Friday 20 February 2015

An Introduction to Rave (Music) ...!


Some time ago whilst we were in the car, my little girl (she's not actually so little any more but she's still my little girl!) posed the question 'Mum ... what's rave music?'  The words that sprang to mind were ... 'a great philosopher once wrote ... naughty naughty, very naughty!'  (If you were familiar with The Shamen back in the day you'll know where I'm coming from!).

I called upon one of my trusty 'Old Skool' CDs which just happened to be in the car  (surprise) and satisfied her curiosity.   This is one you may remember if you were around a certain age back in 1991...!

Altern 8 Activ-8 (Come with me)

Not sure my girl was totally impressed at the idea of mum and dad having jumping around liberally in clubs to this type of music when we were 'young'!  I seem to remember the hubby had a tape ... yes one of those antiquated affairs ... of all the current house/rave tracks in the car which we would play on the 7 hour drive down to Newquay for a bank holiday weekend of clubbing back in the early 90s ... it kept me awake as far Bristol but after that I was out for the count ... luckily the hubby was driving!

This is one of the many tunes on my IPod ... stick it on ... get on the treadmill on an evening ... and off you go (it's about as close to raving as I'll get these days!). Top one, nice one, get sorted!

What would be your 'introduction to rave' track?

Jen x


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