Friday, 14 March 2014

Cruising with Shabba and Maxi...!


Recently Trevor (of the Nelson variety - Collection 2) has been accompanying me on many a car journey - some proper corkers on this 2nd compilation!

The other morning myself and Trevor were on our way into work when Shabba (Ranks) and Maxi (Priest) started doing their 'thing' during 'Housecall' (I felt that this should have read 'thang' but thought some may think it was a mere spelling mistake!).  The sun was shining and I had to resist the temptation to wind my window down and stick my elbow out in 'cruising' position (you know the one!) - thought maybe a gal of my age - dressed for the office - may look rather weird in this stance ...!  Anyway ... this ol'tune just brought a smile to my face and chilled me out - even the usual endless string of drivers who seemingly dilly-dally around in no particular rush to get anywhere fast, didn't phase me ... this is good ...!

Shabba Ranks feat. Maxi Priest - Housecall

See what I mean - don't you want to just do that Reggae hip-swaying thing? Even though for the most part I'm struggling to understand what our Shabba is saying - it's just sun and chill music and I need this in my life ...!

What's your 'sun and chill' tune? Can you understand our Shabba?

Jen x


  1. I only understand "Check-it" ha... havent heard this song in ages and ages xx

  2. Summer, summer, summertime.............that's my happy sunshine tune oh and Summer Breeze x

  3. Style Council. Long hot summer!

  4. I'm a right grump at the moment - can't bear to have anything playing when I get home as I crave some quiet after the noise of 30 kids all day!

  5. You should definitely cruise! I love Stereophonics' local boy in the photograph in the sunshine!

    1. I think I will cruise someday Gaelle! Haven't heard Stereophonics for so long! xx

  6. I love Reggae & Maxi Priest has always been a favourite since my school days! My friends Mum loved him & so we listened to him a lot! Theres too many favs to name & I can't wait to blast them out when the weather warms up finally! Ax


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