Tuesday 10 September 2013

Wild About Beauty - Eyeshadow Pencil Duo - Review


This Wild About Beauty Eyeshadow Pencil Duo (in shade Annie) was another item included in the kit I recently purchased from QVC.  You can see my review on their Multi-Purpose Tint  here.

It consists of a thinner tip (left) in a soft velvety mid brown and a thicker tip (right) in a golden bronze colour for using all over the eyelid.  Both ends glide on easily and there is no pulling or dragging of the eyelid. Swatched below, thinner end on top, thicker end below...

The thinner end is not quite as deep a shade as I would usually go for along the lash line but it adds subtle definition during the day which lasts pretty well and can be smudged and built up for a smokier look.  The bronzed end is a lovely colour but is more suitable for evening as it consists of sparkly bits which are a bit too obvious for me in the day.   You need an eyelid primer on first, otherwise the colour doesn't last very long on the lid, but melts away and sits in the creases, leaving only the glittery bits, which have a tendency to transfer and travel around the eye area - it does, however, last a bit longer when used with a primer, but not all evening (on me anyway).  It's a shame as the pencil is so easy to use and creates a pretty look  - and the lure of using an eye-shadow pencil for speed is something which definitely appeals to me as a busy mum!

Basically - only one half of the pencil is floating my boat so not an item I would re-purchase as a stand-alone product.

Have you tried the Wild About Beauty Eyeshadow Pencil Duo? What's your favourite eyeshadow pencil?

Jen x


  1. Oh Jenny, that looks lovely! Fab colour too. I've heard about the brand but have never tried anything. Shame it's not as good as you hoped. I'm not very good about eyeshadow at all..as a contact lens wearer, I tend to avoid eye makeup...constantly rubbing my eyes so it aways ends badly :) xx

  2. It is a shame but it is a fab colour I agree! I'm a contact lens wearer too Avril so I try not to use anything that'll end up in my eyes! xx

  3. The colour looks pretty though! I am using gel eye liners more as they stay in place on my watery old eyes! x

    1. I must have a good go with a gel liner - I'm usually better with a pencil! xx


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