Tuesday, 15 May 2012

17 Candy Collection Nail Polish

Now then!

Called in at my local Boots the other day (while it was chucking it down - I might add!) and picked up these two little beauties.

Orange Soda and Parma Violet are real happy 'spring' colours don't you think?  Why not pretend we're having some sort of spring even if the weather is useless!

Apologies for the state of my nails and cuticles by the way - I never seem to have the time to pamper them! 

Selected 17 nail polishes  are on offer at the moment at 2 for £4.00 so why not treat yourself?

And if you're into Candy ... bear with me...! (If you're around my age you may remember this - if you're a 'youngie' you'll probably think I'm slightly mad...!).

Love this Cameo track!!

Jenny x


  1. Love these colours Jenny. Will brighten up any dull day!! I might have to purchase and hopefully stand out against my pale skin!! Loving the Cameo vid too. x

  2. Jenny, those colours are so de lush. Really popular at mo. Going gor a manicure at the weekend, my treat each 4 weeks or so. These colours are very inspiring.


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