Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Nails Inc. Offer

Ok, a bit late but better than never I suppose!  I've been walking past (and trying to ignore) the Instyle magazine (June issue) with free Nails Inc. polish for a couple of weeks now.  The polish is worth £11.00, therefore a bargain at £3.80 for the mag.

Of the three colours I really fancied 'Bluebell'.  I don't think I've bought a colour like it (being a bit older and all that) and was curious  to see how it would look against my olivey skin tone.  Anyway, this weekend, there was only one Instyle left with that colour - must have been waiting for me to claim it so I caved in and here we are!

And here it is...

Ok - I'm not fantastic at nails, it's something I'm going to work on - just concentrate on the colour of the nail polish and ignore my cuticles please!

Bluebell in dining room

Trying to be arty outdoors - the weather was so nice today why not...?

Bluebell with 'happy' violas

So there you have it! I thought the colour was really bright at first for my forty-something hands but am really liking it now!  What do you think?  Anyone bought a bit of Bluebell?

Jenny x

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