Friday 29 June 2012

Favourite Friday Track!

Happy Friday!

Elvis Costello (and the Attractions) - Oliver's Army

Can you believe this was released in 1979 - seems so long ago (and it is!). Great, great track!

'Don't start me talking - I could talk all night .....!'

For some reason I always sing the harmony to this tune - just can't help it! Love it!

Do you sing lead or harmony?

Jen x

Thursday 28 June 2012

17 Fest of All Kit!

Evening all!

There is far too much temptation around - especially in Boots at the moment!  Spend £6.00 on selected 17 products and receive a free gift!

With this in mind I bought this ...

17 Peep Show Mascara - £6.29

and received this ...

17 Fest of All Kit

So here's what's in the kit ... 

Fest of All Kit Goodies

I love this nail polish, it's the reason I went for the kit. A lovely, juicy, orangey colour with a very slight hint of glitter!  Really pretty and ideal for summer, aptly named Tropical Island!

Here it is ...Tropical Island ...

with a slight glitter type thing...

on my crabby nails! Still love it!

17 Perfect Definition Eye Liner 

The eyeliner is black - 'Onyx' to be exact. It's a basic black pencil but I wear eyeliner in black, brown or grey most days so will always come in handy.  It wasn't harsh or scratchy and is soft enough to smudge.

17 Instant Glow Body Bronzer

The bronzer looks pretty deep on my hand but once it was rubbed in you could hardly tell on my darker skintone to be honest so I'll be handing this over to my friend!

I was going to buy the Tropical Island nail polish anyway so this has been worthwhile for me! I understand this offer is on until next Tuesday (3 July) so if anyone fancies this lot best head down to Boots this weekend or click here!

What's the verdict girlies?

Jen x

Wednesday 27 June 2012

One Lovely Blog Award!


Thank you so much to Lauren from Beauty in a Blog for including me in her One Lovely Blog Award post!

Apparently I have to state 7 random facts about myself and then nominate 7 blogs for the same award!

So here are the facts of my randomness:-

 I make a good strong cup of tea.
 I love inuendos.
 I sang the lead and backing vocals on a garage dance track in the early 90's called 'Get The Feeling'!
 I'm terrified of large spiders.
 I'm an overwasher of hands.
 I love Art Deco.
 I would love to burst into song (and dance) one quiet day in the office - 'Grease or Glee Style'!   

And here are my 7 blogs of lovlieness:-

Beauty in the Mirror
Does My Bum Look 40 In This?
Never Too Broke For Beauty
Not Just On The Inside
30 Something Mel
Another New Day

So there you have my 7 and 7!  Thanks again to Lauren and I'm sure you'll enjoy a good old blog read from the girlies above!

See you soon!

Jen x

Sunday 24 June 2012

Glossybox June 2012

Greetings all!

So here's my second Glossybox offering! The June box - which is meant to help 'channel your sexy summer style'!  
"Every month, GLOSSYBOX delivers a mix of 5 exciting product miniatures packed in a beautiful box for you to test at home"

June Glossybox

Opened Up

Preview Card

This month's products

HD Brows Precision Tweezers

For me, this is the 'star item' from this month's box. I've been meaning to treat myself to a really good pair of tweezers for ages.  These were really easy to use and handle (they made plucking a pleasure!) so really pleased!  

Caudalie Eau Fraiche - Zeste De Vigne
Full size: £26.00/50ml.

A lovely fresh summery scent, an ideal size for taking on holiday!

BM Beauty Mineral Bronzer - Summer Warmth 
Full size: £8.00/4g.

This bronzer has a shimmery - almost metallic quality to it.  I'll therefore be using it sparingly as a bronzer or will mix it with a matt blusher. I love mineral make-up so this will be put to good use!

Vichy Dermablend Starter Kit  
Full size: £19.00/12g 

6 Sample Shades

I'm not usually a wearer of heavier foundation but am always in need of a bulletproof concealer for areas of darker pigmentation so will definitely be trying this out.  If it's as effective as it claims I'd happily invest in the full size.  

Glossybox Serie Exclusiv Pro Beauty Brush
R.R.P. £15.00

This will be a present for Mum as she's after a new make-up brush and I have loads (mainly Bare Minerals brushes from kits.)

I'll admit at first glance I wasn't too sure about the 'box content' this month but now I've had chance to peruse I'm really quite pleased (those tweezers...!).

If anyone is interested in receiving a monthly beauty box, Glossybox details can be found here.

What's the verdict on this month's box then folks?

Jen x

Friday 22 June 2012

Favourite Friday Track!!

This track immediately sprung (or is that 'sprang'? - is that even a word?) to mind when I opened the curtains the other morning to yet another dark, damp and dreary mid-summertime day!

One of the most evocative and well known tracks of all time has got to be 'Summertime' - composed by the legendary George Gershwin.

