Friday, 12 October 2012

Fave Friday Track - S'Express - Theme From S'Express


Well, what can I say - I heard this on my IPod the other night at the gym (for the millionth time!) and decided I had to share.

S'Express - Theme From S'Express 

For some reason 'Back to the Old Skool' have it under Theme To (not From) S'Express - never noticed that until today (sorry just waffling there).

Released in April 1988 - it topped the charts at No 1 for 2 weeks and I think was one of the most influential tracks of the acid house scene.

'Enjoy this trip! Enjoy this trip! And it is a trip! Countdown is progressing!'
You may or may not have noticed that this is the 'slogan' I have near my blog profile.  This is one of my favourite all time dance tracks, so uplifting and just reminds me of good clubbing times.  Just got us all up and bouncing around (sometimes in hotpants!) - memories eh?

What's your good memory dance track to bounce around to (with or without the hotpants!)?

Jen x


  1. Used to love this track - always guaranteed to get you on the dance floor in the day!

  2. 'In the day' - miss those times! :)

  3. Not as good as Dolly Parton's 9 to 5.

  4. Would this be Mr F by any chance - should have known! :)


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