Sunday 22 February 2015

50 Shades of Stripes ... (and Grey!) ...


Bit random this one but last week as I was laid in bed one morning (it was half term so that's acceptable) I got to thinking that (excluding beauty products in my case of course!) we all have our weaknesses right?  For some this may be shoes, handbags, jewellery, frocks, coats or just clothing in general ... for me it seems to be ...

Stripes ... we have a selection of long sleeves and three-quarter sleeves which I tend to wear a lot for work at the moment as our office isn't as cold as our house! Then there are short sleeve Ts and vests ready for Summer.   I don't seem to venture into  dress territory for some reason but there's something about a good stripey top I can't resist ...!

Greys ... oh dear ... ok so maybe not the full 50, but seriously there are so many shades of grey ... from the palest to the deepest charcoal ... I can't get enough of it and I find it so easy to wear!  There are Tshirts, tops, sweatshirts, jumpers, thin cardigans, thick cardigans (the one on the right is from Matalan and is so thick and warm it's never off my back when I'm at home!), pencil skirts, a pair of jeans, this isn't even the full arsenal here!  I really don't need any more grey items in my wardrobe but the other day out shopping with my friend I picked up a grey T from H&M - (top far right with the label still on!) because I had some Christmas money still to spend and because I don't already have that particular shade of grey ... that's what I told myself anyway ...

Mugs ... this lot is just a random selection  a) couldn't fit them all in the pic b) some were in the dishwasher c) I probably have a couple of each pictured here.  See for me (the husband thinks I'm weird - to him a mug is a mug) different drinks taste better in different cups and also for me size matters! In the morning I want a big one (mug of tea), in the afternoon a smaller one will do coffee/tea/hot chocolate (I never seem to have a big one in the afternoon). And there's something comforting about buying a new mug and giving it a good home but I have to curb my addiction as we'll run out of cupboard space! (You think I'm weird now don't you?)

So ... am I daft or what? In my defence none of these items are really expensive even but tell me I'm not the only one with a 'problem'!  Make me feel better and tell me about your weakness(s)!

Jen x


  1. Gosh you read my mind, I was going to ask how many stripe tops people had as I have (cough) lots. My weaknesses are Bretons, shoes and kindling. I can't resist picking up a few bags for the fire everytime I go to the petrol station. Even the hubby does it. Bizarre I know but hey mugs????

  2. Oh I'm glad you are as bad as me haha! I love blue and white stripes and grey tops! Have a post coming on Friday for my grey addiction! x

  3. Yep you daft lol but so is everyone else in the world we all have our little "weaknesses", mine is dresses...... I dont even wear half of them :) Im also with you on the striped top front Im getting quite a collection now xx

  4. Haha, totally get you on the stripes & grey thing, I also have loads! But I just can't do mugs that don't match!! ;). If my kids ever get gifts with mugs, they have to go into the special mis-matched mug cupboard as it breaks me out into a cold sweat if they go in with the matching ones! Omg, now I sound like a total weirdo!! :D x

  5. Great post, Jenny. I love this! I have a bit of a weakness for stripes too and also khaki trousers, scarves and pretty white blouses... My hubby is always moaning about the number of mugs we have :-( Lynne xx

  6. I am definitely with you on stripes and mugs Jenny! Laughing at Sarah's comment above but I do have a special cupboard for my white ones!!
    ~Anne xx

  7. Oh yes stripes I just love them.....I do have a few, but not as many as you Jenny! My obsession is white t-shirts! I am always looking for the perfect one, and of course when they go the slightest bit grey (even though I love grey) they go in the bin! Helen xx

    1. Ah see I'm not bad at all with white t-shirts Helen! xx

  8. Lol!! Brilliant! I think stripes have been really chic for a year or so now. I’ve seen them about everywhere! They are so versatile too so I admit I have a few striped, nautical tops :-) Grey goes with everything and is key in any women’s wardrobe :-) I have a bit of an addition to buying nail polishes, I have so many! I have handbag fever too but recently I had a sort through and now trying to be a little more minimal clothes wise. I think us as bloggers, we all have something we can’t stop buying. Fun post and happy blogging chick!! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog


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