Tuesday 7 August 2012

Mini Shopping Spree/Haul!!


I've been trying to be really good on the 'attire spending front'.  I've not done too bad - all I bought over the past month or so was this lot - and everything was £10.00 or under, not bad thee eh??

Zara Crochet Top - £9.99 - going to wear this over a black strappy top with my black pvc skinnies.

H & M Sequin Top - £10.00 - a little 'out of season' but will go with black shorts and opaque tights later on in the year (maybe xmas-do style?).

Black Silky Dress - £10.00 - couldn't get the skirt on this to fall right on this pic so had to pull it out to the side! Going to 'toughen' this dress up with some ankle boots I think!

Primark Stripe 'Pocket' Long Sleeve T-Shirt - £3.50 - basic T to go with my skinny jeans!

Lil' Woven Primark Bag - £3.00 - can't go wrong at this price!

Bargins eh?  What have you bought lately?

Jen x


  1. Love that Primark T - hope they still have them when I am spending in a few weeks time! You really got some good bargains there! x

    1. Love bargins! Looking forward to your spending spree! x

  2. lovely post, and lovely blog girl!

    love, rach.

    1. Thanks! Going to pop over to yours now! x


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