Saturday 21 July 2012

Gatineau Revolumising Lipcare

Well hello!

Another pressie from my mum here - Gatineau Defi-Lift 3D Revolumising Lip Care.

If you've been blessed with full and luscious lips you may not be too interested in this post!  However, if you feel like the 'old lip' area needs a bit of rejuvenation ...

Gatineau is a premium French brand mainly available in salons and spas.  However you can also buy through the usual beauty 'onliners' such as Feel Unique and also at QVC.  The Gatineau Defi-Lift range is all about lifting, firming and re-plumping (sounds good eh?).

The name says it all really, 'Revolumising Lip Care' is exactly what it is. As we age we tend to lose the plumper properties our 'younger lips' had and also develop fine lines and lack of definition round the lip area.

Gatineau Defi-Lift Revolumising Lip Care

Lil' Applicator Type Thing 

This is not just a balm that sits on the surface of the lips, it's more of a 'treatment' if you like - Gatineau says:-
This truly "architectural" lip care formula contains high concentrations of botanical-origin ingredients (shea butter, jojoba oil, lavender extract) with nourishing and repairing benefits.
Enriched with Volulift™, a complex of high-performance ingredients rich in hyaluronic acid, it works to restore instant and lasting volume to the lips.
This can be used as you would a regular lip balm either on it's own or under/over lipstick.  However as much as I would like to use it throughout the day, I class this as a bit of a treat and so tend to apply at night as a treatment mask.  I take the product just over the lipline as it's meant to help with vertical lines and wrinkles around the lips. You only need a small amount, I don't find it heavy or sticky and it feels instantly soothing and moisturising. 

For photo purposes I did indulge in the day  ...  let me just add that I'm no Angelina Jolie by the way!

Bit of 'Plumping'

Gatineau products are pretty pricey - to purchase alone, 'Revolumising Lip Care' is usually around £26.00 but can usually be picked up at around half that price (sometimes less) in various kits from QVC.

I really like this product and although I can't afford to buy at it's full price I'll definitely be looking for any special offers or any kits so that I can repurchase ... that is unless Mum happens to throw another one my way! Just joking Mum!

What's your favourite lip treatment you lovely lipped girlies?

Jen x


  1. This sounds a really lovely product that I shall be putting on my 'present list' for sure!! xx

  2. It is lovely - really good quality stuff! I'll be hoping for a present of this too! xx

  3. Sounds good, I need something to help in this area so give us a shout if you see it cheaper anywhere xx

  4. I'll keep a look out for you! xx


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