Sunday, 6 May 2012

Hand Cream Horde!

Ok - I know this is going to look ridiculous but I have loads of hand creams and here's my stash - is this normal or do most of us own this many?  I'd be interested to hear!

As we know, the appearance of our hands shows our age and all that, my hands look like they belong to someone much older! Their condition can range from pretty dry (on a good day), to sore, chapped and eczema prone.  The fact that I'm an avid hand washer is not helped by the seemingly unending cold weather (in May!!), a Cavalier King Charles spaniel and two guinea pigs! And I know that we should apply our hand cream as often as possible throughout the day, but sometimes - between domestic chores - there just isn't chance!     

I've used loads of different hand creams and obviously have my favourites, which I'll try and post on at some stage.

Here's one of them nearly empty!

Jenny x

1 comment:

  1. That's normal to have that amount of stash. Ask me about my craft stash some time.


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