Friday, 28 November 2014

Driving To Work With Pete Tong ...!


Driving into work on these dark, grey mornings is so depressing and at times I need something to get my ass and mind in gear! The Pete Tong Collection seems to be a near permanent fixture in my car and our Pete's kept me going this week with his selection of 'banging tunes' ...

Eric Prydz - Pjanoo ... 

This has got to be one of my favourites on the album (the video is a tad weird but I'm concentrating on the track!) ... it has that trance/euphoric/uplifting vibe to it which make me want to turn it right up and play on repeat - played three times in a row the other morning - how sad is that - obviously I need to download a lengthy club mix!

Don't you just want to stand on stage in a club and 'give it some' to those crescendos?!  Rather difficult to achieve whilst driving into work! Still ... I arrived at my destination on a 'dance music high'  ... doesn't last long once in the office and presented with your work for the day but anyway!

What do you like to listen to on your way to work? Do you like to arrive on a 'dance music high'?

Jen x


  1. Oh I remember this one, a great gym buddy tune too! Great tune as always......would love to come to one of your house parties!!! Helen xx

    1. We don't have very many parties Helen but if we did have one you'd be more than welcome! xx

  2. Nothing to do with music but I was thinking about you this morning....I looked in my make up bag and realised I'm down to one solitary lipstick!! How's that happened? I bet you would have been banging on Boots door!! x

    1. Yep can't get my head round the one lipstick thing Donna! xx


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