Saturday 22 September 2012

French Fancies?


Just wanted to post a quickie today - picked up these French beauties dashing round the 'Carrefour Supermarche' on the last day of our holiday in France this year. When I realised we had a bit of spare room in our suitcases I decided to grab a few bits to take back (it would have been folly not too!).  Le Petit Marseillais products are obviously widely available in France but also from the following website  - Natural French Soaps which specialises in French goodies.

Here are the ones I grabbed this year... Argan Oil, Vanilla, Orange Flower and Milk Soap and a bit of description about each one from Natural French Soaps website.

'Orange blossom perfume reveals a sweet and flowery notes for a true moment of pleasure.The orange blossom is the flower of the bitter orange, a tree native to India, which was introduced in the South of France in the Middle Ages.'

'Argan oil, derived from the fruit of the argan tree is native to the Mediterranean and well known for its moisturizing qualities, relaxing and protecting your skin and suitable for all skin types and all people.'

'Vanilla brings a refined gourmet and a real sense of pleasure.In the nineteenth century women used to perfume by placing small bags of vanilla in their bosom.'

'This milk soap is made ​​with a plant base and uses no animal fat.Well known and with a long history of use, milk has nourishing properties.'

I've already earmarked a few of these as little presents for known soap lovers but have also got a couple on the go at the moment - I'm using the Orange Flower (wonderful aroma) and the Argan Oil (really soothing on my dry hands), they're great for use as a toilet soap or in the bath/shower. The Natural French soap website states that they are 100% vegetable origin and paraben free.

If you like the feel of something big and solid in your hands If you like the feel of a big solid block of soap in your hands then you'll love these, they seem to keep their form and don't disintegrate into a pulpy mess (always a good thing!). The Argan Oil and Milk soaps are actually in the 'for him' category on the website (they are more of a subtle scent than the Orange Flower and Vanilla) but there is no way my hubby is getting exclusive rights to these babies!  He's one of those men that doesn't 'give a monkey's' about what type of cleansing products he uses anyway - as long as soap and water are involved...!

It's feels like I've brought back a few (nice) scents from the South of France. What treats did you bring back from your holiday this year?

Jen x


  1. these sound lovely! I love bar soaps especially ones in pretty wrappers x

    1. I know - my mum is a complete soap junkie - must have rubbed off on me! x

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting.
    These look fab, generally I don't use bars of soap but no-one can resist a nice smelling one xxx

    1. No problem! I'm more of a liquid soap user usually but think I'm converted! x


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