Friday 1 November 2013

Half-Term, Plan B and Elf Bargains to be had...!


Well another Friday is upon us, another half term has come and gone... I had some time off work and foolishly thought I would be able to chill and relax with the kids.  Not the case I'm afraid - it's been a bit manic for various reasons - one of which the poor pooch ended up with an eye injury and was in a lot of pain - we thought he may lose his sight in that eye. Thankfully he's been treated successfully after a couple of trips to the vets and should be ok but is now having problems with his (huge) ears - very narrow ear canals - common in King Charles Spaniels but his are extra narrow! So he's on eye medication, eye drops and ear drops - the poor thing is falling to bits!

This afternoon I should have been ironing school uniforms ready for Monday and putting PE kits back together but surprise surprise got totally distracted by Twitter and a half price offer at Elf Cosmetics - ended up ordering some goodies at bargain prices instead - it's got to be done. Think the offer is on until 4 November so check out their website for full details if you fancy bagging a bargain! Also just noticed that Sharron from Style At Every Age has listed a whole heap of tempting offers on tonight's 'Something For The Weekend Post' here so I'll be perusing that lot later on - thanks Sharron!

I am more than happy to stay in tonight - so cold and rainy and if the hubby wants to put some music on whilst I'm cooking his Enchiladas (!) then it's going to have to be something chilled such as...

Plan B - Love Goes Down...

Have you had a manic or chilled out half term? Are you staying in or off out tonight? Will you be bagging any bargains this weekend? How many more questions can I ask on one paragraph?

Jen x


  1. A bit of both. Have been down to London with the kids thinking we would take them sight seeing, go on a London bus, trip down the Thames. Are they bothered? Are they heck! So we ended up busy doing nothing. Which is almost worse than being too busy.

    And speaking of poorly pets - my old Monts needs a trip to the vets on Monday - ingrowing claw. Ouch.

    1. We've done the London thing - you need another break to get over it when you get back! Hope Monty goes on ok at the vets :)

  2. Thanks for the mention doll, hasn't this week flown? Hope your pooch is Ok, I'm so worried about my dogs, 2 pugs got stolen from a garden a few miles away the other weekend and my neighbour had 2 of his Spaniels stolen from his garden the other night, so worrying xx

    1. No probs Sharron! Can't believe that's it until Christmas! How awful about the dogs - it's madness xx

  3. Oh no, hope the poor pooch is better! Everyday around here seems manic at the moment ha ha x


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