Friday 7 September 2012

Favourite Friday Track!


Bit of rock today ...

Boston - More Than A Feeling!

My youngest brother has always been into Rock Music big style so I suppose this is where our musical tastes cross over! More Than A Feeling was released in 1976 - good grief so long ago!

I'm not a massive rock fan, but... there a few rock tracks that I have a certain fondness for and this is one of them... I could listen to this over and over and lose myself in it (you're thinking I'm weird now aren't you?) ... there's just something about it ... emotional and enigmatic ... I absolutely love it!

What's your favourite track to 'Rock' out to?

Jen x


  1. Oh I haven't heard that song in ages! You've totally put me in the mood to listen to it now, so I've just put it on and turned volume UP whilst I get on with tidying my house! <3

  2. Me too, I turned it right UP too whilst unloading the dishwasher! Always makes me feel emotional this one! x

  3. I'm singing it loudly as I read your blog...feeling my age! lol. have a great weekend, Avril x

    1. Yes, I sing loudly to this - and also feel my age! Have a lovely weekend too Avril! x


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