Tuesday 4 September 2012

Back to the Old Routine?


Just a ramble today so I apologise in advance because once I started I just kept on going ...bear with me!

As some of you may know I'm a regular gym goer, usually do a few classes a week, bodypump, zumba and pilates as well as a couple of sessions in the actual gym.   Since the kids have been off school however, I've really let go of my weekly exercise routine and we've all developed the usual 'school holiday' bad habits of going to bed later, rising later, doing everything later!  Either I've been out with the kids or my husband has been working away or I was packing/unpacking for holiday or we were on holiday or visitors have been round bla bla bla - long and short of it I've only been exercising a couple of times a week (if that!) purely in the gym on machines and once you get out of the habit you lose the momentum to keep on going I find.

Anyway load of waffle there, so last night I attended my (usual) bodypump class at my gym for the first time in a few weeks! I was dreading it and nearly chickened out! We did our exercises (with our lovely superfit/superstrong teacher ) of squats, lunges, tricep curls, bicep and shoulder thingies, press-ups, sit-ups, plank (only half in my case!) and I could see my puny excuses of muscles bulging in the mirror!

Do you know what - I felt great after the class - really energised and re-freshed (despite having spent the day in the office!) and I'm so glad I made the effort to go.  I really feel that my upper-body strength (which had diminished since the need for carrying heavy toddlers has been no more for some time!)  has improved so much since doing this class!

Exercise is a real 'positive' for me. Releases my endorphins, stops me from feeling lethargic and clears my head when there's too much going on in there (which happens quite often!), as well as the obvious health benefits and although it's an effort fitting it in it's so worth it!

Zumba tonight so I'll be 'Sweating like a pig doing the jig at the gig of the century!' (one of my hubby's favourite sayings/lines from one of his favourite bands Pop Will Eat Itself!).

So back to the weekly madness of early mornings, school runs, packing up lunches and regular exercise. Sad though it is that Summer's come to an end before it's really begun it's kind of nice to get back into the old routine - don't you think?

Jen x


  1. Oh I LOVE this post and I wish I could have your energy and lungs (not literally of course)! XXX

  2. Thankyou - once I started waffling I couldn't stop! Have to admit I'm aching somewhat tonight though - a productive ache hopefully! xx


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