Sunday 8 July 2012

L'Oreal Nude Magique BB Cream

Morning All!

I've been wanting to venture into the big wide world of BBs for a while and only just got round to it!

"What is “BB cream”? “BB” stands for blemish balm or beauty balm; the cream was originally used to speed healing after laser treatments. The craze really took off in Asia when celebrities in Korea attributed their flawless skin to the product. BB cream, which is thick and tinted, is a moisturizer/sunscreen/foundation/concealer in one product — basically, it's like a tinted moisturizer with SPF." 

So for my first foray I chose the L'Oreal Nude Magique BB Cream.  I was slightly concerned that it wouldn't be dark enough for me but it felt so lovely and looked ok on the back of my hand (not the way to test I know) that I just took the plunge!


According to L'Oreal -

"Our first self adjusting BB cream. Moisturising skincare transforms to lightweight foundation. Skin looks flawless and even with a dewy glow."
So for summertime skin this sounds ideal, 'flawless and glow' is just what I'm after, although it would have been nice if the SPF was higher!

So here's my bare hand...

The formula is very thin and 'milky' as (I think) you can see. Once applied the 'smart pigment capsules' are supposed to release their 'smart stuff' and 'job done'!

And here's my 'BB'd' hand...

I don't know if you can make out the difference in the pics but the 'BB'd' hand has less shine and a slightly more even look to it?

So I suppose I'm a normal/combination skin type, open pores in all the usual areas, oily T-zone and often de-hydrated cheeks.

The coverage is like a lightweight foundation so ok on that front, it has a matt quality to it which I don't usually go for, although it did hide my shiny T-zone and pores to a degree.  Unfortunately, the colour is not quite right on my face.  Being olivey in skintone (and I'm not deep olive),  I like my products to 'warm me up' a little and this made me look a tad washed out.  No dewiness or glow for me, which is what I want my summertime products, in particular, to provide. I also found it a little drying on my cheeks (and I did moisturise first!).  Colour wise, this would be better for me to use in winter or as a primer with a bit of something over the top.

However ... my friend has used this BB Cream in the same 'medium tone', she has lighter skin than me but with a really warm skintone and lots of lovely freckles (she also tans easily!). One night out (which doesn't happen very often!) I commented on how well she looked and low and behold it was this she was wearing... just goes to show!

Anyway not to worry, there are plenty more BBs waiting out there, hopefully more suited to darker skin!

How did you find L'Oreal Nude Magique BB Cream - I'd be interested to know!

Over and out!

Jen x


  1. Funnily enough I was looking at this one earlier, but didn't buy . Will be very interested if you review some more - I've not been brave enough to switch from my favourite tinted moisturisers yet, but I am tempted by the thought of flawless and dewy skin too!! Xx

    1. I'm trying another out so will be posting soon! x

  2. I am interested in trying out a BB product but will wait till my tinted moisturiser runs out. Like you I prefer a dewy finish.

    1. Yep I just find the 'dewy thing' much more flattering! Will try and keep you posted! x

  3. Too bad this isnt a better BB cream? Have you tried the maybelline one?

    Fashions on Top

    1. The Nude Magique just didn't work that well for me but could be perfect for you - you never know until you've tried it (on your face - preferably!). Heard mixed reports on the Maybelline BB but not tried it out (yet). x

  4. BB creams are huge thing now but frankly I have not tried any!I am still sticking to my tinted moisturizer..though I have heard great things about maybelline one..haven't tried yet!

    Nice blog!I found you through BBU blog hop and now you have new reader!:)

  5. Thankyou! Will be checking out the Blog Hop myself shortly! I'm curious about the Maybelline BB too! x

  6. It kind of looks translucent to me, very bright though.
    Hey from the blog hop
    The Amazing World Of J

  7. It just didn't look right on my leather-lace! Unfortunately! x

  8. Hi Jenny - thanks so much for your lovely comments on my blog, it's nice to meet you! I have to admit I'd never heard of BB creams before today... I've learnt something new! Oh and I thought you might find this interesting: *apparently* SPF15 is the highest that protection can go, anything higher than that is no different, beauty companies just make them more expensive knowing we'll think we need higher SPF. I'd read this before and was sceptical... until I met an astronomy/solar activity expert (don't know what you'd call him) - he studies solar patterns and he confirmed that it's true, SPF30 or 50 is no different to 15, he explained to me the equation to work it out but it went right over my head (I'm no physics expert)! So we shouldn't pay more for anything over SPF15 it seems...!

    Anyway very long first comment, so sorry! Am following you now, look forward to you giving me some beauty product guidance sweetie :))

    Catherine x

  9. Thanks Catherine - nice to meet you too and thanks for the follow! Come to think of it I have heard about the SPF theory before, I wonder if this applies to all sun protection or just cosmetics? Definitely something to keep in mind in future! x

  10. Hi Jenny! I had the same issue with this BB cream, it made me look washed out! Which I found quite disappointing, being the 'medium' one. I think I should probably give it to a lighter skin-toned friend who would make a better use out of it :) xx

  11. Yep - a third darker/warmer option would have been better for us - shame! Still plenty more out there I suppose:) xx


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