Wednesday 15 May 2013

Balance Me Rose Otto Body Balm - Review


I was recently contacted on behalf of Skin Nutrition - sister company of the Nutrition Centre.  Both companies are based in Cheltenham and are beauty and health retailers offering - between them - a range of natural/organic skin and body care together with vitamins, minerals, supplements and remedies. In fact the Nutrition Centre is actually celebrating "40 years in the nutritional supplement world" and have launched a new website which you can check out (and give feedback on) right here!

Here's one of the products I received - Balance Me Rose Otto Body Balm...

I think most of us are familiar with Balance Me products one way or another - their philosophy is "beauty that works naturally" and the company aim "to address and resolve every day skin conditions and concerns (without causing new issues in the process) and bring skin back into balance."    

Now I realise it resembles a pot of solid candle wax but don't be fooled my friends...!

Initially, I must say I wasn't sure this would be totally suitable for everyday use. In the main - pampering 'after-shower' time for me is a treat (Mums will know where I'm coming from).  I rarely have time to hang around rubbing stuff in - it  has to be a quick fix!  However - I was surprised at how easily the balm melts once warmed in the palms of your hands and then literally glides on in no time at all. The trick is to use just the right amount - you don't need loads - too much and it gets a little greasy (but too little and you end up dragging on your skin).  Used in the correct quantity it leaves skin soothed and silky with a veil of subtle scented rose and it makes me want to touch my arm all evening as it's so soft! (erm ... that would get me some weird looks I imagine!)

I've also used the balm as a concentrated overnight hand treatment. Having had a heavy cold recently -incurring all the necessary 'extra' hand-washing - my hands have been going through one of their extra-dry phases.  At times like this my hands can be quite sensitive to products which are overly-perfumed or cosmetic as such - natural products suit best and don't irritate them further. This has therefore been ideal to slather on last thing and let sink in overnight.  It seems to have done the job as my hands haven't started cracking and bleeding this time round!

The Rose-Otto Body Balm is priced at £20 per 170ml pot - which is more than I would usually pay for an 'everyday' body moisturiser. However - given that you only need a small amount at a time it should last for quite a while so will be something I'll probably put on a Christmas/Birthday list!

You can check out Balance Me products and other organic/natural ranges together with current offers on the Skin Nutrition website here and for vitamins, minerals, supplements etc visit the Nutrition Centre on their new website here.

Have you tried any Balance Me products - which is your favourite?

Jen x


  1. This sounds lovely and I love the scent of rose. x

    1. If you like a bit of rose this should be right up your street Alice! xx

  2. Looks a lovely product! I like balms like this rather than rich creams - they seem to add more lasting moisture!

    1. I agree Claire - rich creams sometimes take too long to rub in too! xx


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