Friday 28 February 2014

Groovin' with Daft Punk ...!!


Well what a week of absolute madness (hence my lack of mid-week postage - haven't even had time to go to the gym!). The hubby wasn't around much due to the usual work commitments (what's new!) leaving yours truly to 'do' the half term thing with all the ferrying of kids backwards and forwards, left, right and centre! You know it's been a bit manic when you get to work and actually 'enjoy' the relative tranquillity of sitting at your desk with a cup of tea and several calculations (sad I know!).  Anyway, we're out tonight to my manager's leaving party - she's off to enjoy life outside of the office environment! No idea what to wear - haven't had much time to look for anything new so no doubt it will be the usual skinny jeans and black top with hopefully plenty of drinking and dancing ...!

Talking of dancing ... a couple of weeks ago when my daughter and myself were in New Look, a certain tune started playing over the shop stereo.  I was stopped in my tracks as I recognised it from years ago but couldn't pinpoint the artist etc and I said so to the young assistant - she gave me a somewhat quizzical look (as you can imagine) whilst advising me that she had no idea who it was - obviously! I was in agony - like a dog with a bone - and it was eating away at me.  I told my daughter I just wanted to get on down and boogie there and then on the shop floor - needless to say that didn't go down too well! I had to find out who had created this masterpiece I used to know but it had somehow passed me by - the shame! I knew it was something to do with with Parliament (the Funkadelic kind) but that was it.  Finally during that evening's #30sbloggers chat on Twitter it was established that this was indeed the tune ... the Daft Punk Remix - after all that I hope you enjoy the experience!

Scott Grooves Feat. Parliament/Funkadelic - Mothership Reconnection (Daft Punk Remix)...

What a mouthful - however, it's totally worth it ...takes me right back to 1998 ... who remembers this video?

How sweet to have found it again after all this time. It's going on my IPod now so I can enjoy on the treadmill in all it's grooviness!

Do you remember all the tunes you used to dance to - do you remember this Daft Punk Remix?

Jen x


  1. Music really does bring back those memories doesn't it. Queen's Bohemia Rhapsody always reminds me of my 6th form years. There was this one guy who was obsessed and played it over and over and over again. Good times x

    1. Certainly does Donna - good times indeed! xx

  2. Daft punk's first big album was when I was in sixth form and that brings back memories!! Hope you have some well deserved rest and relaxation!

    1. Thanks Gaelle - I was hungover actually so didn't do much! xx


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