Friday 28 September 2012

Favourite Friday Track - Yazoo - Don't Go!

Happy Friday!

Just fancied a bit of 80's 'synth-pop' today, so here we go...

Yazoo - Don't Go

Yazoo was formed in late 1981 and comprised of Vince Clarke (formerly of Depeche Mode) on synthesizer and Alison Moyet on vocals.

Don't Go was released in May 1982 - yep 1982 - from the debut album Upstairs at Eric's.  I had the single and my hubby had the album - no idea where it is now!

"Came in from the city walked into the door 
I turned around when I heard the sound of footsteps on the floor..."

I can well remember dancing to this many times at school discos...and so can he - brilliant!

Anybody out there remember this?

Jen x


  1. For sure I remember this :)) used to spend hours practising sounding like Alison Moyet - ha! x

  2. Brilliant! - did you succeed? x


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