Wednesday 27 February 2013

Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate - Review


I've had this Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate in shade 01 for (yep you guessed) a few months. Best do a quickie review before it's discontinued or something ;) !

Now 01 (wish it had a proper name!) to me looks like a true pillar-box red in 'real life'.  Not sure if there's a hint of a dark orange thing going on in these pics though?  Gets more confusing because when I wore it to work the other day my friend said it looked like a pinky red (must be the rubbish office lighting!)  Anyway - I applied a little balm first, stuck the lippie on, blotted and re-applied. Don't usually wear such bright lippie to work as a rule but just went for it on this occasion. My manager(ess) actually said it looked ok while we were in the kitchen!

It has a creamy texture and didn't dry out my lips - it's not a matte but also not too shiny.  Pleased to report that after my morning cuppa and toast it was still pretty vibrant but just lost some of the sheen (I know this as I went to the loo to check!). My lips were still stained (evenly) a couple of hours later after my mid-morning apple (I do actually do some work when I'm at my desk and not just eat all day!).  So - basically... I like this lippie and am quite impressed with it's staying power.

Quick pic here (with crappy 2nd day hair that was about to be tied up!)...will I ever get the hang of this 'taking photos of myself' lark?

The Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate is available at Boots here priced at £5.49. (I actually got mine from Tesco!)

 Have you tried out Rimmel Lasting Finish? Which shade did you get?

Jen x

Sunday 24 February 2013

Bare Minerals Tinted Mineral Veil - Review


I've never been much in to the whole 'powdered thing' - most of the powders I've used have had an overly matte finish - which just makes my nose look huge. It's no secret that I'm a big Bare Minerals fan and I've had this pot of  Bare Minerals Tinted Mineral Veil SPF 25 since before my blogging days - it's now coming to an end.  I don't know why I didn't blog about it sooner to be honest!

So - I use Mineral Veil over the top of either my bb or foundation.  You just tap a little of the product out into the lid (it has a lockable sifter so it's easy to tap out just the right amount), swirl your brush around and sweep over your face or buff in lightly.  As with most  Bare Minerals products it's better to start off with a little (they say usually about the amount of the sprinkles of chocolate on your cappuccino!) and then add more if needed.  I've used Original Mineral Veil but found it be a little pale for my skin tone. The Tinted option is a peachy/beige which suits my colouring much better. It warms up my complexion but not in an 'orange'  or 'overly-flushed pink' way and conceals any grey or yellow undertones which my skin seems to sport - especially at this time of year.  It helps to conceal my open pores, reduce shine on my t-zone without clogging and I find 'diffuses' rather than 'sits in' any fine lines. It has a velvety, airbrushed rather than matte effect - so my nose is happy! I usually buff a little into my brush and shove it in my make-up bag to take to work for a lunch-time touch up - no rudeness intended there!

Bare Minerals Mineral Veil is available in several options - Original, Tinted, Hydrating and Illuminating and I've recently noticed a Bronzing option on Boots website. I've only ever bought from QVC here, where the Tinted Veil  is around £17/9g but prices vary according to the option and obviously where you buy from.  I'm tempted to try Hydrating or Illuminating but maybe Bronzing would be a good choice for the summer?

I don't think the pics above do the product justice but I do find it to be my ideal finishing product and will re-purchase. Have you tried Bare Minerals Mineral Veil - which is your preferred option?

Jen x

Friday 22 February 2013

De La Soul - Say No Go!

Yo man!

So this half term has been a funny old week. I just wanted to spend some time chilling out with the kids and cooking nice things but a couple of domestic crisis(s) threw everything into turmoil (I say 'everything' but mainly mean 'me') - hence I've just not been feeling myself and have been performing all the usual tasks like a robot in sand/fog/mist whatever! I'll not bore anyone with details (already did that with friends at work - sorry girls - love you loads!) but think we're getting sorted (slowly) now.  I'm getting my head around things and trying not to get down about stupid trivial stuff! Stupid me - stupid hormonal imbalance to blame I'm sure - stupid hormones - stupid!

