Saturday, 26 October 2013

Happy Birthday/Happy Mondays!


I wasn't able to post yesterday as we had quite a busy day...Mr G's birthday is coming up so he had the day off work and as my daughter had an inset day we decided to take him with us shopping and for a coffee.   Last year we ended up in Ikea on his actual birthday so this was an improvement in his eyes!  I went to Boots and Superdrug and came out with some shaving gel for the hubby and an eyeliner sharpener  - must be ill!

Actually once we did get home I seemed to develop rather a bad headache - the sort that travels all the way down one side of your face and into your neck? Well - one of those...had to take some tabs and go for a lie-down...not ideal as we had arranged to go out for curry with friends! Thankfully I was able to make the night out (I was desperate to wear my leopard high heels for some reason) which incurred the usual frenzy of getting ready in a whirl and leaving the taxi waiting whilst I faffed around last minute.  Any plans for FOTD and OOTD had to be shelved - how do people fit all this in - tell me please?

Anyway we had a lovely meal at a fairly new authentic and traditional South Indian restaurant, the food was fantastic - not at all your usual commercial type - more like the best dishes from an Indian family's kitchen! A couple of hazy pics I took with my phone - onion bhajis the way my mum makes them (she's not made them for ages!) light, crisp batter covering succulent onion slices (complete with the largest glass of wine I've had in a while!)...

... a pic of my chosen dish which was Nilgiri Chicken - absolutely marvellous, chicken in a most aromatic green curry sauce with spinach, mint and coriander (I think!) - sorry I was so eager to tuck in I forgot to photograph the actual dish but we'll be going back so I'll sort it out next time...!

Anyway...this one's for the of his favourites which he tells me he danced to in his youth - on various table tops whilst on holiday with the lads on the Greek Island of Ios...!

Happy Mondays - Step On ...

Happy Birthday to Mr G!

Jen x


  1. Glad your headache didn't stop you going out and having your fab meal! It looks so yummy, Indian is my favourite xx

  2. Me too Sharron! It was yummy best Indian restaurant I've been to in a long while! xx

  3. Hope hubbys up and coming birthday is fab. Glad you were able to get out for the birthday meal, it looked v v nom-ish! And get those leopard print heels up on here girlfriend, I am desperate for a pair myself and seeing the ones Claudia had on on Strictly last night is making me want some even more! x

    1. Thanks Kay - the meal was marvellous! Putting a post up with the leopard heels on would involve a bit of planning but they're over in my instagram feed for now if you want a gander! xx

  4. Sounds like it was a good meal - although the recipes and pictures you post on here always look pretty tasty too! I hate headaches like that - had one yesterday right behind my eye! Dosed myself up and went to bed. I think it was due to the builders using a nail gun in the house all day :O

    1. Thanks Claire it was - I need to put some more recipes up - got loads up my sleeve but just need to organise it! Hope your headache has eased (and the builders have finished with the nail gun!) xx

  5. Hahaha this made me giggle, and become VERY hungry!

    Vicky xx


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