Friday 17 May 2013

Love On My Mind and Indian Food!


How is everyone ...?  Been trying to get over the heavy cold that I succumbed to last week - these things do have a tendency to hang around and leave you depleted of energy once they get a hold.  Anyway, I didn't visit the gym for a week whist I was ill - that's a long time for me - so forced myself to go Tuesday night for a gentle workout.  I wasn't very enthusiastic on the treadmill I have to say ... until I heard this tune on my I Pod ...

Freemasons - Love On My Mind ...

Always loved this since it's release in 2005 - good grief 2005 - only seems like yesterday! This is a track that would have had me up on the dance floor of any club in my day ... not that I tend to 'do' clubs anymore ... nowadays it just gets me up on the treadmill...

So - enough of clubbing and back to reality!  As my youngest brother G left to return home to France this week, the other decided to turn up for a few days, so we were treated to a lovely meal Wednesday night when  Gourmet Gorman cooked for the family. Tandoori Pork, Chicken Mulligatawny and my Grandpa Richard's 'Devil Chutney' - (tomatoes, onions, chillies, mint and coriander I think!).  

All I've seemed to want to eat recently is Indian food - it's the only thing I've been able to taste...and I can confirm that all of the above tasted bloomin' marvellous!  Thanks Gourmet Gorman!

Have a great weekend!

Jen x


  1. Those photos are making me hungry!

  2. Yum! Very jealous of the fact that you have a chef for a brother! Can I borrow him please? ;-)
    Hope you're feeling better from your cold now - I woke up with one this morning so I have been comfort eating all evening with that as the excuse...oh dear. But they do say feed a cold, starve a fever, don't they...!
    This is the problem with working in a school - the parents force their kids to come in even when they are ill, and really think they're doing good, but actually all that happens is that everyone else catches their germs - which is exactly what happened in my case. Wish they'd stay at home!
    Have a great weekend Jenny!
    Mel xx

    1. Cold is a lot better thanks Mel -still hankering after spicy food though - don't know what's up with me! Definitely feeding a cold is the best way I think. I imagine after a while working at school your resistance will have built up? - so many things flying around! Have a great weekend and carry on with the comfort eating! xx

  3. Hope you're feeling better :)

    Those pictures look soooo good!



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