Tuesday 24 July 2012

Holiday Haircare!


Holiday haircare eh? My hair is difficult to manage at the best of times, on holiday it's a nightmare! Remember that episode of 'Friends' when Monica's hair went wild and frizzy on holiday (in Barbados?) - imagine that but with much much less hair!

So here are my holiday haircare products.  There ain't 'a bag' I'm afraid because they'll be split up and chucked into a couple of suitcases!

From left to right (again sort of) -

Liz Earle Botanical Shine Shampoo and Conditioner (dry or damaged hair) - I'm a big fan of this shampoo and all three of Liz's conditioners actually.  I suffer from an itchy, flaky scalp on and off and this gentle shampoo really seems to sort it out every time!  It's almost like a detox treatment and just calms everything down, leaves my hair cleansed and soft but still with volume.  I'm taking the dry/damaged conditioner option because I've had my hair coloured recently which always dries it out a tad. 

Lee Stafford Flat Iron Protection Shine Mist - Boots had 3 for 2 on selected travel minis so I got this as one of the 3. I've used it before and really like it, you only seem to need a little and it leaves hair soft and silky (and smells good as well!) .

Avon Advance Techniques Frizz Control Lotus Shield - last years bottle but plenty left for hols, you only need a tiny bit before blow drying (although I don't blow dry my hair on holiday I just put this on and blast off with the hairdryer) and it helps to 'block' the humidity from frizzing everything up! I'll put a mini blob on after as well just to be on the safe side!

Charles Worthington Front Row Brunette Dry Shampoo - I'm a big fan of dry shampoos for extra texture and volume, so treated myself to this for hols. I try not to wash my hair every single day on holiday so this is great for maybe non beach/pool days( I'm not a 'head submerger' where water's concerned anyway as I wear contacts!). Not used this particular one before so will see how it fares.

John Frieda Full Repair 'Full Body' Shampoo and Conditioner - the rest of the 3 for 2 goodies.  These are meant to 'revive overstyled hair' and 'weightlessly repair' damage from heat and colour. This sounds exactly what my hair needs. I do have colour in my hair and use straighteners, (even on holiday) so my hair's going to need all the help it can get! Let see what happens!

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle 'Colour' Deep Treatment - this is 'for coloured hair in need of love', sounds like my hair. Sachets come in so handy for holiday and take up no space in the suitcase!  

Ojon wide tooth comb - this comes in the pot with the famous Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment which I've used on and off for a while. Useful little compact comb!

A couple of  products to decant -

Philip Kinglsey Elasticiser - I love pre-shampoo treatments and this is one of my faves. Just so easy to pop on dampened hair and just get on with stuff (or sit around in the sun if you're on holiday!) while it does it's work.  I take this every year and put it on in the afternoon so that when I wash my hair in the evening it feels the benefit of the deep conditioning.

Lee Stafford Beach Babe Sea Salt Spray - this stuff is great for beachy waves and texture and you only need a couple of squirts! Using this encourages me to not straighten my hair and just rough it up a bit!

So that's that then.  Just a few bobbles, clips and my trusty old hat to throw in!

Very Old Hat but I love it! 

What are your holiday haircare secrets?

Jen x


  1. I normally use a Keratase shampoo and conditioner designed for holidays and heat! I also use a Loreal spray every day before I go out in the sun. I've never tried the Liz Earle shampoo's so must put those on the list.

  2. Keratase products are definitely on my wish list! Tend keep my hat on a lot when in the sun or make sure my crust is in the shade but going to check out the L'Oreal spray! x

  3. I use an Aussie leave in conditioner which I love! as I have blonde hair it has a tendency to be a bit dry so I need to condition, condition, condition! I'd love to give the Liz Earle hair care a go! x

    1. Going to check out the leave-in conditioners and sun-sprays in boots, I'm sure I can fit another product in! x

  4. I love the JF Full Repair range, it's literally done wonders for my dry, brittle hair!
    I really want to try the hair elasticiser, I've read such good reviews on it.
    Lola ..x

    1. Looking forward to using the JF Full Repair. I love the elasticiser, can't recommend it enough! x

  5. The Aussie 3 Minute Miracle makes your hair sooo soft and hydrated, plus it smells lush! Good choice :-) x

  6. Brilliant may have to get the 'big one' at some stage then! xx

  7. I like the idea of the elasticiser - not used that before! x

  8. It's a lovely product, really makes a difference to the condition of your hair! x


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