Wednesday 25 September 2013

The Skincare Tag!


I mentioned to Sasha from Ramblings of a Beauty Bird and Natasha from Shot of Beauty that I fancied this tag a long long time ago ... as usual it's taken a while but finally I've sorted it ... The Skincare Tag!

Describe your skincare routine in 5 words
Clean. Hydrate. Replenish. Protect. No-fuss.  Well that's my aim anyway! I don't have masses of time to faff around - either dashing about in the mornings or falling asleep at night-time (sound familiar you mums?) but I do try to make sure I stick to a similar routine as far as possible.

What's your skin type?

Normal/combination - with a typical oily t-zone - prone to open pores, cheeks can be dry/dehydrated (especially in winter) - even sported a bit of eczema a few months ago - so a bit of a mixed bag.

What's your favourite skincare product?
Difficult one! I'm still loving my Vichy Aqualia Thermal Serum (I love serums!) - review here.

Top blemish zapper
I seem to get spots when I'm run down and sometimes at the time of the month. I don't actually own a current 'zapper' (best rectify that!) but in the past I've used  Liz Earle's Spot On (which appears to have been discontinued for the moment) - shame!

Face wipes yay or nay?

Nope - used to in my younger days but they don't float my boat any more, I'd rather just use my cleanser and hot cloth- love a hot cloth!

Toner Yay or Nay? Yep - I tried to do without toning for a while to save time and money but my skin didn't seem to like the omission so I returned to the fold mainly for hydration.  Looking to introduce an exfoliating toner into the routine soon.

High end skincare or high end makeup?
I'd go for skincare. I think your skin is worth investing in and if you get the skincare right the make-up bit seems to fall into place.  However, I wouldn't use high end just for the sake of it, find whatever works for you and go with it, whether it's high end, middle ground or high street.

What's the most unusual skincare product you've tried?

Sorry to sound a bit boring but I don't think I've used anything extremely unusual on my skin. I do have some of that snake venom serum, from an old beauty box, unopened though!

You're in a French pharmacy and can only pick one item - what is it?
I am 'Mrs Indecisive' - honestly don't know, probably some sort of radiance/hydration mask?

Tell us your top skincare tip 

Get enough sleep, drink enough fluids and respect your skin!  I do fall down on the first two I must admit but I think age has taught me to treat my skin with a little respect and try to look after it - after all it's the only one I got!

So there you go!  Hope you've enjoyed reading the tag - I've enjoyed everyone else's!

Jen x


  1. Loved this Jenny! You def need to get the Pixi Glow Tonic :) x

    1. Thanks Sam - definitely after the Pixi Glow! x

  2. Loved reading this - I'm after the Pixi Glow too as above! I love hearing about people's routines. I think I am the same - I go for high end skin care, but not so much on the make up. X

    1. I like reading about routines too! I'd love a load of high end make-up Claire but just can't afford it most of the time! x

  3. Great answers Jenny! Thanks for the mention. I definitely recommend getting an exfoliating toner - I have Pixi Glow Tonic and since I started using it every day I've noticed my skin improve quite significantly. It's less dry, brighter and clearer - fingers crossed it stays that way!xx

  4. No problem at all Sasha and thanks! I can't wait to get my exfoliating toner now - sounds just what I need! xx

  5. Great brands you've picked. I haven't tried the EH cleansing balm yet, but it's like the new must try product so just a question of time :o). Xx

    1. Thanks Charlotte! The EH cleansing balm is addictive - pity it's so expensive though! xx

  6. I have enjoyed reading this. Great answers and great products. You def know how to choose great brands of products to try out. I'll check on these products too.

  7. Loved your answers Jenny and I am right with you on the high end skincare over high end makeup and the hell no to face wipes!


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