Friday 15 March 2013

Ne-Yo - Closer!


I didn't do a music post last week - it was migraine time - dratted things!  Anyway at least we've had some sun this week and now it's grey and miserable again - what a surprise! Today I'm going for ...

Ne-Yo - Closer

Released in 2008 - feels like this has been around for much's got a bit of R&B, dance and pop all mixed in. It makes me think of warm summers and dancing the night away (not that I've experienced either lately!).

So ... I'm sitting at the computer, minding my own business, listening to this on youtube and doing that thing when the upper half of your body is getting on down whilst you are actually sitting down - can't help a bit of a dance every time I hear this song!  My little girl is sitting next to me and gives me an embarrassed sideways glance...

I ask 'What's the matter - don't you like this tune?'
She replies 'It's ok but you're dancing...'
I say 'What's wrong with that - I've been dancing a long time...'
She replies 'Looks weird...'

Thanks a bunch! It's obviously got to 'that stage' and the kids aren't even teenagers yet! Great!

Anyway - I can't complain too much because this is what she gave to me on Mother's Day as part of my pressie...she said I could share it with you...

Lovely isn't it - brought a little tear to my eye!
Jen x


  1. Aww bless her :)

    LOVE this song x

    1. Cute isn't it? Yep it's a stupendous track that's for sure! xx


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