Sunday 4 October 2015

Pure Super Active Eye Serum - Review


'Pure' is not a brand I'd heard a lot about - until I was just browsing along on the M&S website (as you do!) when they had one of their 20% off beauty promotions back in April.  I spotted the range - here, read a few reviews, and ended up with a couple of products in the bag just out of curiosity ... also as you do! 

A picture of the Pure Super Active Eye Serum

A picture of the Pure Super Active Eye Serum

M&S describe the Pure Super Active Eye Serum as 'a potent blend of naturally active ingredients rich in omega 3 and omega 7', free from silicones, mineral oil and parabens and suitable for all skin types - it's meant to gently soothe, condition, smooth and help improve the appearance of the skin around the eye area.  It sounds impressive - especially for the price of £10/15ml  which is a fraction of the price of some of the eye products I've used over the years - this is such an unassuming little bottle that I really wasn't sure what to expect!

Fist up the smell ... I can't really detect any particular scent even though it contains 100% essential oil fragrances - must just be my nose!  The consistency is not thick or overly creamy but has a lotion like texture so it's easy to apply around the eyes and is absorbed in no time at all! You only need a small blob and this is very easily dispensed with the pump action (hooray for good pump action!).  As to the performance ... at my age there is always going to be 'fine line activity' going on - if you get my drift - however ... the surrounding eye area definitely seems smoothed, hydrated and much less crepey.  I also realised a couple of months ago that the lines across the top of my brow bone had reduced - I know this because I used to sometimes have to apply a serum before 'doing my brows' at times - the lines were pretty deep and brow products would 'sit' in them if I didn't iron them out first!  All of a sudden they're practically gone and the Super Active Eye Serum is the only product I've been using without fail around the orbital bone every night (apart from the two weeks on holiday) so I am presuming it's done it's job ... and pretty well too!

All in all I've been really impressed with this little product.  Such simple packaging but very effective , does what is says on the can and extremely affordable - especially when there is a 20% off promotion on - I'll definitely be repurchasing.  I do have another eye product, previously purchased at more than double the cost of the Pure Eye Serum to use next - be interesting to see how it compares!

Have you tried out any skincare products from the Pure range? Which is your favourite?

Jen x

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