Thursday 25 October 2012

The Multi-Tasking Syndrome ...


Sorry this is just a bit of waffle I'm afraid....and nothing much to do with beauty reviews!

Saturday -  I was stripping beds (thought I'd make use of the good drying weather!) whilst putting washing in, after having hung out the previous load, whilst uploading blog photos for a post, whilst taking more blog photos for further posts, whilst taking down my mum and dads shopping list (they're getting on a bit and can't get around like they used to so I often pick up bits for them), whilst trying to clean the bathroom, whilst planning what to feed the family on for the weekend...

Shortly after I rammed down a quick slice of toast and cheese (as I was heading off to pilates/gym and then Sainsburys shop), choked whilst gulping down water with my vitamin tablets because I was trying to talk to my husband about something I needed doing whilst I was gone, got told off by him for dashing around - said I was going to get indigestion and to slow down ... in the back of my mind I knew I'd be unable to dash about for the next hour during my pilates class!

Sometimes I have the ability to do this thing - to whirl around (like in an old fashioned musical!) - spinning from one job to the next whilst always preparing the next mind seems to plan the next couple of jobs as I do the current one - in order to squeeze every ounce of productivity out of me, ....and my body goes with it and I fly around (not literally of course) between jobs and woe betide anyone that gets in my way (usually my poor hubby lumbering around in the kitchen).

Every so often though my mind and body pack in - totally give up the goat if you like - I can't think straight, I can't plan anything, menus, shopping lists, blog posts/photos, my energy disappears, I feel all muddled up and I move around really slowly (for me).  I lose the will and ability to single-task in a hurry never mind multi-task! It's almost as if I tear around so much most of the time that my being just says 'HALT' -  'right - that's enough - I'm well and truly knackered so I'm shutting up shop now and there ain't nothing (goin' on but the rent! sorry meant to type there ain't nothing) you can do about it - but the other phrase just slipped out - the majority of you won't know what the hell I'm going on about - just you-tube Gwen Guthrie!

So - it's almost like a Jekyll and Hyde existence or should I say Hare and Tortoise syndrome - one fast and furious and one slow and plodding!

Is it just me? Does everyone do this to themselves and then suffer the 'burn out' or are you a steady pacer, accomplishing things in a sensible manner and not reaching for the impossible?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining - I love that life is full and brimming but maybe I just need to take my mum's advice and sit down now and again - (in between the mayhem) with a tea/coffee and read a magazine/blog. Pretty sure she didn't when we were young though!

Just one more thing - on occasion I've been asked by (male) colleagues at work  'will I be increasing my hours now both kids are growing up a bit?' - my reply is usually - 'I'm actually really busy when I'm at home and don't know how I'd fit everything in' - to which they say 'well what else is there to do once you've got the kids off to school? Push the hoover round and shove a load of washing in?' - I reply 'You ain't got a clue mate...!'

What would your response have been?

Jen x


  1. I know exactly what you mean about multi-tasking, whizzing around and I don't even have kids yet!! Make sure you give yourself a break every once in a while.

    Laurie at xx

    1. Wait till you have kids - then it'll be doubled! Yep - you're right about the break - otherwise I'm no good to anyone! x

  2. Argh I hate it when men make that kind of response! Housework is a job in itself I swear, you just don't get paid for it!xx

  3. So true! Do these men do it just to wind us up I wonder or do they really not get it? A lot of them couldn't stand the pace! xx

  4. i'm the same I rush around like a mad thing, then collapse for a day every now and then!! Spinning plates - if you stop running they will all fall to the ground and smash! Thats what working and parenting is like! And the older the children get , the more work they seem to create!! Ive had my busiest half term ever since my eldest went to secondary - men will never understand until they are made to do it! Take the high road and ignore!! XX

    1. Sounds so familiar - it's once you stop that it hits you doesn't it? I took the 'high road' (for once!)- couldn't be bothered to try to explain! Never mind - all in a days work! ;) xx


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