Tuesday 16 October 2012

Review - MUA 3 in 1 Contour Pen


I bought the 3 in 1 Contour Pen as part of the MUA haul the other week. I went for Gunmetal as I have a few black liners already and like the smokiness grey can add.

So here's the nib, a sort of chiseled affair as you can see.  The description on the back of the box states that you can use the three different sides of the nib to achieve different looks.  For me, with this particular shade, it only works one way, ie by using the fattest part of the nib.

A word of warning - don't press too hard on the nib as I did or it just breaks off!

Maybe it's because the colour is quite transparent once applied, on my skin tone it's no good as a liner for definition because you just can't see it.  However, used with the fattest/widest part of the nib (only applied to my top lid) it creates quite a nice wash of colour which (I hope) doesn't make me look as if I've just bruised my eyelid!  It's quick and easy (always good) to use, glides on smoothly and doesn't drag on the old (already creased) eyelid area.

I do like it, but can you even see it in the pic?  I thought I'd applied loads but maybe I just need to pile it on a bit more or try a darker colour?

For a mere £1.50 one can't complain, will maybe try the brown next and see what happens?  You can check out MUA's 3 in 1 Contour Pen here.

Have you tried this Contour Pen and which colour worked best for you?

Jen x


  1. I like it and you can clearly SEE the “silvery line”!!!! And you know what they say less is more + you don’t want to look like a left behind Disco Diva from the seventies!!!! :o) XXX

    1. Thanks - I like it too, and you're right, I'll pass on the 'Disco Diva' look ... for the time being...! xx

  2. oh it looks good swatched! shame it doesnt show up too much! x

    1. It shows up more 'off camera' - couldn't overdo it on that day as I was going out afterwards! x

  3. Replies
    1. Thankyou - yes, I can't complain at the price!

  4. I love graphite type eye liners - they are less harsh than black sometimes. Like the slight sparkle there seems to be in this one too! Good choice and price. X

  5. Thanks Claire - yes I can't do too much black anymore - now and again for a night out maybe but for everyday has to be something a bit softer! xx

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