Anyway ...  De La Soul - one of mine and hubby's favourites - he dug the brilliant album '3 Feet High And Rising' out the other day, played it in the car yesterday and I found my head nodding to the beat ...

- so hard to choose a fave track but this is one of them...

De La Soul - Say No Go!

Released in 1989 it contains sampling from I Can't Go For That (No Can Do) by Hall & Oates and has a serious side to it regarding drug (crack cocaine) use ...

My friend and I would go out most Thursday nights to 'dance, house and hip-hop night' at our favourite nightclub and I remember bopping away with my spiral perm (no really it looked ok in those days!) to special mixes of this superb track many many times ... it reminds me of a time when my biggest worry was what to wear on a night out...!

Jen x

Wednesday 20 February 2013

Percy & Reed Colour and Shine Collection - Review


The Percy & Reed (4 Piece) Colour and Shine Collection is one of two kits I purchased at the start of December from QVC - been wanting to try the Percy & Reed haircare range for a while.  Anyway - there they were (Paul Percival and Adam Reed) doing their thing in the QVC studio and I finally caved in! If you're not familiar with the 'dymanic duo' you can read all about 'em from their own website here.

I've not used a specific colour care shampoo and conditioner before (have mostly gone down the volumising route) but I'd just had pretty-much a full head of highlights done and thought I'd have a go at keeping my colour 'Really Rather Radiant'...

Both the Really Rather Radiant Shampoo and Conditioner contain raspberry seed oil - which is said to moisturise and nourish hair and the conditioner also contains white grape seed oil, aloe vera gel and Pro vitamin B5.   From the first time I used the shampoo and conditioner I noticed a huge difference in the condition of my hair - it actually behaved itself.  I've found this has been the case every time I've used it since so no one-hit wonder here!  The shampoo is not big on lather and you have to make sure your hair is sopping wet but it leaves my hair squeaky clean and doesn't seem to leave build up.  The conditioner is creamy but doesn't weigh my hair down and leaves it smooth.  My hair is far from perfect - we all know that - but this duo really does  seem to improve the manageability. I had my hair cut last week and my hairdresser commented that my highlights have not gone brassy but have retained the deep caramel colour so result!

Abundantly Bouncy Volumising Mousse is like an extra low-fat squirty cream - it's light as air. For everyday use I've found that one golf-ball size is adequate - it doesn't make my hair twice as big but it adds a decent amount of volume. It's not at all crunchy and leaves hair soft and conditioned.  If I need a bit more oomph I've added a bit more into the routine with a bit of extra blow-drying and this seems to have done the trick.

Reassuringly Firm Session Hold Hairspray is a super-fine spray which gives a natural but good hold - and doesn't go rock solid or stick my hair together - so thankfully no helmet head going on! The nozzle is tiny so allows you to spray the required amount onto your barnet. It's also easily brushed out which is always a bonus!

All of the products in the kit (in my opinion) smell great - fresh but not sharp and sweet but not sickly - just right!

The Percy & Reed (4 Piece) Colour and Shine Collection costs just under £25 from QVC - so not the cheapest of ranges out there but with the results I've seen I think I'll be re-purchasing at some stage - may just have to wait for a special offer or easy pay option! Please can we have a Today's Special Value soon QVC? (Good job I have another little kit from Percy & Reed waiting patiently in the wings ;)

Have you tried any products from the Percy & Reed Haircare range?

Jen x

Sunday 17 February 2013

Glossybox - February


It's Glossybox time again - February's 'Valentine themed' box arrived last week just in time for the 14th.  This box is meant to be filled with treats that we'll fall in love with and help us to pamper and look gorgeous on 'the big night' - er... my big night saw me falling asleep on the settee as usual!

