Sunday 22 July 2012

Holiday Skincare Bag! (What's In It?)


With summer holidays looming I'm having to think about what I need to take away with me for (hopefully) a couple of weeks of sun!

I always pack too many products which don't always get used so I'm going to make an effort to 'pare down' this year and only take (what I consider to be) essentials! I've bought a few travel minis but also have several products which are half used so need take as many of these as I can to finish off!

So here are my holiday skincare products -

From left to right (sort of) -

Sanctuary Spa Fresh-Faced Purifying Wash - this remains one of my favourite face washes/cleansers, so I've bought the travel size again for hols.  Refreshing in the morning and removes make-up (including eye make-up) at night with my Liz Earle muslin cloth. Full write-up here.

Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic Spritzer - my favourite toner, refreshing, hydrating, soothing - the works! The spritzer is perfect for hols.

Liz Earle Skin Repair Light - I've used this on and off (just over a third of a tube left), it's light and easily absorbed and should be ideal under my sunscreen which I'm hoping to have to wear every day!

Liz Earle Smoothing Line Serum - again I've used this on and off for years now, great for smoothing round the eye area at night. Tiny tube so very travel friendly!

Gatineau Aquamemory Moisture Replenish Roll-On - one of my favourite eye products so hydrating and cooling, another holiday must have.  Again you can see my full write up here. 

Avon Sun SPF 30 Anti-Ageing Face Cream - Last year's tube but plenty left so should be able to finish off. It provides good sun protection and is suitable for sensitive skin.   

Liz Earle Superbalm - the famous balm, ideal for night-time lips and nails/cuticles, and smoothing onto dry, split ends!  

Boots Essentials Lipsalve SPF 15 - daytime everyday lip salve but with essential SPF.

A few sample sachets to throw in - these were given to me by the lovely assistant at the Biotherm counter in Boots last year as my skin was showing as de-hydrated on their 'skin test monitor'.  

Biotherm Aquasource Gel -  I've not found this to be a great base for make up as it does seem to form a sort of 'hydrating shield' over the skin but it will be perfect for night-time usage as it's soothing, cooling and hydrating, just what your skin needs after a day in the sun!

Biotherm Source Therapie 7 Skin Perfecting Serum - I used this a year or so ago when my skin was de-hydrated. A lovely product and ideal for use under my moisturiser at night.  It has '7 benefits concentrated in one serum' - you can check out the full details here.

I'll also decant some of my Liz Earle Gentle Face Exfoliator into a little pot for a gentle holiday scrub!

So there you have it, my holiday skincare regime. I don't think I've done too bad this year!  Plenty of room in the travel bag to shove my make up bag in as well!

Holiday haircare to follow shortly, now there's a challenge!

What's in your holiday skincare bag this year?

Jen x


  1. We've had our 'nice' holiday so are off camping next ( !) so my toiletries have to be so basic - I don't even want to think about it yet! ..... I like the idea of the muslin cloth- is that worth getting? x

    1. I used Liz Earle Cleanse + Polish for years and years so have many many muslin cloths! I seem to use them with all my cleansers + I just prefer to polish off with the muslin and water rather than just 'washing off'! Seems to get into all the nook and crannies and makes my face feel really clean! x

  2. That's a brill idea for a post! I'm off on hol soon and been thinking what products I should take! You've given me a few ideas! Following you via GFC :-)

    Feel free to check out my blog if you like!

    Amanda x

  3. Thanks I think this is quite a common theme at this time of year! Thanks for follow, will definitely check your blog out! x

  4. Did mine on the blog last week. Looks like you are a girl after my own heart.

  5. Really trying to keep things simple this year otherwise I get carried away and take the kitchen sink etc! Whether or not I succeed with make-up remains to be seen!

  6. I think I need to get myself some Liz Earl - everyone goes on about how good it is so its on my list! My holiday bag is usually a lot fuller then yours so you have done well!

  7. Yep Liz Earle products are lovely, I've used practically every product at some stage! I'm sure I'll be able to fill the bag up with make up! ;)


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