Friday 6 July 2012

Favourite Friday Track!

Happy (soggy) Friday!

As the rain is still pouring down good style, I thought this week's track should be something that reminds me of sizzling summer days. A hot one by Jamaican Reggae band, Third World.

Dancing on the Floor (Hooked on Love)...

This was released in 1981 (a long time ago I know) but it still reminds me of what summer should be all about - blue skies, soaring temperatures and dancing on beaches!!  It's also really groovy as well...!

This particular video was shown on Top of the Pops, who remembers TOTP from 'back in the day' then?

Have a listen ....I bet you have a 'little shuffle' to this one!

Which track evokes your 'summer memories' - I'd love to know?

Jen x


  1. This track certainly brings back memories, a real blast from the past, thanks for sharing x

  2. You're welcome! Hope it was a 'hot' blast! x


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