Pretty box and packaging (my little girl wants the box after I've finished with it!).

Docteur Renard Raspberry Soft Cream - 30ml -Full Size £25/50ml - I've not tried anything from this professional French brand (yet). The products are available from M&S.  A good size sample - meant to be mostly suitable for normal to dry/prone skin - my skin has de-hydrated recently so will give it a go at some stage.

The Fine Fragrance Body Spray in Radiance - Full Size £2.29/100ml - a subtle fresh/floral fragrance -  good size - ideal for chucking in my gym bag.

Glossybox Lolly - my girl has claimed this!

Helen E Cosmetics Moisturising Lipstick in Dusk - Full Size £8/3.5g - a deep raspberry shade - I thought this was a little dark for daytime use for me initially but it worked well as a pretty lip-stain which hung around even after a scone and cup of tea! The hubby even commented that it looked nice! (he usually doesn't notice such things!)

MeMeMe 'Beat the Blues' Illuminator in Oyster Gold - Full Size £5.50/12ml - this looks like a good product to mix with foundation for extra radiance (not sure I'd wear it on it's own at my age as it's a tad sparkly but maybe use sparingly for a night out?).

Micabella Cosmetics Mineral Blush Powder in Siera Suede - 0.8g Full Size £34.95/9g - a teeny sample, more of an peachy/orange tone than I would usually go for and as the full size is pretty expensive not something I'm likely to purchase - but it'll be ok to use maybe when I have a bit of colour.

So  those were the goodies - quite a good selection this month. If I've fallen in love with anything it's the lipstick.  Looking forward to using the Raspberry Soft Cream too. This was on the back of the Glossybox leaflet though - just look at that dress and those boots - love em to bits!

You can check out Glossybox subscription details for yourself here.

What did you get in your Glossybox this month - did you fall asleep on the settee on Valentine's night?

Jen x

Tuesday 12 February 2013

NOTD - Maybelline Forever Strong - Taupe Couture


This another of the Maybelline Forever Strong polishes which I bought from Boots around this time last year (yep last year!) and didn't crack open until a couple of months ago! (I know it's weird!).

Taupe Couture...

I reckon Taupe Couture could easily be worn into Spring. It's a dark nude and has a laid back - not too intense - easy like Sunday morning vibe.  Reminds me of Belgian Chocolate actually!

Easy application, two coats covered well and lasted (with base and topcoat) for three and a half days - that's good for me!

I can't wait for this dratted spending ban to finish (not the right attitude I know) so I can check out some more nail varnishes from Maybelline Forever Strong - they're £4.09 each so a good price.  It's becoming one of my favourite ranges!

Have you tried out any Maybelline Forever Strong polishes?

Jen x

Sunday 10 February 2013

My First Giveaway...!!


I'm absolutely gobsmacked to have reached over 250 followers! When I started blogging  I really didn't think I would get even 50 followers ... I had no idea how much I would enjoy the experience - I'm loving this blogging lark to bits and wish I'd done it years ago - anyway better late than never. I'm so grateful to everyone who has helped out, followed, taken the time to read my waffle, commented and come back for more!  I've connected with some lovely people and would just like to say a huge thank you...cos it means a lot!  I meant to hold a giveaway last year but didn't have the time to sort it out so without further ado ...the prizes are ...

Accessorize Lovely Day 32 Shade Eye Palette - have heard good things about this particular palette. A decent range of shades in matte, pearl and shimmer.

Seventeen Doll'd Up Mascara and 3 Way Liquid Eyeliner - ok so I'm on a spend ban and am not buying any beauty products at the moment - otherwise I would have bought this new mascara for myself! The 3 Way Liquid Eyeliner was included with the mascara so a bonus!

To enter please fill in the Rafflecopter form.  The Giveaway will run for just under three weeks and is open internationally.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*Please obtain permission/consent from an adult if you are under 18.*
* As with all new products please be aware of possible allergic reaction and remember to test the product suitably first*

Good Luck!

