Friday 31 August 2012

Fave (Rave) Friday Track!


Back to my clubbing days now, inspired by last week's 'How Clubbing Changed the World', one of my favourite dance tracks -

Injected with a Poison  - Praga Khan 

Released in 1992, what a tune...!

My hubby and I used to go down to Newquay with a group of friends over the August Bank Holiday in the early 90's, for a long weekend of basically pub and club crawls! Those were indeed the days ... we both remember visiting the 'Sailor's Alms' nightclub (amongst others) and dancing - well, me dancing with the girls, him sort of slamming with the lads  (rave style) in the 'pit' that was the dance floor - to this particular track. Wish I could have a proper 'go' at stuff like this again someday (before I get too old!) ... such a headrush!

Warning - the following video contains a bit of a flashing image type thing! (really it does).

Apologies to anyone who dislikes Rave music but now and again I just need to get it out there ...!  "There's a rainbow inside my mind....." - well most days anyway :)

Have it on my IPod for the treadmill now - definitely still gets me on a 'musical high'!

What's your 'musical headrush'?

Jen x


  1. I was defo a soul girl but not so much into rave! I loved last weeks how clubbing changed the world as I feel I have been part of the journey and now my daughters are out doing it, loving the music from my past! I listen to Pete Tong most Friday nights x

    1. I feel exactly the same about the 'journey' - often said it was an exiting and innovative time musically when we were young + was glad to be part of it! Old Pete Tong - fab DJ! x

  2. Thanks - will check it out! x


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