Sunday 22 March 2015

Another Birthday, Another Wishlist ...


If you follow me on Instagram you may have gleaned that Friday was my birthday - I forced myself to wear a dress - get me!  This post was obviously meant to be published earlier on in the week but it didn't get finished in time - we're having fitted wardrobes in my daughter's bedroom and there has been a lot of moving of stuff around! How does one so young accumulate so much crap stuff?!  The floor of my own bedroom is currently littered with boxes and resembles an 'Albert's Bazaar' - that's my mum's term for jumble sale! It's doing my head in but a bit of deep breathing will help - won't be for much longer!   Anyway ... I didn't think it was appropriate to sit finishing off this post on my actual birthday as the husband was patiently waiting to take me out for a spot of shopping and lunch ...  so, a bit late but lets just pretend it's a few days earlier!

'It's my birthday, it's my birthday. I'mma (not a spelling mistake) spend hubby's money!  Yep well that's the plan anyway!'
Another Birthday, Another Wishlist!

When my mum and hubby first asked ... 'What do you want for your birthday?' ... I couldn't bring anything in particular to mind ...I know ... I must be mad!  Then I realised there are a few things I would quite like ... after all it's ok to have a few treats on your birthday right?

Bronzo Italia Rolo Link Bracelet - I'm into the whole Rose Gold thing and I love the chunkiness of this bracelet. Hoping my mum will take the 'QVC hint'!

Green Shirt and Tangerine Platform Pumps - I'm so ready for a pop or two of colour after the dreariness of Winter! I'd love a bright shirt to wear with skinnies and maybe a new pair of posh shoes (these are posh to me!) to wear with a plain outfit - I'm blaming the latter totally on Donna from I Won't Wear Sludge Brown take a look at her post here and you'll see what I mean!

Adidas/Nike Running Shoes - I'd say these are more of a need!  Being a regular 'gym-goer' my trainers take a lot of battering and I've had my current pair for so long that the tread is starting to wear so they could do with being replaced.  I'm fancying a change from standard white - which would you go for?

Funk Soul Classics - been listening to a lot of 80s groovy stuff recently. Takes me back to pre-house music days of dancing round my huge clutch bag in white stilettos and big curly hair!  I'd love another compilation to put in the car!

MAC Blushbaby/Benefit Dallas - I figured it's ok to buy one more totally unnecessary blusher on your birthday! I've been wanting to dip into the world of MAC blushers for a while and there's something about Blushbaby ...!  Can't decide whether to plump for me ol' matey Benefit Dallas though, which I've never got round to replacing!

L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream - an absolute favourite but one I tend to save as a proper treat as it's rather pricey! I've asked my brother to bring me one back from France when he comes over this weekend. Bet he forgets! 

Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue - this is a Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream with SPF30 and I don't think it's available in the UK until April but it's a product I really fancy trying for the warmer months so it's on my list!

Dressing Table Mirror - last but not least and yes - a bit of a weird choice but ... I would really like a new dressing table mirror! Although not strictly a need - I already have a mirror but it's not so big and it's balanced on top of a basket on my set of drawers which acts as my dressing table. A taller mirror, properly positioned, so I don't have to squat to look into it every time I want to apply some slap or dry my hair would be such a treat!

So ... that was my birthday wishlist - bit back to front but that's me all over! I did have a lovely day though - the hubby was super nice to me - not that he's usually horrible or anything but you know what I mean! My brother had come home from France for the weekend (and yes he forgot the L'Occitane hand cream!),  my musician brother is on tour in America with Kid Creole and the Coconuts (remember them!) and called to wish me a Happy Birthday from Dallas, Texas (how the other half live!).  My mum baked a superb three tier cake (which also went on Instagram) and we had a huge chinese with the family in the evening - suffice to say we were all stuffed! 

What would be on your birthday wishlist? Is it a big one (the wishlist not the birthday!)?

Jen x

PS. And yes I'm aware that my font is a bit weird in these last few paragraphs but I've had the same problem as you Sarah from Forty Therapy with regards to the font! Don't have time to sort it at the minute so it'll have to do for this post!


  1. Happy Belated Birthday Jenny! It sounds like you had a good one & of course you deserve to be spoilt rotten! What did you get?!! Big Birthday hugs! x

    1. Thanks Andrea - I had a very good one! I'll have to post about my presents won't I? x

  2. Doesn't the font thing drive you mad?! Great wish list, I adore the Orange shoes! I've got a rather large wish list myself for an impending Big birthday ;) xx

    1. Yep I've not had a problem before but it drove me round the bend this time Sarah! The orange shoes are great aren't they? x

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful Birthday Jenny x Some lovely choices there, spotted a mirror pretty much the same as that in the Range the other day, heres the link Hun xx

    1. I did thanks Gail! Thanks for the link will check it out xx

  4. Happy Belated Birthday Jenny....hope you had a fab time!

  5. Happy Belated Birthday! I'm so sorry I missed it! Hope you got your L'Occitane hand cream :-) xx

    Ramblings of a Beauty Bird | Beauty Blog

    1. Thanks Sasha! Nope he didn't bring it over! Will have to treat myself! xx


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