'The song is recognised as one of the most covered songs in the history of recorded music, with more than 33,000 covers by groups and solo performers.'

This version combines the talents of jazz legends  Ella Fitzgerald - the First Lady of Song and Louis Armstrong - one of the most influential artists in jazz history.

'Summertime ... and the livin' is easy ...' 

Is it just me that gets that old 'spine-tingle type thing' when this song is played? Gets me every time!

Jen  x

Tuesday 19 June 2012

She Said Beauty Box - June


I've recently subscribed to 'She Said Beauty' and received my first beauty box last week.  The June Box. 

 "Receive the ultimate Beauty Discovery Box from only £9.00+P&P a month. Containing 5 beauty samples each month from the top brands to enjoy in the privacy of your own home. Discover new beauty rituals with products from skincare, treatments, face, colour, sun, hair, nails, body & fragrance." 

Another 'beauty box' content type thing I know ... but this is exiting stuff ... in the domestic world!  

Closed Box 

Open Box

Preview Card

Box Contents (finally!) 

St. Tropez Self Tan Perfect Legs Spray

This is a full size worth £10.00 and will be greatly appreciated by my legs! I'll will try to review this (if I dare!) because I can't really 'get my legs out' for summer until they have some sort of colour on them!

Elemis Tranquil Touch Indulgent Bath Elixir

Elemis products are always a luxury and a soak in the bath is indeed a luxury in itself these days so it's a double whammy!

Let's Go Lashes

I really will have to set some time aside to have a practise at applying these because long sooty lashes are definitely on my wish list!

Mischa Barton Whipped Shea Body Butter 

Lovely lemon mousse!

Yardley London Royal Diamond Eau de Toilette 

Little perfume sample!

Ginvera Green Tea Nude Cover BB Cream

This is a bonus sample, I'm just venturing into the big wide BB world and am looking forward to trying this out!

So there you have it, not a bad little box, the St. Tropez Self Tan has made it worthwhile this month! 

Details of  'She Said Beauty' can be found here if anyone fancies it!  Looking forward to next month's box!

What do you think?

Jen x

Saturday 16 June 2012

Treacle Moon Offer!!


I wish I could 'just stick to my shopping list' but it's as if some mysterious force is drawing me towards the bath/body and skincare isles in my local Tesco and if there are any offers on I just can't seem to resist - as you can see!

Treacle Moon products (which I understand are exclusive to Tesco) are on offer - as part of Tesco 'Price Drop' until 25th June so these three were each reduced from £2.99 to £1.99. The bath and shower gels are 500ml and the body scrub is 225ml so really good sizes and value.

One Ginger Morning Bath and Shower Gel

Yep, One Ginger Morning is definitely the 'wake me up in the shower' type thing.  This really packs a 'ginger punch' right between the eyes (in a totally good and zingy way!). I used it in the evening after I'd been to the gym (and sweated perspired quite a bit - nice!). This would be good to use before a night out as it's really refreshing and revitalising!

That Vanilla Moment Bath and Shower Gel

That Vanilla Moment Body Scrub

If  sweetness is your weakness then That Vanilla Moment Bath and Shower Gel and Body Scrub will hit the spot!  These are ideal 'pampering partners'.  The shower gel is, as you would expect, soft and sweet and almost feels like bathing in 'Vanilla Angel Delight', if that makes sense!  The scrub actually feels really gentle and refined on the skin, not at all scratchy or harsh and with summer (supposedly) here I really need to step up on exfoliation, so this is ideal.

I was surprised at how little shower gel was needed for 'a good wash' or 'wesh' (as they say in some parts Yorkshire!) they both lathered up really well on the old sponge, so these sizes should last for ages.

There are several different 'flavours' of  Treacle Moon products available and they all look pretty mouthwatering! I can think of a few friends that would love these as presents (you know who you are!) so I'll probably be back to Tesco this weekend to stock up while this offer is on!

What's your favourite Treacle Moon flavour?

Jen  x

Friday 15 June 2012

Favourite Friday Track!

Morning all!

This Friday's track is an absolute club classic from the early 90's.

Here it is on one of our battered (and very well used) Back To The Old Skool CDs. 

Felix - Don't You Want Me

This was a really good track to get you ready for the weekend - especially if you were out clubbing! Turn up the bass for this one!

Jen x

Tuesday 12 June 2012

Posture Perfect??

Evening All!

Ok I may be teaching my 'grandmother to suck eggs' here but I think we all, at some stage, have underestimated the importance of good posture.  Not only for obvious appearance sake but also for genuine health reasons.

Ever since I can remember I've 'hunched over', even though I'm not that tall. As a result my shoulders feel as if they're 'fused forward' and I find it quite difficult to 'straighten up' naturally, it's more of a conscious effort!

