So if you've just read the last post on my hand creams you may be wondering 'What's Going On?' - as sung by the late/great Marvin Gaye.  If you haven't then don't worry about it!

Anyway - couldn't resist picking these up from Boots last week as they were half price!

They're both easily absorbed.  Both smell good, the Extra Softening smells 'creamy', whereas the Ultra Hydrating has a much fresher scent.  These are pretty light in texture and although maybe not rich enough for my 'extra dry hand days' - they're fine for normal-ish hand days (if that makes sense)!

As you can (almost) see - loads of natural ingredients inside - 95 and 96% .

At £1.27 each for 75ml with the current offer I can afford to slap it on and Get It On!


Sorry couldn't resist!

Jenny x  

Hand Cream Horde!

Ok - I know this is going to look ridiculous but I have loads of hand creams and here's my stash - is this normal or do most of us own this many?  I'd be interested to hear!

As we know, the appearance of our hands shows our age and all that, my hands look like they belong to someone much older! Their condition can range from pretty dry (on a good day), to sore, chapped and eczema prone.  The fact that I'm an avid hand washer is not helped by the seemingly unending cold weather (in May!!), a Cavalier King Charles spaniel and two guinea pigs! And I know that we should apply our hand cream as often as possible throughout the day, but sometimes - between domestic chores - there just isn't chance!     

I've used loads of different hand creams and obviously have my favourites, which I'll try and post on at some stage.

Here's one of them nearly empty!

Jenny x

Friday 4 May 2012

Tuesday 1 May 2012

Sunday Dinner Anglo-Indian Style!

This week's 'Sunday Dinner' was Mum's Pork Vindaloo curry and rice (with peas, as you can see). It was superb!

This is not the 'in your face' (if you'll pardon the expression!) red-hot vindaloo that you sometimes get in restaurants.  Mum is a 'subtle' cook and somehow manages to create extremely aromatic dishes without overdoing the 'chilli hot' factor. 

I must try and get some recipes together at some stage - however, in the meantime, for a taste of the culinary experience take a look at my brother's blog here -  Gourmet Gorman. 

Enjoy! x

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