Tuesday 17 July 2012

No 7 Fanomenal Lashes Mascara!


Following on from my recent Mas(s)cara post here are my thoughts on No 7 Fanomenal Lashes mascara.

I bought this a couple of weeks ago as I had a No 7 £5 off voucher, No 7 mascaras aren't the cheapest (Fanomenal is £12.95) so the voucher makes them much more affordable.

The packaging is 'eye-catching' (no pun intended!) although to be honest if the product does it's job I'm not so bothered about it's 'exterior' if you know what I mean!

According to No 7 -
"The unique 'star' brush is made up of clever cogs which load and comb through the lashes to volumise, lengthen and separate, creating a spectacular fan of lashes."

Sounds ideal doesn't it?  Here's the brush ...

So here's the old puny eyelashes without any mascara (told you they were fine!).

And with a quick couple of coats of Fanomenal ...

Nice bit of bloodshot there!

The brush is a bit strange until you 'get the hang of it' (you'll either love or hate it I suppose) but it's the ideal size for my skinny lashes it coats them top and bottom without getting mascara all over my eyelids.

I'm never going to get a huge amount of volume but it does seem to lift and fan lashes out.  It can clump lashes together though (I actually don't mind a lil' bit of clumpage!) so have a good scrape of the brush, especially if adding extra coats of mascara. I also had to do the old 'wiggle of the wand' from side to side! A decent black pigment and didn't smudge or flake and lasted all day  - went to the gym as well and it was still there in all it's glory when I took it off that night!

I'm happy with this mascara, (you know you like it when you find yourself reaching for the same one each morning) and will buy it again but I have so many others to use up I'll have to resist 'stockpiling' for now!

The final test for me is whether my lashes are 'there' when I wear my geeky specs ...looks like I'm in a bit of a trance there, sorry!

Anybody else fancy a bit of 'Fanomenal'? What's your favourite mascara of the moment?

Jen x


  1. Wow, that actually looks like it works pretty well, might invest in it! :)

    1. Yep imagine what you could do with longer thicker lashes! x

  2. You may well have tempted me with that ! X

  3. I was so wanting to buy another with my voucher but resisted! x

  4. Nice!


  5. i love ALLLLLLLLLL no7 products haha xx

  6. As my lashes are similar in length and thickness to yours, I may well buy this next time I need a new one x

  7. I haven't tried this but it does look like it works well :) Have you ever tried Boots 17 peepshow mascara? It's all I have been using for the last year and I love it

    Tanesha x

  8. I have the 17 Peepshow in my 'unopened mascara pile' - it's just sat there waiting - but I'm trying to resist for as long as possible! x


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