Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Duke Ellington - Perdido

This is one of my Dad's favourite tracks. 

"Perdido" is a jazz-song composed by Juan Tizol and was first recorded on December 3, 1941 by Duke Ellington."

I'm no jazz expert , although we were brought up with the sound of various tracks and arrangements (dad is a jazz fanatic and has played in a big band up until very recently!) over the years.  The older of my two brothers is now a professional jazz pianist, my youngest brother doesn't much care for it (more of a 'rocker'!).  I enjoy listening to mainly be-bop or swing and watching it performed, (that's when all the foot tapping and head shaking and sounds of "Yeah..." by jazz enthusiasts goes on!).  You can sort of 'get lost in it' (in a good way) I suppose, particularly when the solos get going - in fact I defy you to not 'tap your foot' to the drum solo in this arrangement!  

Happy foot tapping!

Jen x

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