Since starting Pilates classes a few years ago I've realised just how bad my overall posture has been for years and years and how it's probably caused various muscular issues. I've been told the muscles in my chest have 'shortened', meaning I'm prone to muscle pulls and strains and have a limited range of movement in this area and the muscles in my upper back have 'lengthened', which causes me upper back and neck pain.  However, because I'm now so aware of it I do make more of an effort to try to adopt a straighter stance whether walking, standing, sitting, driving or exercising! (Zumba does not look good if you're bent over!)

Recognise any of these stances - I do!

Good posture can help with back pain, neck pain, actually all sorts of pains and health issues!  In fact there are so many benefits that you'd never think of - I've attached some information from the experts here.  Obviously this is just the 'tip of the iceberg' - I'm only speaking from my own experience but why not try out a Pilates class  - it's a real eye-opener and can only be beneficial if done correctly - what do you think?

Surely our bodies were built to 'stand up straight'!  So girls - if you do one thing for yourself today just straighten up, head high, roll and relax your shoulders back and down and engage your core! Ok - I know that's more than 'one thing' but just think how much better you'll look in your new 'H & M outfit'  and 'Revlon Lip Butter'!

My mum says that my grandmother constantly told her to "put your back straight girl...!".  So maybe - on this occasion - Mum does know best?

Jen x

Saturday 9 June 2012

Phil Smith Be Gorgeous Haircare!

The Phil Smith Haircare range is available from Sainsburys and is currently on offer at half price.

I ended up buying these two when all I'd gone in for was some bread and milk (and the usual beer supply for my hubby of course!).

'Big It Up' and 'Hot Stuff'

Think I've mentioned that my hair is really fine, so anything related to 'volume' is welcome.  The 'Big It Up' Volume Boosting Spray has one of those directional pumps - I find it easier to spray the product into my hands and spread through my hair, that's just my preferred method!  It does seem to give my hair (much needed) weight and texture after blow drying but I wouldn't overuse unless you like your hair to feel like it's full of product!

I do use straightening irons most days (bad I know but I can't cope without my straighteners when my hair's shorter - which it is at the moment) so I go through plenty of  'heat protection' spray.  The 'Hot Stuff' Heat Defence Spray can be used with your hairdryer or straighteners.  It doesn't leave my hair 'crispy' and seems to help with the 'frizzies' - which, considering the weather this past week or so can only be good!

'Hot Stuff' - 125ml and 'Big It up' - 200ml

The way I've been using these two is -  basically - to mix them.  I use the 'Big It Up' from roots to mid lengths and the 'Hot Stuff' from mid lengths to ends - more or less!  My hairdresser gave me this tip and it works well for me.  It means I get the volume where I need it and the ends are smoother and protected.

All in all I think these are great 'everyday' products - reasonably priced at £4.09 each and with the current offer even more so at £2.04.  I'm interested in trying other Phil Smith products especially while they're on offer!  I'll see what happens next time I pop into Sainsburys!

Anybody tried anything else from the Phil Smith Haircare range?

Jen x

Friday 8 June 2012

Favourite Friday Track!

Given the current weather conditions I thought this track was more than appropriate for this Friday ... speaks for itself really...

Ann Peebles - I Can't Stand the Rain

Just makes me want to lock myself away from all this bad weather and jam ...!

What's your favourite 'rainy day' track?

Jen x

Wednesday 6 June 2012

Pretty (in) Pink!

Marks and Spencer's have 25% off  their 'Limited Collection' make up as an introductory offer (until 13 June)! Check out the full range here!

Picked up these three this weekend. I do tend to lean towards pinks rather than peaches and thought these would be ideal for summer (if we ever have one that is!).

Limited Collection Mono Powder Blusher - Pink (£4.00)

I've piled it on here so you can hopefully see the tone!

This is a real 'pink' pink, if you know what I mean, bright and almost neon in the pot (the photos don't do the brightness justice) it's got a bit of a shimmer to it as well.  Of all the blush colours available in store this seemed to stand out the most on my olivey skin, think it would look great on paler skin tones too for a real 'doll-like' look.  I'm an 'apple' of the cheek rather than 'contour' girl and this is perfect for a bit of a flush of colour!

Limited Collection Lipstick - Blush Pink (£5.00)

My first close up shot (how scary - good job I waxed my 'tache' the other night!)

I'm not really a regular lipstick wearer anymore, used to be in my younger days but I've stuck with gloss and balm for years now and seem to shy away from bright or solid lip colours. I thought this colour was a little softer and a suitable re-introduction to the world of lippie! It actually went on quite a bit darker than it seemed in the tube but then looked quite natural in the photo - in fact can you even tell I have any on?

Limited Collection Quick Dry Nail Polish  (£3.50)

Love this colour!

Back to the brights for the nails it is then.  'Proper' pink it is, went on really easily despite my limited nail-painting skills and dried quickly (good job as it's half term and I had to take the kids to the park)!  Nice summery colour - let's just get the sun out now!

Will you be picking up any 'Pinks' this Summer?

Jen x

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