Sunday 29 July 2012

MUA Bronze/Blush Palettes!


You may be aware of the current Superdrug/MUA offer - 2 for £4.00 on selected MUA Professional - the choice is between 3 different blush/bronze palettes and/or several eyeshadow sets.

After much indecision (my friends will tell you I'm the most indecisive girl on the planet!) I ended up with these two palettes - Mosaic Bronzer/Sunkissed Glow and Mosaic Blush/English Rose. 

As you can see both the blush and bronze are made up of different sectors of colour - light, medium, dark,  and shimmer - which can be swirled together for a really pretty look.  I imagine you could carefully pick out a couple of shades with a smaller brush if you so desired or could avoid certain sectors if you wanted something more matt or shimmery! I just swirled my brush around the entire palette for these swatches.

I ended up photographing my hand inside and outside on this particular day because the sun was going in and out and it was doing my head in!

Inside with sun shining in - bronzer on top/blush below  

Outside with sun out - bronzer on left/blush on right

Back inside in shade - bronzer on left/blush on right 

Obviously I wouldn't wear this much product on my face, but I just wanted to show the difference between the two palettes. I'm an olive skintone, as you may know and both these were suitable on my kite. I only needed a small swirl because they do colour up quite nicely!  I wore the blush to work and avoided the shimmer aspect, as far as possible, for obvious reasons and used the entire bronzer on a night out when I wanted a bit of sparkle! I'm liking both of these and at £2.50 each you can't go wrong, even better with the current offer!

I can see these two coming away on holiday with me this year!

Have you picked up any MUA from Superdrug lately?

Jen x


  1. I've never bought anything from this brand but have to say I like the look of both.

  2. I'm pretty new to the brand but I'll be buying more!!

  3. Go for it. Will definitely check it out!x


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