Jen x

Saturday 9 February 2013

January Favourites and Empties ...


So late with my faves and empties from last month ... as you'll see I'm using more products than I have time write about and just can't keep up with my reviews (have loads in draft just hanging around and waiting to be finished)  but as with most households there aren't enough hours in the day for general activities never mind blogging so I just have to cram it in 'as and when' ... anyway I'll just get on with it then shall I ...?

Percy and Reed Colour and Shine Collection - got the kit from QVC before Christmas - seriously loving this lot - full review coming up.

Bare Minerals Tinted Mineral Veil and Multi Tasking Concealer (Summer Bisque) - been using these a lot this past month particularly the Mineral Veil (which is almost finished) - great products - don't know how I've not reviewed them before but that's coming up too.

Elemis Melting Cleansing Gel - finished the tube the other week (loved it)- yet another review to complete.

Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream - loved this to bits - all finished now - you can see my full review here.

Treacle Moon 'That Vanilla Moment' Bath and Shower Gel -  finished (it's lasted for ages!) - I reckon anyone who's a vanilla fan should try this out - will be re-purchasing.

Liz Earle Brightening Treatment Mask - this has been one of my fave masks for years - brings the colour back to your face and makes skin look more alive. Don't need to buy another yet as I already have one waiting in the wings!

Dirty Works 'You Soft Touch' Hand Cream - really good little hand cream from Sainsburys - got it half price at £1.49 - great for everyday use - will re-purchase at some point.

So ... when my hubby was poorly a few weeks ago and couldn't drink, I opened a bottle of wine and just couldn't finish the thing by myself over the weekend (such a lightweight!) so ended up giving it to a neighbour. I realised then that boxes are the way forward! Sainsbury's own house wines taste perfectly fine (to me), don't break the bank and will stay drinkable for a few weeks once opened - what's not to love? Of course now hubby is better they don't last that long at all ...!

How do fit your blogging schedule in? What's your favourite wine - in a bottle or box?

Jen x

Tuesday 5 February 2013

Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream - Review


I've been using the Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream for the last couple of months as my night cream - it has now (sadly) come to an end. It was one of the products included in the QVC TSV back in April.  I used it a few years ago and loved it then - suffice to say I still love it...

Pro-Collagen Marine Cream has been around for years and has won countless awards.  If you're not familiar with this iconic cream - here's a little info directly from Elemis ...
"This revolutionary Anti-Ageing cream uses the Marine extract Padina Pavonica to transform the complexion in just over 2 weeks*. Trials proved that the appearance in wrinkle depth was reduced by up to 78% and that hydration was increased by up to 45%. Skin firmness and elasticity are dramatically increased, whilst providing superior free radical protection." 
At my age I obviously need to 'step-up' on the anti-ageing front but as my skin is combination - still prone to oily t-zone, open pores and hormonal breakouts, as well as de-hydration and occasional dry patches on the cheeks - I want to sort all areas out without over-compensating,  I don't need anything too rich and heavy which (I imagine) would just compound existing problems.

The Pro-Collagen Marine Cream ticks all the boxes for me. It has a whipped, gel/cream-like texture. It glides on and sinks in effortlessly - is light, yet still hydrates and you only need a small amount. The fragrance is very subtle but fresh.  I also layered it with my facial oil on 'drier cheeks days' and it worked really well. Basically my skin seems to love this cream and did feel more in balance whilst I was using it. I'm now experiencing some issues (complexion-wise) - which I'll not bore you with today and am not sure if it's because my Pro-Collagen has run out - we'll see.

If money was no object this would be a regular re-purchase. Unfortunately - as it usually retails from around £79.00/50ml - as you can see here, it's not something I can afford to buy unless it's as part of a kit on good old QVC. If anyone knows of any decent alternatives out there please share!

Have you tried the Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream?

