Friday 7 February 2014

I Need Some 'California Love' (and Sun)...!


You know it's not going to be a good one when you wake up at the start of the week with what seems like several large bricks weighing your head down and you have to go for the painkillers first thing whilst squinting to even see them! Luckily the headaches have diminished as the week has gone on and today my head actually feels pretty normal for the time being...!  How bad has the weather been though and how awful for all the poor people affected by the flooding and storms. I think everybody and their uncle has had enough of the cold, dark, stormy, dreary, wet, windy, grey etc etc etc weather.   Today's glimmer of sunshine popping in and out of the clouds is like heaven ...!

Last weekend I decided to listen to some tunes whilst preparing dinner - husband was engrossed in rugby (no surprise there) so why not!  My daughter sat trying to ignore the fact that I was singing and bopping around the kitchen (I am clearly too old for this type of activity!) and then the husband sneaked this tune on (rugby must have finished) ...

2Pac featuring Dr Dre - California Love

Released in 1995 it's another favourite from back in our heyday ...!

Ok so I'm not into the whole 'Mad Max' type of gear thing going on but oh to be in the California sunshine and be able to party (as much as one can at my age) on or near a beach with no cold hands and feet, aches and pains, no thermals and no hot water bottle!  And how low down and groovy is this tune?  Tell me you don't want to nod your head or even  "...shake it, shake it baby ... shake it, shake it mama...!".   Hubby proceeded to do the latter (just a little, mind, as is acceptable whilst in the kitchen with the family) - my daughter's words were ..."Dad please stop - you're hurting my eyes and vibrating the floor...!"

Have a good  weekend everyone and don't forget to 'shake it baby/mama' - even if just a little - it's good for the soul and circulation (if not the floorboards)!

Jen x


  1. I have to agree this weather is pretty ridiculous! Have a great weekend shaking it Jen! X

  2. Do you get migraines Jen? Sounds awful to have a headache for so long. Talking of aches and pains, I've had pain in my side for about 4 weeks and Doc is sending me for a scan of gallbladder and kidneys. Just hope I don't die before Chloe's wedding in June. Think we need to start an aches and pains forum and forget about fashion and beauty completely! x

    1. I do Sharron - rubbish I know but at least I have painkillers! You'd better get that pain seen to so you'll be fighting fit in June! Those stupid aches and pains - they get so much worse as you get older don't they? xx

  3. Shake it Mama! Hope you feel better?! Maybe the shaking helped?! ;) Ax

  4. I remember trying to do this once on the kareoke at a friends birthday party - not one on my life's finer moments!

  5. Ha love that one. Kids at school are always surprised that I know more 2pac songs than they do! I hope your head is better!


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