Sunday, 6 May 2012

Jergens Naturals Offer!

So if you've just read the last post on my hand creams you may be wondering 'What's Going On?' - as sung by the late/great Marvin Gaye.  If you haven't then don't worry about it!

Anyway - couldn't resist picking these up from Boots last week as they were half price!

They're both easily absorbed.  Both smell good, the Extra Softening smells 'creamy', whereas the Ultra Hydrating has a much fresher scent.  These are pretty light in texture and although maybe not rich enough for my 'extra dry hand days' - they're fine for normal-ish hand days (if that makes sense)!

As you can (almost) see - loads of natural ingredients inside - 95 and 96% .

At £1.27 each for 75ml with the current offer I can afford to slap it on and Get It On!


Sorry couldn't resist!

Jenny x  

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