Friday 2 August 2013

Happy Birthday Dad!


So ... you would think that with the kids off school things would slow down ... erm ... not always the case! Been to the dentist today for a filling (broke a bit of it off last week - felt downright weird!) and all the usual bits and bobs to get on with as well as stopping the kids from constantly bickering...!  Anyway ... it was my dad's birthday this week - we had a mighty-fine fish'n'chip supper followed by birthday cake...

Glenn Miller & His Orchestra - I've Got A Gal In Kalamazoo!

Recorded back in 1942 - this clip is from the film Orchestra Wives. My dad has played his tenor sax to this many a time during his 'big band' days (he says it was a really complicated arrangement). Mum will no doubt be wanting to have a jive when she hears this!

I absolutely love the way this track swings - have had big band music drummed into me (in a good way) from an early age! I always wanted to sing harmony with a big band - I know all the words to Kalamazoo back to front!

So...Happy Birthday (again) Dad ...this one's for you ...!

My mum left the cake making efforts to me on this occasion - hence the excuse of a chocolate cake (on a not quite big enough plate!) - I'd like to think of it as rustic!

Jen x


  1. Happy birthday to your daddy!
    God bless him and your family :)

  2. Lovely picture of your Dad! I bet the cake tasted good. I've been the same ....crazy since the kids broke up! Xx

    1. Cheers Claire! Cake actually tasted ok (much to my surprise!) xx

  3. Aw...your Dad looks great (& very happy with his cake!) and sounds like he'd get on great with my Dad who played trombone in a showband for many years in the 50's and 60's. Hope you have a quieter week this week, Ax

    1. Thanks Avril - bet our dads would get on - once a musician and all! xx

  4. Hope your Dad had a fab birthday! :) x


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