Sunday 22 April 2012

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer

This iconic pre-shampoo treatment is suitable for all hair types.

Simply dampen hair slightly with water and apply the appropriate amount - I think it's between 1 and 4 pumps - depending on hair type and length etc. I tend to concentrate on mid lengths and ends.  Leave on for the required time - which is said to be between 10 and 20 minutes. For me, the longer it's left on the better - apparently it can also be left in overnight. Then just shampoo and condition as normal.

I have fine, frizzy, highlighted hair and use hair straighteners every other day so obviously suffer from dry, frazzled ends.  This treatment really is the business, it makes such a difference to the condition of my hair, softer, shinier and so much more manageable.

Elasticizer usually retails at around £22.50 for 150ml, so when this came up on QVC  as their beauty pick of the month £55.00 for 1 litre, I didn't hesitate! As you can see from above pic it's a hefty size and will last and last for ages - fantastic value!

Happy hair days girls!   


  1. I can't be without this - love it. Restocked mine with the pick of the month too :)) x

  2. In love with it, totally changed my hair. Finally a product that works! Esp. for thin, damaged hair.

  3. Completely agree with you both! xx


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