Sunday 12 August 2012

Summer Grub Special!!


Ok so this is the last time I'll be 'going on' about my holiday but I had some gentle criticism from a male friend at work who complained that there was 'too much beauty and not enough biryani' on my blog, sorry about that Lenno - don't seem to have had much time for 'proper cooking' lately! So without further ado, I've compiled a 'Beauty and the Biryani and Gourmet Gorman Summer Special'!

On holiday all the 'proper' cooking was done by my muso brother Gourmet Gorman, he seems to be able to apply himself to culinary matters in anyone's kitchen and improvise with whatever tools/ingredients he's presented with (giving my mum a well earned break!).  All the eating was done by the rest of the family as well as copious amounts of boozing by my hubby and two brothers, once they all get together, that's it!!

Some of the delicious meals we were treated to ...

1st night!

 Gourmet Gorman says - ' improvised part baked chicken fricasee/casserole type thing with a Dijon/cream sauce and a braised (in butter, chicken stock and wine) mushroom and shallot garniture.'
Dads birthday dinner!

Mince curry with aubergine, red pepper and potato, buttered tomato and vege pilau and masala fried aubergine.

Fishy night! 

Oven poached fish on a bed of cherry tomatoes in stock, wine, paprika and herbs.

Omelette night!

Massive omelette with potato and mushroom. Ratatouille vege with red wine, creme fraiche and Dijon mustard.

Little Bro's birthday dinner!

Chicken curry, lemon vegetable pilau and masala fried aubergine.

Pasta night!

Sausage and haricot bean pasta bake with a tomato, red wine, and creme fraiche sauce with paprika and nutmeg served with homemade garlic bread.

A couple of the lads' holiday tipples!

Little bro and myself watching Gourmet Gorman slaving over a hot stove!

We also had a barbeque night which speaks for itself! and a few 'shove in the oven/open a can' nights while Gourmet Gorman was elsewhere in France gigging with Kid Creole and the Coconuts! Bet many of you don't remember them!

Gourmet Gorman has given a brief description of each dish but if anyone wants any specific recipes in more detail you can always email me and I'll do my best to sort it out for you!

What's your fave holiday fodder?

Jen x


  1. Food looks amazing, great post

  2. This all looks amazing! I want to come to your restaurant!

  3. I love you're blog ( both Biryani and Beauty parts!)! So I've nominated you for a Liebster award, you can see it here :)


  4. These dishes look amazing - i would love it if someone cooked meals like that for me!! I'm lucky if I get a ready meal warmed up on a Friday night!!!! What an amazing cook to have in the family! X

  5. Thanks, we were definitely spoiled! My brother really enjoys cooking (says he finds it relaxing), and the whole family really enjoy eating! x

  6. Thanks Jenny!! That's more like it. I was starting think you had forgot about the "Biryani" part of your blog! Maybe Gourmet Gorman could teach you a thing or two - the curries look top notch!! You have to bring the finished product in to work of course...

  7. Cheers Lenno! I think Gourmet Gorman could teach us all a thing or two, don't you? I always feel the pressure if I cook when he's around! Would love to bring some fodder into work but not sure of the office policy on exotic dishes! x


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