Tuesday 23 July 2013

Love My Vouchers!!


Please tell me that's not the end of the blue skies and sunshine - I knew that once the kids finished school for the summer this would happen and it would be grey and rainy once again.......and don't get me started on drying the washing in warm but damp weather or on the state of my hair in all this humidity!

Anyway onto the matter in hand .......... I was recently contacted on behalf of LoveMyVouchers.co.uk - specialists in online discount promotions - to ask if I would like to display their voucher code widget on the blog.  I've therefore installed the widget to scroll through various beauty related discount codes (there's a surprise!), but there is a whole host of different categories available on the Love My Vouchers website as you can see here.  It looks like this and is situated over to your right in my sidebar!

It should be updated with the latest offers regularly so if you ever fancy taking advantage it's there (and obviously if you don't then just ignore it!).

Hope you enjoy!

Jen x

PS - If any of you lovely bloggers fancy displaying the widget for yourselves just follow the link...right here.


  1. Hair, what hair? Dry and crispy haystack more like! Thanks for sharing this, love me a discount!


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