Jen x

Monday 4 February 2013

Guest Post!


A guest post for you today...

Is a home-cooked meal the definitive Valentine's date?

In a recent survey of UK men and women conducted by online fashion retailer, a whopping 9 in 10 of those asked said that their ideal Valentine’s date would be dinner. If you’re picturing a bustling French bistro or a sleek Japanese sushi bar, you’re in the majority: two thirds of women, and over half of the men questioned, agreed that a candlelit dinner in a romantic restaurant was their dream V-day date.
But for an increasing number of couples, dining at home has become the definitive treat. The more frugal and intimate alternative to a pricey restaurant meal has boomed throughout the recession, with supermarkets noting an increase in sales of dinner party food since the credit crunch hit Brits' pockets in 2009.
A three course meal costs an average of £20 in London, whereas the ingredients to whip up your own indulgent dinner come in at a fraction of the price. Perhaps it's also less stressful: with 4 in 10 men believing that booking a table for Valentine’s Day is their responsibility, it must be nice to suggest an alternative that requires less organisation.
But not having to book a table doesn't mean not having to think ahead. To make sure everything goes smoothly, it's worth doing most of the food prep in advance, minimising your time in the kitchen on the big night - whether that means pre-chopping vegetables or just opting for something that's quick and easy to cook, like pasta or a stir-fry. 
There's no need to be intimidated by the kitchen if you're not a confident cook, however. Supermarkets often do deals on good quality ready meals around Valentine’s Day, and there’s nothing wrong with sticking to something simple and fuss-free. Make the evening special by thinking about the little details: create a sense of occasion by clearing the dining table of clutter and adjusting the lighting for a romantic ambience. For the sake of good old fashioned romance, a candle or two can’t hurt either.
9 in 10 women questioned in the survey said that anniversaries were more important to them than Valentine’s Day, but most of us still want to know that our other half cares on 14th February. Whether dining out or preparing a cosy home-cooked meal this Valentine's, be sure to plan ahead so you can show your loved one how much they mean to you - and if you're stuck for gift inspiration, take a look at the range of Valentine's Day gift ideas at

Saturday 2 February 2013

NOTD - 17 Fast Finish Nail Polish - Navy Glint


I know we'll shortly (hopefully) be heading into Spring and looking at the new season's colours but for now I've still got a few deeper shades to sport (and it's still too cold!). So without further ado ... here's the nail polish I obtained from Boots in my pre spending-ban haul ... 17 Fast Finish - Navy Glint ...

This is described 'on the can' as 'single coat high shine colour in 60 seconds'. I found with this polish you have to apply a really good thick coat - otherwise it's patchy and uneven - it's still a little patchy anyway - think you can see that on the pic above.  It was touch dry in 120ish seconds rather than the 60 stated and is if I'm honest a bit 'whiffier' than other polishes I've tried.  After a day it had chipped (with and without top coat) - I had spent some time scrubbing new potatoes at the sink so not sure if that had a hand in it.  I therefore went down the 'sod it - I'm applying two coats' route - which gave a better (I hope) you can see in pic below...

This lasted better with topcoat (as you would expect) - just over 2 days.  Despite all this malarkey, I really like the colour of this polish (probably why I faffed around with it for so long - and obviously why I bought it in the first place!) - it's really prettied up with the 'glint' aspect which gives it a sort of - would you say 'cosmic' feel to it (?) - anyway I like the effect!

Obviously - with all the running around I do I want to just apply a single coat of polish which will dry quickly and just crack on with stuff.  However I'd rather spend time applying a second coat and have it last longer (I know 2 days isn't really that long though) because - believe me - finding the time to sit down in the day and paint nails is an ordeal in itself!  So - not sure I'm sold on 17 Fast Finish as a one-coater (it was £2.99 so not too expensive) but - still love the colour!

Have you tried any 17 Fast Finish Nail Polishes - what's your verdict?

Jen x

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